The Bago

UPDATE 2012 & 2014:
The following articles about the Bago were submitted by Ferdinand Ammang Anno. They provide an interesting insight into the history of the Bago and its culture:
Of Sintatako, Tongtongan, Begnas and Papatayan Toward an indigenous spirituality for the struggle: A Bago Perspective by Ferdinand Ammang Anno

BAGO ORIGINS – The Tale of Two Sapo by Ferdinand Anno

There is a an extensive essay on the Bago (site has expired) found on the internet by Mr. Vic Buaquen who delivered the speech at the the Third Bago Congress in San Emilio, Ilocos Sur on April 23, 2003.

Many of the residents of Sagunto and the surrounding barangays are descendants of The Bago. The Bago tribe is, after some controversy (read Mr. Buaquen’s essay), confirmed as one of the indiginous peoples of the Philippines by the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

Mr. Buaquen defines the Bago as:

…the most reliable definition of the Bago is what we Bagos know ourselves to be and not the definition of historians, academicians and scholars. The simple fact that many of us are still clamoring for a definition of the Bago should clearly show that historians, academicians and scholars have failed us in this regard. The only acceptable definition of the Bago today is self-ascription of the Bagos themselves. While we are aware of our identity as far as we can remember and now having a legal basis for its confirmation in the IPRA, we still seem to want it formally laid down. And I hereby propose a seed definition for a more comprehensive one that could be done later. This definition is culled from our own deliberations in previous congresses as well as other Bago sources which should be sufficient to distinguish us from all the other ethnic groups and indigenous peoples of the Philippines. And, it is: The Bago are hilltribe dwellers in the border regions between Ilocos and Cordillera mountains who are the offspring of intermarriages as well as product of trade between mountain tribes of the Cordillera and the Iloko of the lowlands. They have evolved their own distinct culture and dialect, which distinguish them from their neighboring tribes and other adjacent ethnic groups.
~ excerpt from The Bago by Mr. Vic Buaquen

Here is an interesting presentation about the Bago found on Prezi:


Bago Trivia on the Web: 2014 update:Many of the previous links on this page have expired, unfortunately, so they have been removed.I will renew the online research and post more resources here as I come across them.



This map, showing the “Igorot Territory”, was borrowed from the Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines website (website has also expired). According to this site, the greater part of the territory is the home and origin of the bago.
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67 thoughts on “The Bago

  1. Babot

    I didn’t know you expanded the research, hehehe…guess I haven’t asked about it in a while. You did a great job putting all the materials together.

    I think having a reference here about the Bagos will clearly give the younger generation a sense of pride and belonging unlike anything else they’ll encounter; no matter where they may land in this world, they belong to a tribe of people whose culture valued nature and each other—that is something I’m proud of. To know where you are from is the first step in knowing where you are going. Great job, sis!

  2. JMom

    hi sis! thanks 🙂 That’s my motivation for compiling some of this information. I just want our younger generation to learn to be proud of who they are, and never be ashamed of being BAGO.

  3. bill

    Some Bago leaders are advocating the creation of a Bago province. I think it is a good idea but it will be challenging to convince the original provinces (Ilocos Sur, Abra, La-Union), where the proposed new province will be carved from, to part with their Bago populated towns. Pero sana matuloy.

  4. emz

    Wow! Thank you Bill! That would help me with my Bago research. I’m really looking for 3 different Bago communities where I could conduct my literacy and Bago literature research and I’m wondering which communities could yield big amount of unwritten literature. Do you have any suggestion? 1) one community far from the media/internet/tv influence but has lots of Bago literature 2)another community in a town with medium level exposure and also could yield enough Bago stories 3) and another close to a city with good access to modern communication. Anyone else who are familiar with these authentic Bago communities?

  5. Babot

    Hiya Bill!
    That idea is a noble one but like you said, those proposed provinces will not easily give it up, especially in Abra.

