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Additional Posts on the Sagunto Star to Revisit

I know that some of our regular readers here do not frequent Facebook (where a lively discussion of anything concerning Sison is ongoing on the Sisonians Group) and that others are not aware of the Sisonians Blog which was also started by Jun Gutierrez. We would like to make clear that the Sisonian Blog and the Sagunto Star are here to disseminate what information we have to everyone interested in reading about them. The Sagunto Star, I would also like to emphasize, is not an authorized journalistic medium so don’t take what we say as the last definitive word. Instead, I encourage you to take what is said here, find your own answers and make up your mind whether what you’ve read is factual or not. Most of the posts here are subjective and injected with our own points of view or opinions.

That said, just to inform all our new visitors and remind our regular ones of previous posts that may give you an idea how we arrived at some of our (personal) conclusions here. Again, I am not saying that we’re wrong or right, this is just what we’ve gathered and some of you may find them interesting.

Since it is election time again I invite you to revisit some of the posts from the early days of the Star. You may find that we asked the same questions that some are asking now.

For our new visitors, you can look through our archives and find that we (Sagunto Star) have been around since 2007 and were actually the first to question Mayor Kimi when she first ran for mayor by publishing an open letter challenging her intentions.

During that election season, we have also questioned the efficacy of NCC’s existence in Sison with this post:

Those posts are what sparked our relationship with Mayor Kimi, who, instead of being defensive, instead offered to meet with us, here in the U.S. to explain her platform to Sisonians in California. Videos of that meeting are also posted on the site if you care to go through them again. I think you will find that she came through on almost everyone of her promises.

So for those of you who have not heard the story, here they are. If you haven’t met or talked to the mayor in person yet, these might give you a small peek into her personality. These videos were taken in Long Beach, CA when ‘Babot’ (Ophelia Pasibe-Glasser) interviewed Mayor Kimi.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Sagunto Star Vol2-2, Pgs 2 & 3

As with many towns in the Philippines, the Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) have become prevalent as are the spouses they leave behind to care for the children and the home. Twenty years ago, OFWs and their families were featured on the original pages of the Sagunto Star; now, the children of the families mentioned here are themselves OFWs or have migrated abroad.

In this issue’s editorial, Mr. Bernardo Castillo, originator of the Sagunto Star, states:
“We in Sagunto must be the first ones to be aware of the issues of the day and think and feel and act on them with wisdom and concern and compassion for the good of our fellowmen, the glory of our nation and the love of our God.”

A very fitting advice for this anniversary week of the online version of the Sagunto Star.

SS-Apr/May'88 p. 2 SS-Apr/May'88 p. 3