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  • 29 thoughts on “SAGUNTONIANS

    1. Memory Robinson

      I used to live in Sagunto from 1956 to 1966. Attended Northern Luzon Academy grades 1 to 3, afterwhich, I moved to Hawaii
      at the age of 8 (1966). For many years, I continue to dream
      about Sagunto, the places I used to roam, the rivers, the hills.
      Our family there is Gertrudes Biteng and my brother is Henry
      Sunang. Both still reside in Sagunto. I truly value this site–a
      place I can connect with my childhood days. Thank you.

    2. Memory Robinson

      I used to live in Sagunto from 1956 to 1966. Attended Northern Luzon Academy grades 1 to 3, afterwhich, I moved to Hawaii
      at the age of 8 (1966). For many years, I continue to dream
      about Sagunto, the places I used to roam, the rivers, the hills.
      Our family there is Gertrudes Biteng and my brother is Henry
      Sunang. Both still reside in Sagunto. I truly value this site–a
      place I can connect with my childhood days. Thank you.

    3. Memory Robinson

      I used to live in Sagunto from 1956 to 1966. Attended Northern Luzon Academy grades 1 to 3, afterwhich, I moved to Hawaii
      at the age of 8 (1966). For many years, I continue to dream
      about Sagunto, the places I used to roam, the rivers, the hills.

    4. evz

      this is amazing a barriomate found us and we are so happy Apo Memory Robinson and I is so good that you took the opportunity for a very short Introduction about yourself am thinking that maybe Uncle Boying Annaguey knows you but not for us who were born mid ’60’s hope that you can share your Picture with your Family in the site.

    5. EMZ

      i might not have seen you, miss memory, because we went back to sagunto around 1969 to study in the elem. if you are now in hawaii, have you by chance lived around kahuku? when i visited my aunt there, she told me that there’s somebody in their neighborhood originally from sagunto; had a handsome son…and i wasn’t able to catch that woman on my walk one day as she was shopping…she could be you or somebody you know from sagunto too? i learned that there are so many people from labayog who migrated in kahuku area. please log in often and share us your memories of your childhood.

    6. Starlyn

      I don’t even know how to begin. I contacted a childhood friend (Vilma Capuyan Rodriguez) the other day and told me about this site. We reminisced about the good old days, growing up in Sagunto. I lived in Sagunto from 1969 – 1972, when dad was the pastor of the Wesleyan Church, until we moved to the United States. There were many good memories of growing up there….the nuwang horse races in the rice fields, harvesting rice, swimming and washing clothes at the river and gathering firewood in the bantay. I still call Sagunto my hometown. For the first time, five years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Sagunto. Certainly many improvements have been made but I still felt the small town atmosphere. The rice field still exists, Artacho Elem. School is still the same and the classroom chairs that I sat on were still there. Luckily during my visit, I was able to see a few of my old barkadas. (Vilma, Carlito, Mina Lane) As I read some of the articles that are posted, it brings back many memories. I recognized some familiar names. Distance and time may have separated us but Sagunto and the folks of Sagunto will be forever be in my heart. Thank you for making this site available and to keep us closer to what is transpiring in that part of the world.

    7. Judee

      Memory – Nasayaat man met ta nakitam daytoy website ti Sagunto. No diak nagkamali sika siguro ni Memory nga kabsat ni Henry nga Sunang ania? Ta bigla ka met nga napan dita Hawaii. Siguro nalipatandak siguron ngem dika malipatan ta ag-kakadua tayo idi nga map-mapan agkaykayo diay bantay idi ubbing tay pay. Kumusta ngay met dita Manang? Siguro masdaaw dagita pada nga Pilipino dita Hawaii no agsasao da ti Ilokano ta maawatam ti ibagbaga da. Kasla ken Henry idi napan kami nagpasyar diay Baguio ket Inglis nga Inglis dagidiay ubbing nga aglaklako diay Burnham kaniana ngem di pay sumungsungbat isuna idi nagtagari kunam santo nag-ngursiit nga nagsao ti Ilokano ket kuna dagidiay ubbing “Sao kami nga sao ti inglis Ilokano met gayam” he he he he! Siak ni Judee nga Digay no malagip nak pay.