    Sis Emz, you should contact Uncle Narding in Suyo Ilocos Sur, he has contacts with a lot of Bagos there AND definitely far from internet influence. I can’t think of any place where they don’t have TV, though…

  6. bill

    Hi Emz,
    You might want to check out Bakun, Benguet (, the town is populated by Bagos and Kankanaeys. It is one of the more remote towns of Benguet and is believed to be the “home of Kabunian”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact from the town but you might want to get in touch with people their through the municipal website.

    Interesting research mo ah, good luck 🙂

  7. emz

    that’s very interesting Bill, I think I’ve seen Sugpon from afar, that town west of bakun. and to think sugpon was hard to access passing through duplas and amburayan river, i wonder how many hours of rugged road and wet river i have t go through to reach bakun…hahaha very exciting actually. hey, mancayan sounds familiar too. that’s one of the “golden” towns around there. i guess, i need to contact the amburayan conference of UCCP to get info of the people there. evs, don’t we have sugpon UCCP? I think we have, they even attend conferences. Thanks a lot Bill. I’ll try that one…and maybe they still have pasayan nga aglaglagto dita carayan.

  8. val

    yes we have a UCCP church in Sugpon in fact CYF activities have been done there before the conference is split into 2 and a certain Miss Salud Umaybas is from there a BAGO working in the regional office of the NCIP

  9. evz

    Oh am sorry I just visit this posting and yes Emz we hav a Church there and the elder is the father of my Friend former CM Raul maybas and Val is right Salud (younger Sis of Rev. Raul) is in NCIP now officemate da kada mareng Irene Culbengan. and the Umaybas Family is leading our Church there.

  10. baggac ti daya

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all Saguntonians,We miss you all especially on this occasion, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, Hope to see you all next December during the GRAND REUNION of all SAGUNTONIANS Balikbayans. Goodluck And God bless

  11. Ely

    Glad to have found this topic about the Bago tribe. I thought it’s never too late to leave a comment.

    I’m from Sugpon, Ilocos Sur, born, raised and still living there. I use to hear from our folks, until now, that we do belong to the Bago tribe. I agree with the above definition of the Bago tribe and that convinces me that i am probably from this tribe.

    To EMZ, our community fits your Number 2 definition, and unless it’s rainy season, our town is definitely more accessible than you think.

    Val, Evz, The Umaybas sisters are indeed active in promoting the Bago culture.

    I disagree with Bill, we have relatives from Bakun and the people there doesn’t really consider themselves Bagos. They’re mostly Igorots. And i don’t think the creation of a Bago province is a good idea. I mean it’s actually hard to identify who’s who among the Bagos anymore. In reality, some or most of them (us) don’t even know what Bago is.


  12. emz

    Hello Ely! Welcome to SS! IsSugpon okay after the typhoon Cosme? What’s happening to our brother Bagos out there? Our cousin Edil Castillo Buaqen and husband has just organized a small sgroup of Bago youth to start with. The recent meeting of Bago officers and consultants at Pugo La Union (May 31, I think) has set new plans for the strengthening of Bago tribal activities and projects…one of which is the Bago website that would aim to connect all Bagos worldwide. The youth group is in need of support from overseas and local communities too so that they could embark with better programs for all Bagos, especially in local communities. It would be a more successful endeavor if supported by overseas advisers like us here in SS, they believe. Please organize your own Bago groups in your area and join the future network to make our activities coordinated or richer. Please keep in touch. We’ll be posting articles and news here on Bago soon.

