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Bago Youth Summer League, Day 1

The Bago Youth Summer League is underway, thanks to the organizers and to all of you who supported this event.

The announcers

Below is an update from Jun, Bago Youth President (as shared by Leo El-ar Barrit via facebook)

We had been to the city mayor of Baguio Honorable Mauricio Domogan and he gave us three balls for summer tournament for basketball.

The reason why we are having this kind of tournament is to uphold the credibility and oneness of the BAGO tribe here in the municipality of Sison. Likewise, the purpose of this tournament is to make fund for a set of computer which will be of great need in making our weekly publication of our newspaper which is titled “BAGO TIMES”.

In line with this, we would like to ask for your support (if possible) to make this event successful. Your presence in supporting this event would be of great value and appreciation… Thank you very much sir.. WE (the BAGO Youth Oranization) wish you all the best!!!

From Jun Muk Da

Photo Credit: Amir Malqued via facebook

Artacho Elementary School Kids Get Top Medals in Taekwondo

My apologies for the delay in relaying news from the Sison website. Here is one more news to be proud of, Sagunto kids show their prowess in Taekwondo even though this sport is new to them. They attended the competition poorly equipped, some of them sharing uniforms just to be able to compete, and still they come away victorious. These kids are our future and they are doing their best with what they have.

Readers of the Sagunto Star are always generous with every plea for donations from Sagunto. These kids haven’t asked, but touching stories of their courage and perseverance have reached us. Friends, Eva Eisma & Meda Gomez, have taken it upon themselves to help buy some of the uniforms and equipment. If these young taekwondo masters are to continue competing to the higher levels, they are going to need all the help and support from their community that they can get. Uniforms and accessories cost P4500 not including helmets and mask which cost more. The children make do by taking turns wearing the uniforms and protective gear. They will also need money in order to travel to the different competitions. Read the full article below to get an idea of their future venues.

If you have a chance to help, and every little bit helps, leave a comment here and we can arrange to get your donations to the proper channels.
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Artacho Students Lead Sison in Taekwondo

Artacho Taekwondo Artacho Taekwondo 2
The Sison District Taekwondo Team (Elementary Level) bagged the Overall Championship in the Triad Meet held at Pozorrubio, Pangasinan on November 12, 2008.

The fact that this is the 1st Taekwondo Competition that the Sison District Team competed in and the contestants only had three weeks to practice before the competition, the Artacho Elementary School and Don Valentine Torres Elementary School were very enthusiastic enough to show their talents in this sport.

Their Trainer Mr. Benedicto Desierto and their Coach Mrs. Josephine Juralbal of the Artacho National High School and Elementary Department gave them plenty of encouragements and motivations when their players were quite discouraged when they saw that their opponents wore complete set of uniforms but through their support, the players/team were competent enough and won game.
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