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Basketball League Championship Up For Grabs

night game
Good news all around for the Bago Youth sponsored summer basketball games in Sagunto! The championship games are being played as we speak.

Games played on until after dark but judging from these young people’s faces, no one seemed to mind. If you would like to see the team line up and schedule, check out the Bago Times, the new online newsletter of the Bago Youth Organization of Sagunto!

bago youth


Photos courtesy of Amir Malqued via facebook


Bago Youth Summer League, Day 1

The Bago Youth Summer League is underway, thanks to the organizers and to all of you who supported this event.

The announcers

Below is an update from Jun, Bago Youth President (as shared by Leo El-ar Barrit via facebook)

We had been to the city mayor of Baguio Honorable Mauricio Domogan and he gave us three balls for summer tournament for basketball.

The reason why we are having this kind of tournament is to uphold the credibility and oneness of the BAGO tribe here in the municipality of Sison. Likewise, the purpose of this tournament is to make fund for a set of computer which will be of great need in making our weekly publication of our newspaper which is titled “BAGO TIMES”.

In line with this, we would like to ask for your support (if possible) to make this event successful. Your presence in supporting this event would be of great value and appreciation… Thank you very much sir.. WE (the BAGO Youth Oranization) wish you all the best!!!

From Jun Muk Da

Photo Credit: Amir Malqued via facebook


Sagunto’s BAGO Youth Organize Summer League

The letter below is a request from the BAGO Youth Organization of Sagunto. They are requesting your sponsorship for the summer sports festival which already commenced on April 25, 2011. The festival will be held all summer long and your donations are accepted until the second week in May. Donations may be sent to any of the officials listed on the letter.

Proceeds from the games will benefit the needs of the Bago Youth Organization of Sagunto.

Connect with the Bago Youth Organization through their facebook page, BAGO SAGUNTO.

BAGO Youth Organization
Sagunto Chapter
Sagunto, Sison, Pangasinan
2434 Philippines



The BAGO Youth Organization will be hosting a tournament for basketball from April 22, 2011 until its duration at Sagunto Plaza. The aim of this tournament is to uphold the value of sportsmanship as a sign of respect to each of the youth. Likewise, this is also organize to make the youth physically and mentally fit. Moreover, this tournament is made organize to encourage the other Barangays to built a strong organization for the the BAGO Tribe to uplift its culture in the Philippines.

In line with this, we are inviting requesting for your financial support to make this event successful. Your presence in supporting this event is very much appreciated.

For other information, feel free to contact the BAGO Sagunto on facebook.

Thank you very much for your kindness and your undying support.

Yours truly,

Jwun B. Mangante
BYO President

Micah Fe M. Wagayen
SK Chairman

Amir C. Malqued
BNCSPI President

Joel Juio
Barangay Chairman