    Bago sis, Emz

  13. chris

    The word Bago was orginally Bag-o or Bagbag-o.
    Their territory were the subprovinces: Comandancia Politico Militar de Tiagan, Lepanto Province and Amburayan province. The creation of La Union province, their territories merged to LU, IS and Benguet. Better read the history of LU, particular the towns of Santol, Sudipen, San Gabriel, Rosario and Pugo; and in IS the 14 interior towns, and Tuba, Benguet. i joined the reseached done by the 1st Bago president, Rogelio Salibad in the early 1990’s and written dozen of article about the Bag-os in Ilokano language, all of them published in BANNAWAG MAGAZINE, SARINGIT CHRONICLE, SARINGIT MAGAZINE and TAWID NEWS MAGAZINE, and the defunct newspaper and magazine put up by the Bago Cultural Society Inc. and edited by the president himself, Mr. Rogelio Salibad, the Tribu News and the Tribu Magazine. KAKALI is the name of their language, but i prefer Ilukanaey in my writings. Bag-os have their own cultures and even literature – researched and written scholarly by distiguised scholars in the academe — SLU and Ateneo. After 3 to or a week, i will be posting again in my blog the compilation of Bago epic… i also know the names of the Bag-o chieftains including those Bag-o in Kalinga, Baler (Quezon), Masbate, etc… Mang Vic’s essay (is he the navyman?) is true the spaniards were the culprits… Bag-o’s refuses to help the Kastilas in going to Cordilleras that’s why they spread news that the Bag-os are manggagamud or mannapo (Fr. Abad and Engr. Dumanguing laughed at me when I expalined to them this matter but Dr. Pungayan agreed) in order to isolate our ancestors… the Bag-os refusal pictured in the Bag-o epic “Indayuan” and the raconteur Mr. Canuto Bayang (father of SB Bayang of Sudipen) knows well …please read “Perceptions of Bakun-Amburayan River Valley Oral Literature” published by SLU RESEARCh JOURNAL…
    oh, yes! I am very very proud being a (son of a )BAGO!
    see u guys!

  14. Jeanette Post author

    Hi Chris, thanks for the interesting comment. We are always glad to hear more about our heritage. You neglected to put the URL to your blog so we can return the visit and read more of your research.

  15. evz

    Oh wow thanks for the info Chris sometimes it was so confusing no sinno nga talaga dagiti BAg-o for me I can say and very proud to be a Bag-o since my Grandpa and grandma claimed they are bag-o So thank you for sharing and Please keep on Sharing more info about the Tribe.

  16. chris

    there are also Bagos in Ilocos Norte: Badoc, Pinili, Adams, Nueva Era, Dr. Morr Pungayan wrote in his column in “Ethnos Ibaloi” Baguio Midland Courier… in the history of Badoc and Pinili, Pacita S. Saludes, wrote: “…the Bago tribe were the original settlers…”

    “kasapulan nga yam-ammotayo ti kinaasinotayo tapno am-ammodatayo…”

  17. evz

    Am trying to recall my five years stay in Ilocos Norte for I did not expect and realize that there are Ka tribuan there ngem mayatak sa ta kunam based on my observation I have friends from Adams, Badoc and Pinili dagiti ways ken Body features da ket typical nga BAgo dadakkel lulod da nagpipintas kudil da even the way they talk but I think am not that concious about myself being a bago by that time.
    I like your quotation there Cris!
    Anecdote: A man went to MAkati Business area he was amazed with the new place so he keeps on looking around him then the Guard ask him “Bago ka lang ba dito?” then the man answered “Aya ket Baw! apay uray ditoy ammo da nga BAgo ak pay diak ngarud agsasaon”. (heard from Rev.Judge Almazan of UCCP Artacho)

  18. emz

    This could be of interest to you…See our Igorot representative and leader of Indigenous People’s Conference speak before the recently-held summit in Hokkaido suggesting reforms to the G-8. Mrs. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz is a woman we can be proud of. Read the whole article on this Daily Yomiuri page online. Mrs Tauli-Corpuz is flanked by two Ainus of Japan (Japan’s indigenous tribe) . Hey, the two men both look like my hubby who also has Ainu blood.

    See their group picture at:

    (Hey, the two men somewhat look like my hubby who also has Ainu blood).

