These contests are sponsored by Saguntonians abroad to encourage community involvement among the citizens of Sagunto. They are the individual projects of the sponsoring individual as noted in the announcements for each project. If you have a project or contest you’d like to announce in this site, send your proposal to the administrator at

Eco-Friendly Micro-Business Project

Sponsored by Ophelia “Babot” Pasibe-Glasser, this project asks for proposals from the youth of Sagunto for a micro business idea that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Deadline for submission: 30 October 2007.

Environment Care Group Contest

Conceived and sponsored by Emily Benosa Homma, this is a group contest for the protection of our community environment that would serve and care for natural assets like rivers, farms and gardens, barrio streets, hills and mountains that are essential for the continuing growth and sustenance of the connecting communities in Sison such as Sagunto, Artacho, Agat, Cauringan, Asan Norte, Asan Sur, Labayug and Pinalpal.

Best Smile Contest

Based on photos taken during the 2006 Eyeglass Outreach Project sponsored by Emily Homma which brought so many smiles among Saguntonians, this was just a fun contest where we voted for the person with the best smile.

7 thoughts on “Contests

  1. jeffocumen

    may holoween dance contest ba jan ngayon sa sison kasi un talaga ang inaabangan ko pkisagot naman pls. at kung kelan

  2. Babot

    Hi Jeff!
    Don’t know about Sison proper but they are planning a big Halloween party in Sagunto Town Hall after the Basketball League. Come back and check the site again, we may have an announcement regarding the Halloween events, or you can visit the chat page below and someone may know the answer there.
    Thanks for dropping by…


  3. Babot

    Hi Jeff,
    We posed the question to the SK kids and we’re still waiting for their announcements. Sounds like you’re ready to dance 🙂 If and when they send us the info, we’ll definitely post it here! Cheers.


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