State of Sison: Report from Juliet Marinas

This update was received from Mrs. Juliet Marinas, Executive Asssistant to Mayor Kimi Cojuangco.

I am so happy to be of assistance in disseminating information regarding the activities and accomplishments of our present mayor. My husband [Vice Mayor Ben Marinas] and I are so glad to announce that our municipal offices have been re-organized and re-arranged in a way that is more convenient to the public’s interest; it has been newly painted it is now brighter and wider to accommodate our clients.

Our Municipal Library is now fully air-conditioned and it has six (6) new computers with internet access for the usage of our municipal students FREE of charge. And we will soon receive six (6) sets of 24″x 52″ with five (5) layers of steel bookshelves for our books in the library and again these are compliments of our Mayor.

Our DSWD [Department of Social Welfare and Development] is now being funded by our Congressman from the (PDAF) Priority Development Assistance Fund, wherein our Indigents can avail of their immediate needs like Medical, Financial and burial needs. Based on my knowledge, with the regular cooperation with the company doctor of (NCC) Northern Cement Corporation and at the same time the medical doctor who is in-charge of the Congressman’s PDAF in the person of Dr. Francisco Bracewell, our Vice Mayor has been given the authority to approve and recommend such assistance to our indigents.

The DSWD funding Mdm. Marinas mentioned above is part of the P30 million that Congressman Mark Cojuangco allocated for the municipality of Sison from the Congressional Development Fund (CDF) mentioned on the post regarding the new dump trucks.

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16 thoughts on “State of Sison: Report from Juliet Marinas

  1. eva santillano

    oh wow congratulations Mrs. Marinas for being the Executive Assistant to the Municipal Chief Executive for information and dissemination and such a good news to be informed about the amazing development of our town and it seems that the Congressman Hon. Mark O. Cojuangco is trying to pour all the Blessings in our town and if am not mistaken this is his last term being a congressman of the 5th Congressional District of Pangasinan Thank you Sir!

    I just want to be informed if how can our town mates access to those privileges being mentioned by Mrs. Marinas and hope that they can identify whom they are calling indigents and are entitled to some benefits…any contact person or contact number if in case just for our “kababayans” know where to go if in case and hope that nobody will experience the thing that people are expecting something since it was informed but when they needed it badly too bad that the staff will just advise them to go from one office to the other and “poor people” they are just like ball being passed from one to the other but actually there is no basketball ring around for the goal.

  2. Emily

    Komik ka talaga evs, adda pay analogym nga basketball…ngem agpayso piman. Apo pakilista yo kadi dagita contact numbers ta kinitak met dyay website, isu pay laeng ti design and contents na, saan? Naimbag no nakaala diay pamilya last month…dyay nalmes nga balasitang? Salamat apo no natulungan tayo ida. Yeheyy! More and more blessings please!

  3. evz

    Ay na Sis Emz Pilipino ak pay laeng nga sibubukel ket nakitak ti amin nga style ti local gov’t. employees ay sus apo aya ammok nga ammom dayta no namurseng ta tao dida pay ikaskaso apay imposible met nga mapan agpakpakaasi ti adda bassit kaya na nga dumawat ti tulong no umay ti pannakasapul … ala kuston ta diak kayat ti agsao ti adu adu nga kapadasanen.
    naragsakak laeng ti napardas nga panagprogress ti Sison ket makita tayo ti transparency na dagiti accomplishments inspite nga naiyutang ti naglabas nga admin ti MDF ket ti tattao a ket makita danto metten ited da metten ti what is due to the gov’t. meaning Tax dues!