  19. paz de leon Farinas

    I’ve been visiting this site for a couple of weeks now and I am full of admiration to all of you who are working on this site which enables us to communicate,exchange ideas and enrich our knowledge on the history of Bago Tribe and most important I would like to salute all of you kakabsat nga taga Sagunto who made this possible thru the Sagunto Star.I,myself is a genuine Bago,born and bred in Labayug and from a pure Bago parentage.I am aware that there are a lot of Saguntonians herein London but I’ve yet to meet one.Wen maymaysaak piman nga taga Labayug nga naipalladaw ditoy vicinity ti London.
    Dagitoy comments about our tribe are all true,I’m happy that the gneration of today are able to embrace ti kinabago proudly not like during mytime that we are so belittled by our schoolmates in Pozurrobio before but thinking back I think its due to their Ignorance about the Bago tribe that leds people to ostracise us then.Tay pagsasao nga “It takes one to know one” is very true in our case ta uray dimo amammo diay tao no nangngeg mo nga nagsao,ay ama ammom lattan nga katribuan,that’s how I met my friends and a relative here in London ta idi agsasao da I recognise the accent and I immediately asked where they are from the Phils.They told me they are from,Sugpon and Sudipen kano isu nga nasaok nga adda kabagiak diay Sudipen and ask if she know the family ket kunana nga she is the daughter of one of them.Ay ket idi ibinsabinsak ti kakabagiak ket kunana met nga kabsat ti father na kano which led us to connect our bloodline.Isu nga dakayo nga next generation you should be aware of your Bago Bloodline agkalalo tatta nga tiempo ket saan met nga pure bago to bagon ti agaassawa but ther’s a lot of intermarriages isu nga it’s important to embrace our tribe tapno saan nga mapukaw dagiti bukod tayo nga ugugali.
    Here is an anecdote which was told by my cousin Pablito Gumnad,during the wake of my late mother.Idi kano awan pay ti naorganise nga org. dagiti Bago no kasta nga adda um ummongan idiay Baguio,saan kano nga awaten dagidiay kakasinsin nga Igorot nga datayo nga bago Igorot tayo,dagiti lowlanders saan da kano met nga maawat nga Ilokano tayo,isu nga agorganise tayo man met ti Bago org. kuna da right there and then nagkacaucus dagidiay bago in that particular occasion,Kuna kano daydi Uncle Tony Carillo,damagem no taga ano daydiay nga lakay ton rummuar,ta simrek diay kasilyas,bago daydiay nga sigurado,Apay kasano nga ammom nga bago ket di mo pay amammo?…Ket no idi sumrek ket KEE! min angot.
    there if you are a bago you will get the punch .Thanks for the space and I will visit SS again.

  20. Babot

    Hi Manang ( or maybe Aunty, hehehe) Paz,
    We’re so glad that you’re visiting us often. I spoke to my mom about your last comment about having family in Sagunto and Agat that are Bongogs. We are also Bongogs! My mom Virginia (Jean) is the daughter of Ireneo Bongog and Dora Castillo Bongog. Ireneo was the son of our late Laki Juan and Bae Antonia Bongog of Sagunto.

    We have many Saguntonians and Sisonians living in London. If you click on our link on the side bar of the SS site under FRIENDS OF THE STAR, you can see 2 organizations of Saguntonians there. One is the Sagunto UK Association and the other is the Sagunto Friendship Association (SFAL). The contact info are also within the links. We hope to see more of you here at the abong. 🙂

  21. evz

    Aye Paz min adu adu da dita NGA TAGA sAGUNTO hope you can meet them soon just visit the SUKA or SFAL site Sagunto Associations dita London. Labayug is a very close just look their site in the friends of SS.
    Labayug is a place close to us my Brothers first teaching job is In Labayug National High and as if you were just in sagunto if we are visiting him, and my late Grand mother the former Vice Mayor Romana Annaguey loves Labayug if they have Barangay fiestas and other affair ay na sangkabaggat ti taga Sagunto nga mapan. Isu nga kasta met a ditoy SS umay kayo latta ta itultuloy tayo ti agsasarita iyawis mo latta. Yaman pay ti panagbisitam toy abong.

  22. emz

    Hey, Manang Paz, at last nagpost kan ditoy. I am yet to fill our coolestbago tribe yahoogroup, the one you first visited with the bago music…anyway, my promise will be posted soon as it’s summer vacation here (hehe sori). Nagmadin to met dyay recording ko. I was down with flu for 2 days but I just can’t resist replying to your message. I am so happy to hear your stories.

