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UPDATED: Major Road Repair in Pilawan Inspected by Mayor Kimi

Earlier this month, a bulldozer, which has been in high demand given the recent events in the region, was procured to fix the road to Pilawan which was damaged by typhoon Pepeng last October.

One of the highest places within the bounds of the municipality of Sison, which is situated at its north-easternmost tip, is Sitio Pilawan in Barangay Sagunto. It had incurred severe damages during the onslaught of typhoon Pepeng where several dwellings, agricultural lands and roads were reported to have been destroyed that situated the place into almost nil recovery.

The dismal scenery in her ad hoc visit made the mayor, Hon. Kimi S. Cojuangco, more forceful in giving assistance to the residents. Through the endorsement of Mr. Keong Reyes and Barangay Kagawad Loejan Anudon based also on a written request from the Barangay Sagunto Council, she approved the use of the D4 bulldozer in Pilawan instantaneously.

Despite overlapping schedules of the D4 bulldozer, it was brought to Pilawan on December 23, 2009 to initiate major repairs and rerouting in its main road. Latest visit in the area showed tremendous improvements that the accomplished portion of the project is almost a million Pesos worth according to Mr. Eleuterio Reyes.

As you may recall, the catastrophic storm went through the Pangasinan region in early October and wreaked havoc by flooding homes and farms in the area. It also eroded this vital roadway which connects the remote area of Pilawan to Barangay Sagunto. As Pilawan is considered a sitio of Sagunto, the barangay council of Sagunto endeavored to fix the road with the approval of Mayor Kimi for the use of the bulldozer and the barangay council in turn shouldered the cost of the fuel.

Soon after the completion of the road repair, Sison Mayor Kimi Cojuangco went to Pilawan to inspect the road and more importantly to join the residents of Sitio Pilawan for a celebratory luncheon.
Kimi in Pilawan

Pilawan Luncheon

The residents of Pilawan were honored by the mayor’s visit and Mayor Kimi was her usual gracious self as she made everyone at ease.

Read the full article on the Sison website: KSC Invited by Pilawan Residents

Photos courtesy of LAnudon

Sustainable Relief – Fund a Farm, Feed a Family

Sison braces for another typhoon, predicted to race through the region today, dumping more rain on the already drenched landscape. Pray for our town, our family and friends. While the storm pass through, they will need our help more than ever.

The video below was produced by the Mayor’s office to appeal to the citizens of Sison, wherever you are, to please help your townmates, family and friends. The farmers of Sison were especially hard hit. The crops that they had cultivated this year, including rice that was almost ready for harvest and vegetables slated for upscale markets and the new pasalubong center were all wiped out by Typhoon Pepeng. They will not be able to recover their loses on their own. The Congressman and the Mayor are lobbying the government earnestly for relief, but more help is needed; especially help that is earmarked specifically for the farmers. 1,200 PHP can fund the rehabilitation of one hectare of farm land. Send what you can for every little bit helps.

1,200 PHP per Hectare

To donate directly to Sison’s Agricultural Rehabilitation:
Land Bank of the Philippines
Urdaneta, Pangasinan

Account Name: LGU – Sison, Pangasinan
Account Number: 0112-1025-23

Office of Mayor Kimi Cojuangco

Aid Streams In to Sison

Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco and Mayor Kimi Cojuangco have worked tirelessly to bring much needed aid to Sison, pulling on all their available resources. Relief has arrived in Sison at a steady pace and from unexpected places.

The Congressman appealed to the government when he was interviewed by ABS-CBN news correspondent regarding the damage to Sison from Typhoon Pepeng which is estimated to be more than 5 billion pesos. He said,

“Nakikiusap ako sa ating gobyerno na sana gumawa ng programa para matulungan ang mga magsasaka para makabangon muli pagkat ang kanilang ipinuhunan sa kanilang mga pananim ay nawala na dahil sa pananalasa ng bagyo. May mga magsasaka na sarili nila ang kanilang ipinuhunan pero ang karamihan ay nangutang para ipambili ng abono at iba pa nilang pangangailangan. Ang pag-angkat ng bigas sa ibang bansa sana ay hinay-hinay lang. Ang pera sanang gagamiting pang-angkat ay itulong na lang sa ating mga magsasaka para makaahon silang muli.”

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The mayor personally traveled to Manila to garner aid for the town of Sison. Following her as she returned back from Manila were seven truckloads of relief goods donated from the San Miguel Corporation. She then rolled up her sleeves and worked alongside the municipal workers to pack up the goods and ready them for distribution.
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As if personally soliciting major corporations were not enough, the Mayor also pulled on her personal network to aid Sison. Ladies from the Assumption Alumnae Association of the famed Assumption College where the mayor is also an alumni, came through with another truck load of relief goods for the people of Sison.
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Read the full stories on Sison’s Official website.

Zucchini Crop Among Casualty in Sison


Typhoon ‘Pepeng’ decimated most of the crops in Sagunto and Sison among them the experimental crop of zucchini that held so much promise to become Sison’s featured crop, the one produce that it is known for.

It is a fast growing and fast producing plant and hopefully the Sagunto Farmers and others in Sison can recover enough to brave another planting.

In August, Mayor Kimi also launched a new program, Gulayan sa Bakuran, to encourage citizens of Sagunto to cultivate their own backyard garden in order to provide not only a healthy, organic supplement to their tables but also maybe an added income to their pockets. According to the article, “The Municipal Agriculture Office will be providing the organic fertilizers, and seeds to be planted, so all the barangay heads were instructed to require their barangay councilors to entice all their constituents to join, and conduct a roof count in their respective puroks. ” A competition was to be an incentive for this program.

Hopefully, as everyone rebuilds from the damage incurred by the typhoons, they will also keep in mind continuing these worthwhile projects.
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