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Sisonians Weigh in on RH Bill

The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011 otherwise known as the RH Bill is a hot topic on and off the blogosphere as its proponents and opponents push for their arguments for and against the bill. The biggest opponent of the bill is from the religious front, mainly the Catholic Church. 5th District representative Kimi S. Cojuangco is one of the bill’s staunchest supporters and she does so while proclaiming her Christianity and affiliation with the Catholic church.

One of the strongest arguments for Catholic support of the RH Bill is found in this essay, written by some of the faculty at Ateneo de Manila University titled: Catholics Can Support the Bill in Good Conscience. In this article, they “…assert that RH Bill is pro-life, pro-women, pro-poor, pro-youth, and pro-informed choice. Just as the 5th district’s representative has been saying all along in the numerous write ups published on Sison’s Official Website.

A lively discussion among Sisonians on facebook was energized by one particular post, about the 11th commandment among politicians, that, thankfully, the lady Solon does not adhere to.

Here are selected comments from that particular discussion. Check out some of the links shared by our fellow Sisonians. You might find some interesting reading:

 Jimson Echave The RH Bill is pro-life indeed and we need it… It will prevent more unwanted pregnancies and will decrease the use of abortion… It’s but common sense I say, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF SPACE… lol…

September 3 at 7:35am ·

Jeanette Pasibe Moore Another informative and thought provoking post, Abe! Thanks for always stimulating these discussions. My opinion is that the RH Bill should not be made into a religious issue. Those whose religious beliefs contradict the bill can CHOSE not avail these themselves of these services; but don’t keep those who need it and want it from receiving the benefits of the RH Bill. Give them the same benefit of CHOICE.

I wonder how many of you agree with the opinion that the the bill degrades the morality of Filipinos? Will it promote promiscuity, encourage abortions, etc?

And is it the governments job to regulate morality?

September 3 at 8:00am ·

Jimson Echave Yeah… The bill I believe is a matter of exercising the freedom of choice…. its an option… its a right that everyone has to exercise… Anyway the pope have said already that it is okay for prostitutes to use condoms just to avoid STDs… Mas concerned pa sila sa mga prostitutes kaysa sa mga naghihirap dahil sa dami ng anak na walang means sa contraceptives… just a thought…

September 3 at 8:05am

Abraham O. Marqueses Thanks for the compliment Mng. Jeanette, agree with your comment RH bill is a benefit of choice no one has the right to deny to whoever needs them. For the morality and religious issues, I provided a link below which contains threads of heated debates on the matter. @Jimson, pardon me for the wrong notion on the space which I thought to be here at fb page, true, lack of space do not only mean the dwelling place, birth space, but most importantly the space for income opportunities. Hindi ba mas kasalanan kung sabi ka ng sabi sa mga tao, “humayo kayo at magpakarami ayon sa biblia”, habang nakikita mo yung laki ng pamilya at salat sa pangangailangan para itaguyod ito para lang may makakulekta ka sa kasal, binyag at donasyon.” Hindi kaya ito’y pagiging makasarili? Please check:

Reproductive Health Bill: the Bible’s Viewpoint vs. the Catholic Church’s

September 4 at 11:47pm ·

Jeanette Pasibe Moore I just finished reading that article from DF too 🙂 that statement about priests passing judgement is so true. We have to remember they are mere humans just like us… not Gods. Their word is not always true nor the last.

September 4 at 11:53pm

Abraham O. Marqueses So goes the question: “We have the freedom OF religion, but are we free FROM religion?”

September 4 at 11:56pm · Like

Jeanette Pasibe Moore I think that would be another individual choice. I for one have freed myself FROM religion. 🙂

That’s not the same as freeing oneself from GOD, btw

September 5 at 12:00am · Like

Marco Mendoza From the Church of the Churchless; Jesus says, “Beware of religion”

Here’s another great churchless teaching story from Anthony de Mello, my kind of Jesuit priest. The kind who was censured by the Catholic Church after his death for speaking the truth too freely. This is from his book, “ Taking Flight.”

