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Barangay Sagunto by Aprile Balangue


Nakaiyanakak ken dimmakelak a baryo
Addaan ti banbantay ken dua a sitio
Saan a perpekto ngem pakakitaan ti progreso
Pagnaedan dagiti BAG-O, baranggay Sagunto

Ipatpategmi a baryo ti Sagunto
Maibilangen a nanam-ay ken asensado
Ta uray daliasatem a bantay ket sementado
Tapno tricycle makasang-at idiay ngato

Naparato, naisem, narespeto a tattao
Ditoy baryomi, isuda’t masabatmo
Agkakalasbang ken agkakaguapo
Uray gurongmi kasla pangmalo

Kinapintas daytoy lugarmi
Daydayawen sabali nga ili
Uray pammatimi, agsusupadi
Saan a lapped panagkakalaysami

Kapilya, eskwelaan ken paglalangoyan
Ditoy baryomi, adda a masapulam
Gayyem, agpasyarka, ditoyta imatangam
Pusaksak ti baryomi nga inda ap-apalan

Ipasindayawko man daytoy a lugarmi
Urnos ken kapia, nagtalinaed kadakami
Papagayam, umaykayo ditoy ayanmi
Ta pasangbayendakayo, nabara a kablaawmi.


Aprile Rae Ann Balangue
June 23,2014
Amman, Jordan


Elected Sagunto Barangay Council


Congratulations to the newly elected Barangay Council of Sagunto! The people have cast their votes and these are their newly elected leaders:

Punong Barangay: JOEL Q. JULIO

Rudy P. Mangante
Marcos M. Pis-o
Melvin S. Baturi
Fe Q. Inocencio
Willy H. Del-Amen
Arlene P. Mayo
Antonio A. Abenoja Jr.

Best wishes to the new barangay council. May you serve Sagunto’s best interest with the support of all its citizens.



2013 Barangay Elections Candidates

The Philippine Barangay Elections will be held on October 28, 2013. Voters will elect the Punong Barangay (Barangay Captain) and the 7 kagawads (members) of the Sangguniang Barangay (Barangay Council). In Sagunto, campaigning for these positions are already underway. As Sagunto has always been one of the most progressive barangays in Sison, the campaigning has also stretched into the social networking site, facebook. If you would like to follow the discussions, join the group and like the page on Facebook.

The following is a list of official candidates for the 2013 Barangay Elections (in alphabetical order) for Sagunto.

1. Larry Leo C. Benosa
2. Edwin C. Gaudiano
3. Joel Q. Julio
4. Amir C. Malqued
5. Henry S. Sunang

1. Antonio A. Abenoja Jr.
2. Laureano L. Amboni
3. Marlon D. Baladad
4. Melvin S. Baturi
5. Lolita D. Benawi
6. Edison C. Benosa
7. Nancy W. Binay-an
8. Allan D. Castillo
9. Angel E. Castillo
10. Julita D. Castillo
11. Willy H. Del Amen
12. Marilyn Camille L. Del Rosario
13. Fe Q. Inocencio
14. Ruperto R. Literal
15. Mistletoe B. Madarang
16. Marlene B. Mago
17. Marcelina L. Magpantay
18. Esdras Jr. C. Malqued
19. Rudy P. Mangante
20. Arlene P. Mayo
21. Kristoffer G. Palit-ang
22. Jerry C. Paran
23. Marcos M. Pis-o
24. Alfredo Sr. G. Rafael
25. Jenie H. Refuerzo
26. Erna G. San Miguel
27. Noel Q. Simudlan
28. Diosdado L. Velasquez

AA - Souvenir Magazine Online - cover

Souvenir Program – 2nd Balikbayan Grand Homecoming 2012

You can now view the 2012 Sagunto Homecoming Souvenir Program online!

If the viewer above is not working for you, you can also view it by clicking here where you can also download the whole file if you wish.

Thank you to the Sagunto Association USA, headed by president Eleno ‘Boying’ Annaguey, for organizing the homecoming and putting the souvenir program together.

No greater reward than the smiles of children who know someone cared enough to plan such a grand party on their behalf.

A Merry Christmas in Pilawan

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. ~ Kahlil Gibran


It is said that  the more we share, the more we have. If that is truly the case, then the SFAL group must be one of the richest people in the world. As their sweat roll down their faces, you can see in their smiles and the glint in their eyes how truly wealthy they are. There is nothing more enriching than knowing that even for just one short moment, you have brought on a smile, a sigh of relief and even better, a memory to last a lifetime to someone who truly needs it.


The Sagunto Friendship Association London (SFAL), in addition to their building project, also sponsored a Christmas party for the children of Pilawan Elementary School which became, undoubtedly, a truly momentous occasion that these children will never forget. The preparations for this event started way before they boarded their flight home. All year leading up to this homecoming, they planned for their gift giving as they shored up their stock; buying a shoe here and there, some school supplies when it’s on sale, including some extra sweets and treats in their usual grocery lists to add to their stock pile, slowly filling up one balikbayan box after another just for the sake of seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces.

The SFAL group is to be commended for this outstanding project. Enjoy the photos they have shared so that we too can experience the joy they felt in their giving.