    My late grandpa used to tell us that there were originally 13 families who first came to Sagunto, part ti bunggoy nga nagnagna aggapot dita amyanan nga agbirbiruk ti greener pastures. Dyay parte ti grupo kuna da, “ale agpakpakasta kami pay ditoy banda na ditoy ta dakayo ditan” kuna da kadagitoy 13 families nga nabannogen nga nagsettle ditoy Sagunto. Kakasinsin da met laeng dagiti nagpa Labayug ah, ngem mayat ta nagsisina da tapno no adda man intermarriages, saan nga masyado nga asideg (hehe). Dagidiay kakasinsin da Bae nga Angela ket adda da met laeng dita Labayug ken kaaruba nga komunidad dayta bangir ti NCC. Isunga no adda agkaskasar ditoy Sagunto, umay da met laeng makiragragsak dagiti kakabagian dita Labayug. Ale Manang, inka biruken dagita taga Sagunto dita London nga kanayon nga agparty. Hope you tell us many more stories.

  23. jean castillo bongog simpson

    hello Paz, your Uncle Tony Carillo nga kaanakan ni lakay panglao is also a relative of Juan Bongog nga puon mi. kaanakan daidi laki da Nick, Trining, etc. nga Panglao, isu nga agkakabagian tayo met laeng. dagitoy dua nga annak’o ti nangrugi daytoy SS abong.

  24. paz de leon Farinas

    Hi Jean,it’s nice to know that we could meet our relatives thru this site.If I remember right I think my late grandma is the cousin of the late Apo Juan Bongog and I remember apo Juana.Yeah the Panglaos in Baguio are my aunties and uncles ta my grandma is the sister of the Uncle Nick’s dad.On the other hand are you here in London?and also is the atty. Tudayan that Edil mentioned is Robert Tudayan from San Andres,Candon,if he is he is my nephew on my fathers side as his dad kaka Pedring is my 2ndcousin.small world eh.Keep up the good work SS cos you are serving as a bridge to connect us Bagos all over the world.Kumosta kayo amin in Sagunto

  25. edil bliss

    manang paz nice meeting you here wen manang ni atty.tudayan ket robert ti nagan na bisitaen yu duay multiply site ko makita yo pictures ti bago national cultural society officers

  26. paz de leon Farinas

    Thanks Edil for the response,ti yan ti imas na ket saanko unay ammo how to kutingting my laptop,you may not believe this but I bought my laptop with no knowledge of this technology as I belong to the pasagad and typewriter generation,wen anakko,I might even be older than your mom as I am well in my mid fifties,that’s why I can’t visit your multiple site,I still have to figure it out,but I’m sure i will find it,meanwhile,keep up the good work and I always enjoy reading anything from ss,isu nga pasensya kayon no kanayon nga makidigdigoak,ha ha.Best Regards

  27. Babot

    Hi Mng. Paz!
    Hahaha!!! Agpada kayo gayam ken mama in that she, too, is in the same “pasagad” generation! She had a hard time typing her response above on my smart phone got frustrated and just dictated her response, LOL! 🙂

    It truly is a small world and with the internet, it is constantly shrinking, kasla tay met la nga agkakaaroba. My parents, lola, younger sister and I are all in the Los Angeles area. My older sister Jeanette lives in Durham, North Carolina; but like I said we (you, too) have relatives all over London that are originally from Sison barangays. Thanks again, manang for joining us and being a part of Sagunto Star 😀

  28. paz de leon Farinas

    Hi Babot!
    I’m smiling from ear to ear while reading your comments,wen a ta idi tiempo mi ay ket pasagad a nga pudno,manmano ti jeep tatta ket we can communicate with the tip of our fingers,via internet,well I’m trying to catch up with you guys ta uray agryuman ti tumeng saan la ket toy utek ay mayat daytan.I glad to join you ta baka no suroten ti puon ket maymaysa.Ala kumusta kayo aminen dita US of A.I hope there will come atime for us to meet in person baren agrarana tayon to nga agbakasyon diay best ragards to the whole family their in the US.

