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Days Like This – Sagunto Fiesta 1990

As the Sagunto Association USA plans for this year’s second grand reunion in December 2012, let us look back at past festivities with these three videos shared by SAUSA president, Mr. Eleno Annaguey. Enjoy!

1990 Sagunto Fiesta Men’s Basketball Game

1990 Sagunto Fiesta – Basketball Team Presentation and Awards Program

1990 Sagunto Fiesta Ladies Basketball – Mothers vs Ladies.

Happy Rizal Day, Sagunto!

Sagunto’s Fiesta has is well underway as we speak probably finished; HAPPY NEW YEAR, SAGUNTO!

Jose Rizal (full name: José Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonso y Realonda) (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896) is the National Hero of the Philippines; he died a martyr of the Philippine Revolution on December 30, 1896, and Sagunto is one of of the few barangays that still commemorates this event. Sagunto started the tradition of Mr. & Ms. Rizal Day in 1968 as a way to raise funds for the barangay and it still continues to this day. It is a festive way to end the year and celebrate the coming of the new.

Unearthed from the depths of the ‘baul’ here is your first Rizal Day king and queen. It was a very deep baul, so excuse the graininess of the photo.


These are from last year’s celebration:

My, my, my……

Happy weekend to all and a Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! Here is an amusing video of one of the local officials, taken last Rizal Day celebrations in Sagunto.
UPDATE: The singer is Capitan Murao from Bila.