The priest announced that Jesus Christ himself was coming to church the following Sunday. People turned up in large numbers to see him. Everybody expected him to preach, but he only smiled when introduced and said, “Hello.”
Everyone offered him hospitality for the night, especially the priest, but he refused politely. He said he would spend the night in church. How fitting, everybody thought.

He slipped away early next morning before the church doors were opened. And, to their horror, the priest and people found their church had been vandalized. Scribbled everywhere on the walls was the single word, “Beware.”

No part of the church was spared: the doors and windows, the pillars and the pulpit, the altar, even the Bible that rested on the lectern. “Beware.” Scratched in large letters and in small, in pencil and pen and paint of every conceivable color. Wherever the eye rested one could see the words: “Beware, beware, Beware, Beware, beware, beware…”

Shocking. Irritating. Confusing. Fascinating. Terrifying. What were they supposed to beware of? It did not say. It just said “Beware.”

The first impulse of the people was to wipe out every trace of this defilement, this sacrilege. They were restrained from doing this only by the thought that it was Jesus himself who had done this deed. Now that mysterious word “Beware” began to sink into the minds of the people each time they came to church.

They began to beware of the Scriptures, so they were able to profit from the Scriptures without falling into bigotry. They began to beware of sacraments, so they were sanctified without becoming superstitious. The priest began to beware of his power over the people, so he was able to help without controlling.

And everybody began to beware of religion which leads the unwary to self-righteousness. They became law-abiding, yet compassionate to the weak. They began to beware of prayer, so it no longer stopped them from becoming self-reliant. They even began to beware of their notions of God so they were able to recognize him outside the narrow confines of their church.

They have now inscribed the shocking word over the entrance of their church and as you drive past at night you can see it blazing above the church in multicolored neon lights

Comment by Paul,02/06/2006: I think this story relates to all religions. It reminds me of the words of the Buddha:
“Rely not on the teacher/person, but on the teaching. Rely not on the words of the teaching, but on the spirit of the words.
Rely not on theory, but on experience. Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. Do not believe anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything because it is written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

May we all continue to BEWARE…

September 5 at 4:12am

Marco Mendoza ?@Mrs. Jeanette Pasibe Moore,Abraham O. Marqueses, for me religion is the making of man some easily manipulated by its leaders especially those existed thousands of years ago e.g. pharisees in the biblical times is represented by the ruling religion in our country. My above post is somewhat intriguing since the story came from a Jesuit priest Mello that was “excommunicated for speaking the truth about the catholic church, a break-away priest. But what intrigues me is that the website of “Church of the Churchless”, if you are without church then you are without God. ., If you are free from religion and follows the teaching of Jesus…you are of God. Though the story sends the strong message of caution “BEWARE”, the author remains lost since he is churchless. Now comes the word “CHURCH”.

September 5 at 5:28am

Jimson Echave All I can say is this… Christianity is not a principle, not a church membership, and not the observance of religious ceremonies and respect to priests but it is indeed a RELATIONSHIP with our LORD… Christianity is Relationship….

September 5 at 9:00pm ·

Jeanette Pasibe Moore ?Marco, thanks for sharing that. I enjoyed reading it! Although that last statement, “the author remains lost since he is churchless”, seems to be the antithesis of the message within the story. I suppose it depends on how you perceive ‘CHURCH’?

September 5 at 9:18pm

Marco Mendoza Agree, and I won’t elaborate on that, how about the stand of Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco, how do we see her strong stand for the RH bill?

September 5 at 9:24pm · Like

Jeanette Pasibe Moore Thanks again Marco for the tip on the writings of Fr. De Mello. I am now bookmarking some of his books on Amazon for future reading. I am also perusing his website. Very interesting reading indeed! Thanks, ading 🙂

September 5 at 9:28pm · Like

Jeanette Pasibe Moore As for madam Kimi’s stand on the RH Bill I am in total agreement with her support of the bill. I thought it was rather courageous of her to come outright against the church with her statements. I hear she has also been receiving harassment because of her stance.