  29. Babot

    Wen a manang Paz. I’ll pray for that, too. Da Manong Judy Digay of SFAL and also SUKA org. are all planning a huge reunion in Sagunto this coming December. Tawagam kadi isuda tapno agatendar ka met kadagita pasala da dita London. Kayat mi met a nga makita ti retrato yon to ditoy abong 🙂 Cheers!

  30. evz

    Wen man Mang Paz Pictures yo man ngarud ta mayat ti agtitinnunton nga maymaysa gayam nga puli ti nagtaudan tayo. we are glad you have fun chatting with us and I really appreciate people like you and me trying to make ways on how to catch up w/ the latest trend in IT if not awan a ti mangyari. panagtutugi idi tatta ket panag______ ania ya ti kunak Tenyente? hahah!

  31. paz de leon Farinas

    Hi manen to the usual tambays ditoy abong ,ala ananusandakon a nga umay makitamtambay ken makidigdigo and you know what Evz,we really have to catch up with the IT phenomenon ta ay awan maiyawawan ti tao no saan nga makidanggay ti panawen kastay kunamon idi panagtutugi tatta panagmumulat aba,ha ha isu nga we have to go with the flow nga kunada,Babot,adi,uray kasano nga ayat ko nga mangipost ti “WOW” nga picture ko,ha ha he saan pay ta dikayto ket agtataray no makitadak,ha ha manen.Here I will describe myself,I am pandek 5ft. flat ,nalukmeg .dakkel ti gurong,and wearing glasses,the truth is I don,t know how to post it so I will send an email an attach it so give me your email address,mine is or I will try to get in touch with the Sagunto people here and lastly thanks again for making me feel accepted in the group and my best regards to all

  32. emz

    Hello Manang Paz, you are a lot advanced actually. See my aunts there in london (aunt tessie especially) who rely on their kids to post their comments or browse the sites are far behind technology. Just the sight of gadgets and computers scare them to the bones, haha. You could be a lot younger than my mother (Pacita Castillo 70 y.o.) who could not even operate a video player. One of our future projects here is to promote IT even to the seniors so that they could type their hellos to all of us grandchildren and kids abroad. Look at Lola Teresa page…she’s an inspiration to many. Get addicted to chatting, it’s okay as long as it’s us 🙂 …you are safe. You will discover the wonders of getting in touch with kins as it kills your boredom and anxieties. Now here I am inviting you to SFAL, open to all Sisonians with my Aunt Tess and Manong Judy heading the group, or be a part of SUKA, another wonder club of Saguntonians there in your faraway land of UK. Click to the link on friend of Sagunto above to contact them. I could give you their contact number if you want, or better, visit their last year’s Halloween invitation (October archive) to find their contact numbers. Wow! You truly are an active Sisonian, join the band. Invite us to your house come December. It’s been a long time since I last visited Labayug. We went to Atty. Bilagot’s house more than a decade ago. I don’t know where our relatives’ houses are. I need to ask the oldies. Last year, I got an invitation from the former bgry. Captain in Labayug. He wanted to show me the Veterans and Jap memorial tombs. Do you still have good water sources in your rivers there? When did you last go home? Keep in touch.

  33. Ely

    Hi Emz, Some people from Sugpon are members of NCIP, which i think stands for National Indigenous People, “Indigenous”- a term which i object because i thought it is so inappropriate. But that’s the only org i know thats involve to these kinds of endeavors. The Umaybas sisters are active at this and in fact have done some efforts before aiming to organize the Bago youth. Sadly, only few were interested. It’s not easy to organize young people to be active in joining a group that they don’t even know existed. Basically they don’t know that they’re Bago and probably even never heard the word Bago before.

