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Sagunto Boy Scouts

Six thousand delegates converge at Barangay Bila, Sison for the 34th Eastern Pangasinan Boy Scouts of the Philippines Council Jamborette this week. Thanks again to the Municipality of Sison under the leadership of Mayor Kimi, the location was readied in record time.

To celebrate the great scouting tradition in Sison, we thought it would be fun to be reminded of an earlier boy scout troop from Sagunto.

Do you recognize any of these boys? Look closely, your uncles, dads or lolos may be in this picture.

Sagunto Boy Scouts

Photo submitted by E. Annaguey.

The Quilaman’s Celebrate Many Blessings

Submitted by Eva Eisma

The Quilaman Clan of Sagunto Celebrated their Thanksgiving Service on August 9, 2008. There are lots of things to Give thanks and Praise to God:

  • Aug.5- 19th Death Anniversary of the Great man Gregorio Malqued Quilaman
  • The Homecoming of-Dong Quilaman from South Korea
  • The Arrival of Bhie Emperador Santillano in Ontario Canada
  • Birthdays:

  • Aug.2-Jocy Santillano -Macau
  • August 6-Kendalle Santillano-9th Birthday
  • August 15-Imelda Q. Reyta -Macau
  • Choi Quilaman-3rd Birthday Celebration (younger son of Grace and Dong)

To my husband Rod, daughters Kitz who took the effort to make the old photo of Lolo look new, Cyril, Carlo and my grandson Creese an inspiration for for me – may you always know of the great works of Lolo Gorio to the family.

To my lola Teresa who looks great during the celebration. Sorry for the tears that your appos caused. They just want to surprise you. I missed you all and love you.
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