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S&P: Illegal Recruitment SCAM


Ti amin apo nga taga Sagunto nga ada jay London, sapay la kuma ta matulungan dakami mi,ngamin nagaply ni lakay ko jay London babaen ti enternet,ket adda nag email kinyana nga pamilya,maalangan ni lakay ko nga mangsungbat ta baka scam kanu. Sapay la kuma ta matulungan dakami. Salamat
Dahlia Quero
Baguio City

[TRANSLATION: To all Saguntonians in London, we hope that you can help us. My husband applied for a job via the internet and a family answered him by email. He is unsure whether he should answer because it may be a scam. Thank you.]

This question was posted on the Saguntonians post and received a couple of answers from Manong Judee and James. The following are their answers:
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