  4. Juliet

    Gud day everybody,

    If you know anyone who is in need of these assistance you can send them directly to the DSWD and “IF” just in case gawin silang ping pong ball which they used to do paki sabi nalang po dumeretcho kay Vice Marinas or sa akin (Juliet Marinas). Maawatan kayo ta isu met laeng ti mangmangngedan mi nga sitwasyon idi nga ararramiden da nga basketball iti pasyente ngem dattoy nga administration ni mayora, ti kayat na ket maipa-ay amin iti nasayaat ken usto nga serbisyo itti pagilyan tayo.
    Regarding our new website, we are trying our best to have it ready by mid-november kasi po dadaan pa sa Sangguniang Bayan for proper documentation dahil may mga babayaran papo tayo sa mga gagawa ng website, just hold your horses hehehe…….
    I agree with you evz when you said nakita mo ung mga style ng local gov’t employees kasi ako i know so many crooked ways ng mga gov’t employees din namin sa baguio, and it is really disappointing but in fairness naman po to our local employees they are doing okay naman ngayon and they are trying their very best to accommodate, entertain our clients as modest and attentive as possible. Pero may ilan parin na nasanay sa dati at medyo mataas ang ihi haan mo nga maisuro ken madi da iti maisuro hahaha…….
    Dyay 30 million apo ket sabali pay from the source of funds na napupunta sa DSWD hiwalay pa po un, galing sa PDAF nya, actually we are about to receive another P290,000.00 from Cong.’s PDAF dati naghahanap tayo ng pondo but this time naghahanap po tayo ng pasyente. As of today we still have an available cash fund of P40,000.00 from the 1st set of P290,000.00 which was funded in July of this year, it has only been three mos and the 2nd set will come as soon as the funds will be exhausted. I hope nasagot ko po ang tanong nyo for the time being. Agdamag kayo laeng apo and we will try our best to answer you as honest and transparent as we can.
    Thank you very much.

  5. Babot

    Wow na wow Mrs. Marinas!! This administration continues to impress me. Thank you so much for doing all this work to help our Mayor disseminate information about all these improvements in our beloved hometown, Sison. Where else in Pangasinan will you find a mayor who has only been in office less than 5 months and has done so much already? Nowhere but Sison only!

    Cheers to the Mayor, the Congressman and all of you dedicated Municipal employees! We’re on our way to being a FIRST CLASS Municipality!!!

  6. Anonymous

    No kastoy koma dagiti ag-servi nga tattao ditoy intero nga pagilian tayo nga Pilipinas ay ket diak koman immay ditoy abroad ta napinpintas nga talaga ti agyan dita Pinas. This is what the people are waiting for to have a Government like the Government of Sison now. I hope that other Municipal Government will follow soon. Viva Mayora & Vice Mayor & all the Civil Servants in the Munisipyo!!!! I’m proud to be a Sisonian now!!!! Anya ti makuna yo agtaray koma ni Mayora nga Goberbador no next election sigurado nga butosak la ketdi ta linisan na dagiti narugit nga employees nga agal-ala ti tong sakbay da nga pirmaan ti papeles dagiti nakurapay nga tattao nga padak. Siraraem apo napnuan ragsak toy pusok. Amen

  7. Elizabeth Alamay Crouse

    Hi Juliet, I’m so impressed of your report . Pls. give my thanks and congratulations to the congressman and the mayor.
    And congratulations to you too, for being the mayor’s executive assistant. It’s so relieving to know that the new administration is doing such a tremendous work towards progress. As you know, I was there for about 3 years, it was upsetting to see how dire the situation was. (I will avoid going into details).

    Again, to the new administration, congratulations and keep up the good work that you have started. God bless!

    Juliet, pakumustaam ni Zacheu, ibagam nga agpakuttong bassit, tapno at-atiddog ti biag na.

    auntie sabet

  8. evz

    wow unbelievable I did not expect Mrs. Marinas to answer us in details but she did! it amazed me !
    Yap Just take your time SB of Sison in preparing our website anyhow Sagunto Star is still here hahaha!
    Oh No Anon Please don’t push the Mayor to run for the Provincial level please am praying that she will complete her 3 terms being our Mayor so she can still work on the progress of our town after that We can support her to any Post she wants.

    So Sisonians well said by the Executive assistant to the Mayor and Barangay Council please be sensitive to the needs of your kabarangayan asssit them the way you could and be the witness to the great changes happening around the town!

    God Bless Us all!

