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Sustainable Relief – Fund a Farm, Feed a Family

Sison braces for another typhoon, predicted to race through the region today, dumping more rain on the already drenched landscape. Pray for our town, our family and friends. While the storm pass through, they will need our help more than ever.

The video below was produced by the Mayor’s office to appeal to the citizens of Sison, wherever you are, to please help your townmates, family and friends. The farmers of Sison were especially hard hit. The crops that they had cultivated this year, including rice that was almost ready for harvest and vegetables slated for upscale markets and the new pasalubong center were all wiped out by Typhoon Pepeng. They will not be able to recover their loses on their own. The Congressman and the Mayor are lobbying the government earnestly for relief, but more help is needed; especially help that is earmarked specifically for the farmers. 1,200 PHP can fund the rehabilitation of one hectare of farm land. Send what you can for every little bit helps.

1,200 PHP per Hectare

To donate directly to Sison’s Agricultural Rehabilitation:
Land Bank of the Philippines
Urdaneta, Pangasinan

Account Name: LGU – Sison, Pangasinan
Account Number: 0112-1025-23

Office of Mayor Kimi Cojuangco