The Sagunto Association USA Meeting

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Mrs. Irene Florendo hosted a dinner/meeting at her home in Loma Linda, California last Saturday, October 20th. The guests were able to view the video that was taken during Mayor Kimi Cojuangco’s visit to the US last month (and presented here). Most of the member’s questions, they say, were answered after watching the video and listening to the mayor explain her position and plans for our town. The members were also up-dated on the different projects that have been completed (i.e., the sanitation dump, arrival of the sanitation dumpsters, purchase of computers for the town library, etc.); projects that are currently under-way and/or are in the planning process for the town of Sison.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe members were all very pleased with what was presented to them. A candidate/representative for the “Reyna Ang Lola Ko” popularity contest was also announced. The chosen Sagunto Association USA candidate is Mrs. Irene Florendo, wife of Dr. Leo Florendo of Loma Linda. Mrs. Florendo has always been one of the more active booster and supporter of Sagunto. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMrs. Florendo says though she knows how hard it is to fundraise, she was willing to offer her services to help the Mayor’s initiatives for Sison and Sagunto.The meeting attendees were: Dr. & Mrs. Irene Florendo, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Pagala, Ms. Lilia Quillaman, Mrs. Lily Sipus, Mr. Eleno Annaguey, Mrs. Nena Sellem, Mrs. Theodora Bongog, Mrs. Adora Palit-ang and Mr. Willy Palit-ang, Mr. Honesto Baiguen & Mrs. Aurora Baiguen and yours truly, Babot.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

10 thoughts on “The Sagunto Association USA Meeting

  1. Emz

    Bot sino dita ni auntie irene? pakikabil man kadi ti caption wenno names ti amin ta dyay ubiubing pay laeng ti ammok nga rupa da hehe. naimbag pay ti balbalay yo dita, naglalawa.

  2. evz

    Bot try ko man nga identify dagita nga beautiful and handsome faces but you ca add some !

    From Left Lola Nena Sellem, Lola Irene and Lolo Leo Florendo, Uncle Honesto Baiguen(dad ni Mike) uncle Eleno Boying Annaguey, Ni Lola Dora Kasla met nga isu ag Birthday dita ania? mrs. Lily Sipus Mr. and Mrs. Willy Palit-ang (am I right Bot?) then Ni Babot sa alanganinak nagsexy ngamin unay dita no isuna then ni Auntie Auring Baiguen mom da mike. Toy lowest pix Ni Uncle Boying Annaguey immubing a ken naguapo latta then ni auntie Lilia Dagacan Quilaman ay na Auntie Lilia nasarakan da kan ba ni Ninong Bentot ni Joni agpanpanawagan idi ket ditoy chatango no sinno kano ti makaited ti contact no. mo. Ne adda pay diay kaabay ni lola Dora nga nakatugaw ni auntie Remy Baiguen.
    Goodluck to the US “Lola Kung Reyna Candidate” Lola Irene!

  3. Babot

    Oh thanks sis Evz…I sent a group photo w/names captions, etc. but sis Nette chose the one without, bwahahaha…ok lang, anyway, you saved the day. 🙂 I told Loejan to introduce Aunty Adora and Uncle Willy Palit-ang to our Mayor when they return back to Sison next month. I hope Loejan can have some time to do that, I know the Mayor will be busier as the holiday gets closer but the Palit-angs are the reps for SAUSA 😉 hehehe…

  4. Jeanette

    My apologies, sisters. Saan ko napansin diay captions na diay maysa nga photo. Kunak no agpgadpada da. 😀 Makaturturogak ngaminen di in post ko daytoy. OK, all better na.

  5. UK Lola candidate

    wen ala, maymaysa met gayam ti ammok dita, ni lola dora. uray dayta nakanangisit, kunak no ms universe contestant. talking about LOLA, i heard it’s now aunt tessie castillo alboukharey their official candidate there (as nobody stood for SUKA daw). how did you convince her? well this time it’s sison popularity contest, not miss phil. UK. good for her to do something while she visits aunt wilma in dec. so guys, when is the first canvassing? october __? don’t know when. let’s wait for loejan to formally announce who UK candidate is and remind supporters of their HELP for their candidates. sige itupak yon. kasano nga iguyod ti kalding? i didn’t know how kalding system worked before. kumakain ba ng kambing si meyor?

  6. loejan

    Hello to all of u. Finally, I’m back from some hard days of campaigning.

    Mrs. Tessie Castillo Alboukharey is the official candidate of Sisonians in London;
    Mrs. Leonor Garcia from Esperanza is also the official candidate to represent Sisonians in Hongkong and Macau;
    Mrs. Nena Borgonio from Asan Sur is the official local candidate, and
    Mrs. Irene Malqued Florendo is the official candidate to represent Sisonians from the United States of America.

    PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THE DATE FIXED FOR THE FIRST CANVASSING IS ON NOVEMBER 5, 2007 AT 8:00 PM AT THE SHA-LA HALL. The final canvassing will be on Dec. 1, 2007 (tentative)

  7. loejan

    so nice to see manong boying, mng lilia, aunt irene and doktor, apong dora and all the others. Please remind Uncle willy Palit-ang of their pasalubong when they come home this mid-november.


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