September 5 at 9:30pm

Marco Mendoza I say she has the balls(pardon for the word)…for the other congressmen who invented this so called eleventh commandment, this is a test of their political influence,”karamihan kasi nasanay na lang sumipsip at suhulan ang mga pari at iba pang chuch leaders para kumuha ng boto instead of reaching out to people….tamad at duwag lang talaga sila dahilal nasanay na sila sa “shortcuts”. Ngayon masusubok ito dahil hindi na nag-aagree sa doktrina ng mga taong dati’y may kinalaman sa pagluklok sa kanila.”

September 5 at 9:40pm ·

Abraham O. Marqueses Let’s here the other side (anti RH bill), please check this link: Palma to devotees: Oppose RH bill

September 5 at 11:30pm · Like ·

Abraham O. Marqueses And Mr. Conrado de Quiros of Inquirer said: Mother of God | Inquirer Opinion

September 7 at 1:19am · Like ·

Philip Aguinaldo de Ocampo binasak daytoy link ni Mr. de quiros ket talaga nga nagmayat ti panaka explikar na piman klaro, da best, di kuwan naiturongak kadagidiay kumentaryo iti dayta nga artikulo ket apo nagmamayat met manen ta ag debate dagitay pastor ken papadi ken isu la amenen nga mayat mangted ti interpretasyon da.. ngem daytoy ti banag kuma nga ikunsidera da ” naragsak ka ngata nga akas nagannak no makiitam dagiti annak mo nga mabisbisinan, agnanaid ti pagtaengan nga sako laeng ti atep na”. Gapo dayta umonamonak nga daytoy linteg ket kasapulan para ti pagsayaatan ti pagilyan.. In favor of the RH bill apo…

kasla ketdi napanak naki gimong no basbasaek dagitay reaction da ken de Quiros..

September 7 at 5:47pm · Like · 1 person

Jeanette Pasibe Moore Thanks for the links, Abe! I try to open my mind to the opposing argument but I just have a difficult time doing it. I agree with Philip, the second article from Mr. Quiros is much more interesting and good fodder for debate.

September 9 at 2:00pm · Like · 1 person

LeopoldoRoy El-Ar Barrit : Misunderstanding Separation of Church and State

September 9 at 4:36pm ·

Philip Aguinaldo de Ocampo mayat daytoy inkabel mo nga link Boss Leo , talaga agkakabanesbes ti reaction da, hehe.. dagdag kaalaman..

September 9 at 4:43pm · Like

Marco Mendoza I am Catholic so I deserve to know the real purpose of my religion, please click below link for what I found and tell me if I am being deceived or not, the catholic church can excommunicate me anytime for doing investigative researches, and I have lots of it, RC priests demonizes those who do not agree with their doctrines, now I am so obliged to find out who are the “real demons” are. The Truth about the Roman Catholic Church at

The secret behind the false tradition of apostolic succession that every traditional Catholic needs to know.

September 10 at 4:59am · Like ·

Marco Mendoza From above link: “Are we supposed to believe that it’s all just about ROMAN GREED and PAPAL AMBITIONS, or better yet, the Lucifer is God and the Romans were actually on the right side of their war against the Gnostics and Christians?” If this is true then our church is being governed by the influence of the Romans NOT God, no wonder their influence are being extended beyond their boundaries which includes involvements in politics and government affairs. Our direct relationship with Jesus Christ is even blocked by their teachings that Mary is the first bureaucratic way to Jesus which is unbiblical.

September 10 at 6:11am · Like

Marco Mendoza This is the study of the Book of Revelation chapter. The Apostle John’s vision on the island of Patmos in 96AD. The bible identifies the Roman Catholic Church as the harlot and Mystery. Babylon Revelation 17 Whore Babylon Antichrist – Part 1

September 11 at 5:35am · Like ·

Victor Aquino kailian, inya aya daytoy RH bill? mabalin kadi nga i explain ti points of argument ti maysa ken maysa tatno matarusan mi met. thanks.