  9. loejan

    On October 22, 2007, the honorable mayor visited barangay sagunto to attend and observe the solid waste management seminar conducted by the municipal health department participated by the office of the Municpal Planning and Development Office, the Department of Social Welfare and other municipal offices.
    Upon arrival and while waiting for other barangay constituents to come, she requested me to tour her to Sitio Pilaoan, but the road (according to some Pilaoan residents) was not yet passable that day so I brought her to Sitio Macoco. Along the road she was captivated by big trees, the mountains and the birds that crossed our path. She said that barangay Sagunto is a real beauty. She met some residents of Sitio Macoco and they were more than happy to see the honorable mayor in their place. Lakay Pablo Baladad, one of the elders, said that as if an angel came to see them.
    Twice she asked where is the house of Babot Glasser. Bot, she said that you are a very nice person (kahit na ikinulong mo sya ng 5 oras for ur interview)
    After the tour, she requested me to set again another day to trek Sitio Pilaoan, so at the moment I am looking for a break in her hectic schedules. I really want to bring her up to Sitio Pilaoan so she can see the situation of the school up there, the rugged farm to market road and the condition of its constituents. At least, we all know now that Barangay Sagunto is very familiar to her and mas sikat sa iba.

  10. loejan

    Barangay Sagunto ay mas sikat sa iba, sa ngayon lang. The honorable mayor loves the 28 barangays of Sison, no more no less. It upsets her to see one of her barangays left behind

  11. Babot

    Thanks Loejan for the update 🙂 Congratulations on your win as kagawad, bro! WE know that you’ll work very hard for the people of Sagunto…we have already witnessed your dedication and work ethic (aginana ka met basiit a) and we know that the Kap and all the kagawads will not disappoint us. We are proud of all of you for your active involvement in civic duties.

    By the way, I asked Uncle Willy Palit-ang to ask a relative of theirs who is a teacher in Pilawan to take a photo of the school, could you please follow-up on that, I think it would be nice to show everyone how those kids are learning up in the mountain.

    I just read the SOTA, am so happy with it! Please tell the Mayor I said Thank You for GIVING so much of herself to help Sison. It touches my heart strings. I cannot wait to see all the results in 2008 when we will see some of the completed projects 🙂

  12. emz

    That’s Pastor or maestra Percy, one of the only 2 mentors teaching in Pilaoan, Bot. She was even the one who told me about the current condition of Pilaoan school and their need for some Visual aids, materials, etc (kahit lang daw props lang). You’ve seen her picture (with me) posted together with the Seniors pics and Lita De Salva’s. She’s inviting any group to spend a picnic event there in Pilaoan (bring your own baon pls, as all they could share is bananas!) Kitaen yo no kasano da nga umuli bumaba nga inaldaw for their classes…really a sacrifice. Uray kano dayta old PC yo dita ken TV for props lang daw, okay nga maiggenan da kano.Many of the kids have not had any nice toys too, so if you are going home this December, be a santa and carry a sack of your old toys for give-aways to the Kankanaey and Tinguian kid brothers in Pilaoan. Thank you soooooo much!

  13. Babot

    Oh thanks, sis Emz for the info. That really helps a lot! I know we have a tendency to focus all our energies on the people we know and see the most of ket no panunutem, dagidyay ubbing in Pilawan ti talaga nga makasapol ti tulong tayo. Since no one submitted an entry to my eco-contest, I think I’ll do something else for the kids in Pilawan with the prize money 🙂 What grades are being taught there now, do you know?

  14. emz

    There are about 48 students in Pilaoan. That number distributed to all the six grade levels, you can imagine how LAGARE and difficult the tasks of the 2 teachers are. The consolation is, the teachers receive about 10,000 php per month (from what I heard), a bit larger than what the other public sch. teachers receive.
    There are prospective applicants to your Biz contest Bot, but we need people to push them to write their ideas and give them confidence. When you get home, announce to them that you have plenty awards ready. There’s also no way the odinary folks learn about our contests. We need big posters. I’ve heard that there are applicants to my Eco-proj,but nobody has handed me any proposals as well. When I get home again and ready to give a little honorarium to assistants, I should be able to receive some plans.

    I want to hand to the new council my first specific individual plan- the beautification of the river bank where a jogging pathway lined with flowering plants be made available. There’s no park or picnic grounds for Sagunto or Sison. If we beautify and utilize our natural assets, little by little, we’d benefit from all these neglected resources.

  15. loejan

    thanks Bot! As president of the Federation of Parents, Teachers and Community Association in the entire municipality, one of my priorities is the Pilaoan Elementary School. A resolution was already submitted to the honorable congressman regarding the total replacement of the old Home Economics building but he said that he will try to provide two classroom building instead. Mrs. Juliana Seben is the current PTCA president there. An amount of P10,000.00 was also alloted by the Barangay Council for the improvement of that school but will be released on the first quarter of 2008


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