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One of the great things about a small town is the camaraderie and cooperation found among the people. Where else can you throw a big party like a wedding and everyone comes out to help? What do you remember about times like this?

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Edna Palazzolo.

Tagay mo ‘pre!

Malagip yo dagiti tagayan? I’m sure you do. Diay ngay pulutan, pinikpikan, cold San Miguel beer? O sige umapal kayo kadagitoy nga parties, from guys who really know how to do it up.

Thanks to Jerry for the additional captions:

#6 Mike Baiguen looks at richie while scooping pulutan, while jonathan “putan” castillo puffs a cigarette , while boydick smiles flashing a V sign.
Pinuuran nga kalding
#5 The bago way of preparing a goat. Rey, Maestro and Siegfred Quilaman.

#4 Boydick, Mike and Maestro ( still part of new year celebration and lola teresa’s birthday)

#3 Richie O’neal and Edward Palit-ang. They are the cook during Lola Teresa’s birthday. (FYI Richie ket apo ni Lola Ilda. Mexicano nga Bago kano isuna)

Picture #2 Pupuuran da dyay manok … para pinikpikan. Geisler and Michael BaiguenPicture

#1: Bottom picture
When: Around 2 PM during Piyesta’t Natay
Where: Waig
Why: Napudot isu nga napan nagdigos idyay waig with pinikpikan manok and red horse.
Cast: (L to R) Geisler Ananayo, Mike Baiguen, Friend ni boydick, Boydick Callo, Maestro Ferdz, Motong Bado AKA Roger (Sayang di mi naabutan dyay tukak nga kinuryente ni motong)

Thanks to Jer Santillano for sharing these photos.


Before there was rap, there was the dwaya. This is one of the old Sagunto wedding traditions that I was glad to see still being practiced. Dwaya literally means lullaby. The ritual is performed by the elders from each of the bride and groom’s family; they rock the monetary gifts to sleep along with their well wishes for the bride and groom. This is our Uncle Boy Pascua, who I didn’t realize was so talented. Hehe! You have to realize that these are all extemporaneous, which, for a slow thinker like me, is just amazing.

Please add your thoughts/memories of this ritual in the comments section.