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Video: The Great Christmas Battle in Pilawan

Members of the various Sagunto organizations (SAUSA, SFAL, SUKA) converged on the small school in Pilawan, a sitio of Sagunto, last December to share merriment with the residents and children of the remote mountain locale. The group went up to sponsor a Christmas party and a school project for the benefit of the children and also to share in the laughter and fun. More photos of their charitable activities will be posted here soon. In the meantime, enjoy the hilarity and get a small taste of the joy shared by all.

First video is the race between SFAL President, Judy Digay and SAUSA President, Boying Annaguey.

The following video is of the ladies from both groups. Enjoy!

Videos courtesy of Raul Digay via facebook.


As we embark on a New Year, our hearts fill with hope and anticipation of what this coming year holds for us. Before we look forward though, let’s look back for a few minutes, to 2010, to the tune of Hannah’s rendition of Happy New Year. Photos were collected from your facebook profiles and from previous articles here on SS. Enjoy, Sagunto Stars!

Thanks to Hanna de Ocampo for allowing us to borrow her beautiful rendition of ABBA’s Happy New Year