    8. Judee

      Wen gayam diak nabasa diay inbagam diay ngato ket sika ngarud a ni Manang Memory nga talaga. Ayna ket nagsayaat nga talaga nga agpayso daytoy nga website ania ta masarakan dagiti Taga-Sagunto nga nabayag nga di nakit-kita. Ket awisen daka ngarud Manang nga umay maki-reunion no December ta agkikita tayo amin nga Taga-Sagunto. Kumusta met ti pamilya yo ditan? Umay tay koma amin tapnon naragsak ti Fiesta no December. Pumasyar ka la ditoy no kua ta adu ti madamag ditoy ken ti panag-progreso ti Barrio tayo nga Sagunto. Judee

    9. evz

      Starlyn!!! Pop up in my mind as soon as I read her name I was very new to Sagunto when they are leaving for US and I love that name and the one who own it they are at the Torres Family’s house residing before if I was not mistaken “kaka malagip mo pay ni Uncle Greg “boying” Q.?
      Am so happy being connected through the site.

    10. Starlyn

      evz!!! Yes, we did live next to autie Leoning Torres. After dad left for the U.S. , she was so kind to allow our family to build the house next to hers. Living in Sagunto taught me a lot about life, especially friendships. My family and I am are very grateful to many Saguntonians for their support when dad was the pastor at the Wesleyan church.
      I do remember the name of Uncle Greg “manong boying”. I wish I knew who you are, evz. This is wonderful to be connected even though we’re so far apart.

    11. Judee

      Ay wen a Eva nagadu a ti adventures mi kada Henry ken Memory idi ubbing kami siguro uppat wenno tallo laeng ti tawen mi idi mapan kami agkayo diay bantay nalbo ket idi mag-magna kami ket adu ngarud ti kaykayo pay la idi ket idi adda malabasan mi a kayo nga dadakkel ti bulong na ket kuna ni Henry nga igganam man daytoy ket gapu ta diak pay ammo dayta nga bulong ket inig-ganak metten madam-dama ket nagatel metten ti imakon – Lupa gayam daydiay he he he! Isu nga manipud idin ammokon daydiay nga klase ti kayo. Ngem apay ta nag-pukaw metten didiay nga klase ti kayo? Wen a ni Starlyn ket am-ammok met ket nasayaat Starlyn ta immay ka met ditoy Abong. Kumusta met da Bobby ken Parents mo dita? Agbakasyon tayto amin no December ta ag-fiesta tayo diay Barrio Sagunto, wen?

    12. Judee

      Adda manen maysa nga aldaw nga napan kami nag-kayo ken Henry diay bantay ket idi mag-magna kami nga kasta idiay asideg ti kalapaw da kinamat dakami nga dua ti mangukop nga uleg imbag la ketdin ta timmaliawak ti likod ko ket apag-isu a nakitak diay uleg nga rimmuar diay karu-otan no saan a ket diak ammon ta dakkel diay uleg. Idi kuan in-pulong mi ken Bondage sana pinu-oran diay karu-otan ket nakita da dagidiay itlog. Iti pangaldaw kinaut ni Henry diay abot ti alig ket naka-ala kami ti adu nga diro saminto kinnan ay apo ti sam-it na. Uppat wenno lima laeng ti tawen mi idi. Ay apo no agawidak manen bautennak manen ni Nanang ko ta awanak nga nag-malmalem adda kami gayam diay bantay he he he he!

    13. evz

      Hello Starlyn for sure am just a small kid when you left for U.S. but within that very short period of time since we arrived to Sagunto I love to watch people and identifying them one by one specially when my uncles and aunties telling me ay ni “kastoy dayta, ay she is my classmate, something like that am the eldest of the Quilaman clan third generation.

      So nice that Saguntonians are being connected share us your pix and your family too send it @

    14. evz

      Ay na Mang Judee agkatkatawaak nga mangbasbasa ta kunkunam ta napadasak amin dagita met nga adventure ket makunak nga talaga nga nakatulong met ti pannakamuli ti Mind and Physical aspects of life tayo nga taga Sagunto diay mapan ka agkayo diay Bangkag , mapan umuli Bayyabas diay Bantay nga adda ti time nga kamaten daka ti baka kano no naka red ka something like that simple so simple living ngem ditay ammo nga adu gayam ti naitulong na …tatta ngay ammo payen no kayat dagiti agtutubo ken ubbing ti mapan agkayo kada agpicnic diay bantay kada waig sad to say uray dagiday annak ko dida piman naexperience ti mountain climbing isu nga naglalampa da one time napan da nagdigos diay Karayan after a day ay na adda met skin disease na diay maikadwa nga anakkon kasano payen. sabagay mapan ka lang abong tatta ket naka tricycle dan kasus idi ket uray maminsangapulo ka nga agpadaya agpalaud nagasideg tatta kuna diay anak ni ading ko ket agtricycle kami kano nga mapan abong ta nagadayo kasus.
      Dakayo gayam ken Mng. Henry ti agkagayyemen ya idi ngem no agpadaya ka tatta nagdadakkel ngaruden kano ti balbalay idiay. Adda pay maysa nga klase ti mula nga nagatel ngem agkalatkat saan nga kasla lupa nga kayo adda pay diay bulong nga kalsa sand paper nga pagkuskos ti tugtigaw diay school ania nagan na didiayen hehehe botany lesson ya!


