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Medical Outreach Planned for 2012 Homecoming

This announcement was submitted by SAUSA (Sagunto Association USA) President, Mr. Eleno “Boying” Annaguey.

‘A Medical Outreach is being planned as part of the 2012 Sagunto Balikbayan Grand Homecoming/Reunion with the approval by the Department of Health and the Sagunto Barangay Council. Dates are set for January 2-3 or January 3-4, 2013. The medical outreach committee planning this activity is co-chaired by the husband and wife team of Marvin and Evangeline Berto with Zenaida Velasco, Al Sipus, Gladys Basabas and Marlene Dapiaoen Puente serving as committee members.

Attached is the minutes of the committee meeting held last month as prepared by Zeny. The next committee meeting is this coming Sunday, March 4, 3:00 p.m. at the Annaguey residence in Highland, CA. Like the past meeting, a teleconference will be set-up so those who can not be physically present but want to join the meeting will be able to call-in.

Dios ti agngina, Dios ti agaluad.’

DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENT: Committee meeting minutes – US Sponsored Sagunto Medical Outreach 2012 – Updated

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Barangay Approves 2012 Homecoming

Sagunto Association USA (SAUSA) received official approval of the proposed 2nd Sagunto Grand Reunion and Homecoming in 2012!

SAUSA President, Mr. Eleno Annaguey, shared the following records documenting the development of events thus far, including the official letter of approval from the Sangguniang Barangay. (click on the links below to view attachments)

1-Sagunto Assn USA – June 18 2011 Meeting Minutes – Impromptu Meeting and Election of Officers of the Sagunto Association USA.
1-Sagunto Assn USA – June 18 2011 Meeting Minutes

2-Letter to Barangay Council for Approval – Letter from the Sagunto Assn USA President to the Sagunto Barangay Council asking for approval and confirmation for a 2nd Sagunto Grand Homecoming and Reunion to be held in December 2012 with the Sagunto Assn, USA organizing and planning the event.
2-Letter to Barangay Council for Approval

3-Sagunto Assn USA – Dec 10, 2011 Meeting Minutes – Regular Meeting of the Sagunto Association USA .
3-Sagunto Assn USA – Dec 10 2011 Meeting Minutes

4-Sangguniang Barangay Session Minute Excerpts – Jan 2, 2012 – Resolution Approving the Request of the Sagunto Association, USA, to hold the 2nd Sagunto Grand Homecoming and Reunion program on December 2012, and a Letter from Barangay Captain Joel Julio on behalf of the Barangay Council.
4-Sangguniang Barangay Session Minutes excepts – Jan 2, 2012

Save the date, and start making plans to join the reunion and homecoming in December 2012!