September 11 at 6:01am · Like

Abraham O. Marqueses: see Reproductive health bill: Facts, fallacies

Abraham O. Marqueses For the Anti-RH bill argument New CBCP Pastoral Letter versus the RH bill

(A Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines)

What are your thoughts about this bill? You may leave your comments below or join the group discussion on facebook!


Pangasinan Positions Itself as Investment Destination

Select dept heads, staff and representatives of SP members, BM Von Mark Mendoza, VG Ferdie Calimlim listen as Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) officials brief Pangasinan Officials. Positioning Pangasinan as the preferred investment destination.


‘Transform tourist spots into world class attractions’ -Gov Espino to Architects

by Amado Totaan Espino Jr on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 9:31pm

LINGAYEN–-Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. has urged members of the United Architects of the Philippines Pangasinan-Dagupan Chapter (UAP-PDC) to take an active role in developing the cultural and economic potentials of Pangasinan.

Speaking before the UAP members at their 37th induction and turn-over ceremonies last July 29 at the Star Plaza Hotel in Dagupan City, Gov. Espino asked the UAP-PDC to build livable communities for Pangasinan’s fast growing population, transform tourist spots into world-class attractions and develop the province’s economic zones and industrial estates into attractive investment locations and generators of worthwhile economic activities and employment opportunities for Pangasinenses.

Gov. Espino said the provincial government has remained focused on exerting best efforts to deliver the best possible service to the people as he said that “we are inspired to keep going because there are organizations such as the UAP that are ready and willing to go with us all the way.”

“Excellence is crucial factor for survival in this global village,” the governor said citing with pride the various achievements gained by the provincial government that made Pangasinan an acknowledged regional leader in the local governance following the receipt of awards as top winner in the recently concluded competitions launched by the Regional Development Council where Pangasinan emerged winner in 7 out of categories in local governance.

Towards this end, Gov. Espino thanked the architects for their loyalty and continuing support to the common vision of making Pangasinan as the “best place to invest, work, live and raise a family” even as he stressed the important role of the UAP in the collective effort to pursue the present administration’s proclaimed mission to make Pangasinan number one.

 “It is such a relief that in the midst of the overwhelming demands for coping with this fast-paced, highly competitive world, you have managed to make room for service as the basic orientation of architecture,” the governor said.

As this developed, Gov. Espino reiterated his call to the UAP-PDC to continue to find creative ways and means to help transform and maintain Pangasinan as the best place to invest, work, live, and raise a family.

“Indeed, everyone including the UAP, has a unique role to play and can contribute significantly in this tedious task to develop and realize our collective dreams and aspirations for our province,” the governor said.

As he congratulated the newly elected officers of the UAP led by Joel F. Santos as new chapter president, Gov. Espino left the architects with a challenge as he said, “just remember that if you do not become the best performing chapter of the UAP, you will be guilty of dragging the entire province down with you. For if you do not become number one, then Pangasinan will not become number one.” (PIO/ Angeline D. Villanueva)

SOURCE: Facebook page of Gov. Espino


Sisonians with A Passion for Politics

This article was published in the Manila Bulletin this week and it offers another interesting peek into Sison’s power couple. If you have no access to the paper, here is the printed text from the website:


A Passion for Politics The Better Half
MANILA, Philippines – January 16, 2011, 12:52am

Once upon a time, in the verdant plains of Dagupan, Pangasinan, there lived a simple and charming maiden named Maria Carmen “Kimi” Schulze.

The granddaughter of the owners of the Pangasinan Transportation Company (PANTRANCO) who originally hailed from Ilocos region, the beautiful maiden usually spent her vacations in the province. Although she would only have a passing stay, she had already fallen in love with the simplicity and rusticity of the place.