      manang evz, baka SABAWIL ken bulong ti DARA-DARA. dakami ngay idi ubing kami ket agipal-um kami ti bunga ti ALUMAS. isu nga ti ikasta mi kampay idi, ket ikali mi idiay uneg ti daga. ngem no apan min ton kalyen, aya ket! takki met ti naisukaten idiay ALUMAS, ta gayam ket immuna ni WER-WER wenno ni BALONG ANABAN nga napan nang kali. ngem diak maawatan ya, no apay pay laeng nga apan takyan ya.(bwisit)….he he

    16. Judee

      Aye!!! nagmayat siguro ya ti mapan ag-bonfire diay turod satayto agi-storya ti experiences nga kakatkatawa. Ale, agbakasyon tayo ngarud amin ta agmeeting tay amin ta intayo ag-fiesta diay Sagunto.

    17. evz

      Ay na wen SB sabawil gayam TY diak la ket malagipen! hahha! sino nga werwer ni Zaldy ngata or ni Eduardo malagip ko ti tattao by names being used in school.

      Aye mng. Judee nagmayat nagrud nga plan kanya kanyang stories ngata ania. for sure everybody has something to share!

    18. tao jay bakir

      ay wen adda dagijay grupo da manong judy idi nga agigyanda papatayan ngem jak ammo no anyat araramidenda ta apay nga mapan met tiliwen daydi lakay tomas solaw isuda sada ilipit jay abong …ket baotenda pay isuda..dayta t malagipko idi ububbing kami,anya aya gamin t araramidenyo ijay papatayan idi manong judy?he he he…

    19. Judee

      Diak ammo dayta gayyem nga taga-bakir ta nasapa-ak nga napan diay Amerika. Baka siguro sabali nga Judy dayta ibag-bagam friend. Hak! Hak! Hak!Hak!

    20. Memory Robinson

      Uray lakya makasangit nga agkatkatawa nga agbasbasa kadagiti
      naisurat idtoy nga site. Adu ti malagipko nga inayayam mi nga
      ubbing. Lastiko (rubber bands). Ni Masing Saking ti #1, na
      braided tay adu nga lastiko nga inabakna. Marbles pay. Tansan (bottle caps) ti pay maysa nga inayayam mi diay kalsada. No
      kuan, malipitac ti oras, ket mabatbautac manen hehehehe. No
      apan kami aglanguy diay waig, tay sinilasko (slipper) ket maiyanod tay paris na. How many times I lose my slippers even
      tho I place them far from the river bank, somehow one of the pair
      gets lost. Ket mabautac manen. Agkamel kami pay idi ti bunog.
      Adu ti nakitac idi nga ul uleg. No agpabantay kami, kasla
      lumisi ti uleg when we get near it. Aglangoy kami idi diay
      ban ow (lake) diay bantay, ket sometimes ada uleg diay
      nga aglanglanguy met. Good thing I never got bitten…hehehe.
      Naadal ko ti agmadenden ti saluyut ken kalunay, and agcayo
      and we were very young, like 6 even 7. Unlike American children
      here, ad adu ti naadal nge life lessons from mountain life, bario
      life. Thank you Judee for your comments. You make me laugh!
      See you in Sagunto! Memo

    21. Judee

      This is funny, aglalo dagiti storya idi ubbing pay ti tao. Mayat no intay to sumang-at diay bantay no sumang-pet tay amin ta ag-picnic tayo. Do you want me to organize one? But I need to know all your free time so we can be all there. Once I know your schedules then I can talk to our friends in Sagunto to get ready with all that we need. We can also stay there for one night camping (bonfire ti rabii) and then we can tell stories of the past. Bring small tents… but perhaps we can arrange for that through our contact in Sagunto.
      Imbag a ta makitam manen da Mayora. Sayaatem ngarud ta bareng awisen datayto amin diay balayda no sumangpet tayo.