  34. evz

    oh wow I think the Indigenous is better term than minority that they are using before and experts on this tried to study and research well until they came and agree to call the National Community for Indigenous People and we are not referring to BAGO only as far as I remember this include other ethnic group of the country. Lots of programs are being offered I just don’t know if they are still existing such as scholarships, Small Business entrepreneur, livelihood and lots more …I agree with Ely that only a few knows this and its program, Information and dissemination maybe is poor but anyway we should be happy that Albert and Bliss are there getting in touch with the youth and they can start from this kind of problem we need a change now for the Programs of BAGO for the youth sector it is hard to start but we are getting there as per info being read from papers and informants.

  35. edilbliss

    naimbag ay oras katribo ay bago aye ya nag amay ay talaga an meeting di bago ad labayug idi lang kalman sept.29 manang jeanete di ko mailagay mga pics sa multiply ko madi met ag upload ,first time ko sa labayug and wow i really love it the place nagpintas and the resort na venue namin nagmayat met lang nga talaga ,ti naaramid idiay ket inductions ti bago tribe organizations sison chapter ,folks from sagunto ket nakigtot da di makita dak and i know they’re proud of me nga one of the bago youth leaders of our tribe im so happy to see them all bagak ngarud nga agkikita kami no december ta umay kami makifiesta hehe ,ti next meeting ket diay bagabag nueva viscaya inton oct 20 sapay koma nga ti next meeting ket diay sagunto met ti manghost agparte kayo ti kalding ta isu ti paborito dagitoy board and oficers .

  36. evz

    hi christl Just wait for Bliss and Albert they might read your request and give you their multiply site or just share it in nay form about the bag-o tribe. anyhow are you related to Mrs. Tobias of Artacho High?

  37. Milka Bago

    WOW!..this is a great site!..i was able to have a glimpse of my past..i have been so curious about by dad’s whereabouts..that’s why i searched in the internet..he cant give me the details i need about the origin of his family. and he cant even remember the name his great grandfather. it’s just now that ive learned that bagos really are a tribe which means i am really a true blooded filipino..hope i’ll meet more bago’s in the near future..our family lives here in cagayan valley.

  38. Almirante Laiz Bangasan

    I was researching on the Bago Tribe and I
    ran into this website and I saw the name
    Tony carillo. I wonder if you guys mean the
    late manong Tony carillo, husband of manang
    Mary, both of Baguio city. Also< I have relatives in Labayug and Sison. Any of you guys with facebook?

    1. Tom Edwards

      I am trying to locate the Almirante Bangasan who owns a Discovery Harbour Lot on the Big Island. I am a Real Estate Broker here and have a client who is interested in buying the lot. If this is the right person would you please contact me by email at: or by phone: (808) 937-6534. Thank You! Respectfully, Tom Edwards

  39. Misa

    hello,, jeanette.. gud day… i am a student and we are researching about bago tribe and were focusing about their songs.. we really nid it and i need also an individual to be interviewed.. please bip me back if you like.. please… 09072639477.. please please please.. it is good if it is as soon as possible.. please.. thankyou so much..

  40. Jeanette Post author

    Hi Misa, I sent you a reply on FB. I will send you a couple of names to contact on FB to interview. I too am just learning about our great Bago tribe so I can’t be of much help to you but hopefully some of our other mates here can help you out. Regards! and thanks for dropping by. I would love it if you can share the result of your research when you’re done.

  41. Igorot Diaspora

    gawis ay agew yo, agpatulongak koma kakabsat ta kayat ko a maammuan ti Kultura dagiti Bago, Thesis ko ngamin, salamat…

  42. Ferdinand Anno

    Tattak la a naluktan daytoy nga e-forum dagiti Saguntinians. Ti kapanpanunotak ket daydiay definition ni Apo Boaquen ket pudno laeng, iti panangsuksukisok ko, kadagiti later generations iti Bago. In my exchanges with emily (Castillo-Benosa), i was discussing with her the possibility that the Bago evolved through different phases, i.e., if oral tradition is to believed, and i have a good argument for oral tradition more than academic studies (wave migration theories) and popular claims (Igorot-lowlander intermarriages). First, there was the Anggagui Bago. These ancient Bagos were formed by pacts and intermarriages made between Cordillera indigenous communities, most prominent among them were the Aplae-Kankanaeys (of the old Mt. Province and Amburayan sub-province) and the Tingguian communities of Upper-South Abra. There were no ‘lowlanders’ involved in this process of community [national] formation (oops, to be continued)

  43. Ferdinand Anno

    to correct myself, the ‘old Mt. Province’ above is inclusive of the Bontoc, Lepanto, Amburayan and Benguet sub-provinces.

    The Anggaqui Bago descended into the lowlanders’ lands with an already established identity. This was the genesis of the post-Anggaqui ‘Nagtablaan Bago’. I propose that in this Nagtablaan phase – the Bago became more culturally/nationally defined. The encounter with Ilocanos at this stage was more spatial than anything else. At this point Ilocanos still regard the highlanders or the Ygollotes of the hills as half-beast with tails. There surely were cases of Intermarriages with Ilocanos during this period but they were few and minimal.

    Following the sapo a tiguey, the Nagtablaan Bago grew in number and decided to look for other settlements … this was the beginning of the establishment of Bago settlements northward to San Emilio and beyond and more notably, southward to as far as Labayug in Sison, Pangasinan. This period of settlement is what i am proposing as the third phase of our formation as a people. At this point our intermarriages were mainly with highlanders (Tingguians of Abra, Kankanaeys and Ibalois of Mt. Province and Benguet). Our current day clan reunions provide as clue to this fact (The Annos and Caladawis, for example, were Kankanaeys from Benguet, who in my immediate family lineage, got entangled with the Ammangs and Ongongans of the Bago settlements in Sta Cruz and Sudipen) Still, at this time, Ilocanos generally looked down at hilltribes as half-beast with tails. Intermarriages with Ilocanos was a more recent, 20th century phenomenon among the Bagos when they started embracing Christianity en masse. Christianization, along with the political integration of Bago communities into Ilocano political units and the age-old trading connections, facilitated the Ilocanization phase in our national formation as Bago. Intermarriages with Ilocanos happened mainly during this period. It happened when the Bago as a cultural community was already established though evolving. …

    Now the Diaspora Bago … the y-Kalinga, y-MIndoro, y-Mindanao … and for Saguntinians: from ‘Saigon’ to London!!!

  44. Ferdinand Anno

    from ‘Saigon’ to London is yet another phase in the evolution of the Bago nation. But let us not easily subscribe to the popular theory of “Bagos as offsrings of intermarriages between Cordillera ‘tribals’ and lowlanders’ for this fails to appreciate the first ‘pinnanyoan’ dancing and the first ‘sintatako’ pact-covenant which gave birth to the Bago nation. Remember Anggaqui …

  45. emily castillo benosa

    Hello Apo Doc Ferdi, Agyaman kami ti iyuumay mo ditoy nga mangi waras kadagiti research mo maipapan Bago ti Bago (naks, ok ba Ilocano ko?). Nabayagen nga agbirbiruk dagiti estudyante tayo ti na impormasyon nga mangi explica kadagiti napalabas ti tribu tayo. Manmano gamin ti makita da nga detalye. No adda links dagiti research ken sinursurat mo maipapan Bago tribe, no mabalin koma Apo, ilista yo ditoy dagidiay websayts nga pakakitaan ti istorya ti Bago. Dagito manmano ken istranghero nga naikurit ti ababa nga pakasaritaan ti Bago ken nangibasar ti sursurat da ti ababa laeng nga obserbasyon. Sika ket (limmakay nga nagad-adal ti Kinnabago ken nadumaduma pay nga edukasyon. Saan kadi nga tiempo nga iwaras tayo itan ti intay napagamuan? Ammo mi daytoy nga topiko ti paboritom nga isurat, isunga, pangaasim, ikkan nakami ti adu pay nga adal maipapan Bago Tribe. Agyaman kami Apo!


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