Meanwhile, in the distant countryside of Sison, a naughty young man, named Marcos Bruno “Mark” Cojuangco, was having fun with his friends. They would go hiking in the rolling hills, swimming in the pond, and playing in the grassy area.

The son of prominent business tycoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Mark just loved to spend his free time in Sison. There was even a time when a helicopter had to fetch him and bring him to school because he had overspent his weekend in the province and was already late for his first class.

Continue reading

Cojuangcos Continue Advocacy of BNPP Nuclear Power Plant

Former Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco was a strong advocate for the revitalization of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) during his term as 5th District Representative of Pangasinan. He authored and sponsored the bill to recommission the BNPP which unfortunately failed to be ratified in the senate before the end of his term.

The present representative of the 5th District, Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco, picks up where he left off by now proposing a new bill to validate the feasibility of getting the BNPP in operation. Whereas congressman Mark proposed immediate recommissioning and operation of the plant, the lady representative is taking a more cautious approach by first seeking validation before the plant is put into operation.

Under the new Cojuangco bill, proposed by Congresswoman Kimi, a review of the original plans and specifications will be assessed through international standards. If BNPP is found to be safe and operation to be feasible, then rehabilitation of the plant will commence. If, however, BNPP is found to be unsafe and unfit for operation, then it is proposed that the government should stop wasting resources on this plant that has been labeled as the largest white elephant in the country.

This initiative is the main topic during a recent interview on the talk show Future Perfect where she and Dr. Carlos Arcilla, a geologist, were interviewed by the show’s host, Tony Velasquez.

Future Perfect is a new talk show that just debuted this year. One of its goals, besides it’s main one which is to highlight technology and how it can benefit the country, is to also show how politics has “derailed a number of potentially good technology projects in the country.”

The national broadband network project and the nuclear power plant in Bataan, according to Velasquez, are just some of our government’s failures in implementing technology-enabled projects that could have brought about some tremendous benefits to those who live on these islands. Technology is very profitable merchandise, it seems. And combined with the “un-moderated greed” on the part of some government officials and businessmen, it can be a most conducive incubator, or breeding ground, for “high-technology” mischief. (source:

The following videos are of that conversation.

Introduction of the House Bill No. 4631 for the recommissioning and operation of BNPP
Analysis of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
Congressman Cojuangco Melts Down

Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco briefly touches on the reasons why nuclear power could be beneficial for the Philippines.
Complete text of her speech at the Nuclear Power Forum Philippines which was held on December 10-11, 2010.

Does Corruption Start as Early as the SK Level?

“Tomorrow (Monday), thousands of potential youth leaders will be elected SK chairs in their respective barangay. They will be the next generation of leaders in the country.

But who among them can survive the jungle?”

This article: So Young, So corrupt, was published on today just a day before barangay elections. It claims that corruption starts at the lowest level of the political hierarchy, the barangay youth council, Saguniang Kabataan (SK). It is an unfortunate situation since the SK holds such a great potential and promise for young people to get their feet wet in the world of politics. The hope is for these young people to initiate changes that will break the ‘mold’. It seems that some are, instead, getting indoctrinated into the old ways of doing business in politics. The Youth Council is not a group to be taken for granted because of their youth. They have the promise of becoming a part of the old system or initiating changes to reform the old ways. Something to keep in mind as voters cast their ballots on Monday.


Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:53:00 10/23/2010

ALONG the dusty streets of one barangay (village) in Pangasinan stand 24 shiny new streetlights. Inscribed on the poles are the words “Project of the Sangguniang Kabataan.”

The erection of the streetlights cost the youth council P120,000. Twelve percent of the total cost was pocketed by Santino (not his real name), an SK chair, as “reward” from the supplier. Santino describes this as a “standard operation procedure” or “SOP” in the barangay.

“Of course the barangay chair knows this. In fact, we even split the money,” Santino said.

He said the requested budget for the project would not have been released without the approval of the barangay chair who, incidentally, is his uncle.

The “SOP” is often exclusive to three major players: the supplier, the SK chair and the barangay chair.

Read the full text of the article here: