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Giving in the Digital Age

The bins in the lobby here at the office are full again as our Thanksgiving Food drive is underway. Every year, we sponsor several needy families and provide them with their Thanksgiving dinner. The staff brings in canned foods, dry goods and everything for the sides, and the company will buy each of the recipient’s turkey. We do this every year on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas. It’s a great way for the whole company to pull together as a team and share the blessings that we have with others.

Essentially, that’s what we do here at Sagunto Star also. We have harnessed the power of the internet to benefit our community back home. Interactions here on this website and on facebook has catalyzed great initiatives to help others.

More than just being the holiday season, this is also the time of giving. With the rise of modern gadgets, it is now easier to be involved in charities. More and more non-profit organizations are turning to online fundraising and this is one easy way for you to help.

Not all charities are yet taking advantage of this innovation though. There are still a few who do it the old fashioned way, either by direct interaction or through snail mail.

If you are involved with an organization that is not yet into the digital age, the infographic below is a quick overview of the benefits of online campaigns to bolster the success of your organization. It is worth sharing.


Via: iContact


Protect Your Children with Term Life Insurance

This is an informational post about Term Life Insurance. I think it’s a fitting information to share as more and more of our elders are passing on. As we all get older, we all start thinking about how to better protect our children and how to ensure that they are taken care of when we are no longer able to.

One of the best things you can do for your loved ones, aside from taking care of yourself and making sure that you are always there for them, is to carry life insurance for when your plans go awry. And as we all know, there is nothing certain in this life that is already far too short.

So I share some basic information below about how to ensure that your children are taken care of. Make sure that they will be able to function as you would like even when you’re not around.

Via: Life Source Direct


Happy Birthday, April Celebrants!

Date Name Location Notes
1 Lea Q. Bandarlipe Dubai  
4 Larry Benosa Sagunto, Philippines  
8 Philip "Ehlites" Ocampo London, UK  
12 Manuel "Pong" Esteban Jr. Philippines Son of Barangay Capt. Esteban
14 Archie Paliwen Sagunto ~ Philipppines Son of Florence Baiguen & Arnold Paliwen
16 Edna Cabras San Jose, California  
18 Dadong Quilalman Sagunto, Philippines  
19 Asienne J Moore Durham, NC Daughter of Jeanette Pasibe & Aaron Moore
22 Virginia Bongog Simpson Los Angeles, CA Daughter of Ireneo & Dora Bongog, mother to Jeanette, Ophelia "Babot" & Sherry Jo
23 Ma. Paz Esteban Ebonite Riyadh, KSA Daughter of Barangay Capt. Esteban
24 Benjamin "Boyet/Kalan" Balliao London, UK  
26 Rod Eisma Sto. Tomas, La Union Husband of Eva Santillano Eisma
26 Virgie C. Pascua Carson City, CA Wife of Armando B. Pascua
26 Ram Esli Esteban Philippines Son of "Pong" Esteban