      Manong Judee

    22. Babot

      Hi Manong!
      Hehehe…sige you organize it na tapno ma iprepare yo ti kailangan. That sounds so nice!

      RE: Mayor Kimi, haan mi nakita isuna ta she got held up in San Francisco but we had a nice visit with her assistant Mr. Karyo Carganilla. I have photos and will be uploading them soon with a write up of updates, etc. as we heard it during dinner at the mayor’s residence.

      I did meet some really nice Sisonians, though—including Aunty Evelyn Oropilla of San Diego and, of course, always nice to see Manang Amy Lachica and her family.

    23. Dahlia Quero

      ti amin apo nga taga sagunto nga ada jay London,sapay la kuma ta matulungan dakami mi,ngamin nagaply ni lakay ko jay London babaen ti enternet,ket adda nag email kinyana nga pamilya,maalangan ni lakay ko nga mangsungbat ta baka scam kanu,idamag ko lang kuma nu legal toy(ANDREW BAUER FAMILY)120\122 Brent Street,Hendon,London. Sapay la kuma ta matulungan dakami.Salamat

      Dahlia Quero
      Baguio City

    24. judee

      Dahlia – no agdawat ti kuarta nga dakkel – scam daytan. No intresado nga kunana ket isuna amin ti mangpasahe ket awan gastos ni lakay mo nga umay ditoy London wen mamatiak nga genuine. No agdawat kuarta scam nga sigurado daytan. Dimo ilako ta dagayo ken balay yo tapnon ited mo kaniana ti naglakuam ta luklukuen na kay laeng. Beware of too good to be true a kunada. Adu dagiti scam ditoy London tatta naggapu Nigeria, Belize ken naduma duma nga African countries. Canada laengen ti papananna a pagaplayan ta maalana pay pamilya na. Ditoy London narigaten malaksid no companya ti mangala ket adda specialty ni lakay mo a kas programmer, engineer, etc. pati nurse ditoyen ket insardeng dan ti agala. Kitaem diay internet dagiti open nga trabaho ditoy London. Adu dagiti studyante nga immay ditoy ket kakaasi da piman ta innem met la nga oras ti ited ti gobyerno nga trabaho kaniada ket pangalaan da ngay ngarud ti pagabang da ti balay, igatang ti masapul da ken paglete nga mapan agiskwela. Nag-ngina payen ti tuition fee. Awanen ditoy London saanen nga kasla idi ta nag-baliwen ti paniempo. Adu ngamin unayen ti umay ditoy nga aggapu ti Romania, Poland ken naduma duma nga European countries ta legal da metten nga umay ditoy nga sumrek ken agtrabaho. Uray ag-linis ti kubeta ken ag-punas ti ubet dagiti lallakay ken babbaket ket nagrigaten ti agsapul ta alaen metten dagiti kakadua nga foreigners. Ti Romanian ken Polish alaen dan uray 5.00 pounds per hour laeng ti bayad da. Ti Pilipino ket dina kayat masapul nga 10.00 pounds laeng he he he! Ket sapay koma ta nasungbatak dayta saludsud mo kabsat nga Dahlia. Judee

    25. james

      Pinoys warned against online job offers
      By Pia Lee-Brago (The Philippine Star) Updated January 19, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (0)

      MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine embassy in London yesterday warned about a new illegal recruitment scam involving online job offers.

      According to a report by the Philippine Nurses Association-United Kingdom (PNA-UK) to the embassy, the new recruitment scam involves online job offers sent by email to prospective victims, mostly nurses, who have previously submitted their resumes to public job search websites.

      The supposed employer then sends the victim follow up emails containing a job offer, a contract of agreement with an attractive salary and benefits package, a certificate of employment, and a blank certificate of good moral character.

      Upon submission of documentary requirements, a detailed procedure of sending processing fees through wire transfer is then sent to the victim.

      The supposed employer’s solicitor usually identifies himself as a member of a prominent legal firm. In some cases, the employer sends photographs of his family in the UK via email in an attempt to assure the applicant that the process is legitimate.

      Once the applicant has paid the fees, the fraudulent employer and the solicitor terminate all contact with the victim.

      This modus operandi is similar to other online scams earlier reported by the embassy involving job offers for nannies, hotel staff, store managers, salespersons and engineers.

      The public is advised to always verify job offers in the UK with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).


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