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Sagunto’s BAGO Youth Organize Summer League

The letter below is a request from the BAGO Youth Organization of Sagunto. They are requesting your sponsorship for the summer sports festival which already commenced on April 25, 2011. The festival will be held all summer long and your donations are accepted until the second week in May. Donations may be sent to any of the officials listed on the letter.

Proceeds from the games will benefit the needs of the Bago Youth Organization of Sagunto.

Connect with the Bago Youth Organization through their facebook page, BAGO SAGUNTO.

BAGO Youth Organization
Sagunto Chapter
Sagunto, Sison, Pangasinan
2434 Philippines



The BAGO Youth Organization will be hosting a tournament for basketball from April 22, 2011 until its duration at Sagunto Plaza. The aim of this tournament is to uphold the value of sportsmanship as a sign of respect to each of the youth. Likewise, this is also organize to make the youth physically and mentally fit. Moreover, this tournament is made organize to encourage the other Barangays to built a strong organization for the the BAGO Tribe to uplift its culture in the Philippines.

In line with this, we are inviting requesting for your financial support to make this event successful. Your presence in supporting this event is very much appreciated.

For other information, feel free to contact the BAGO Sagunto on facebook.

Thank you very much for your kindness and your undying support.

Yours truly,

Jwun B. Mangante
BYO President

Micah Fe M. Wagayen
SK Chairman

Amir C. Malqued
BNCSPI President

Joel Juio
Barangay Chairman

Sagunto T-Shirts to Benefit Students & Farmers

These t-shirts, sponsored by Emz Benosa Homma and created by the team of Edil Bliss & Albert, are being sold to benefit the Students & Tomato Farmers in Sagunto. According to Emily,

This is equivalent to two 100-peso help to 2 HS students, and 3 seedlings subsidy to 2 of the 9 farmers. This looks like the Food Bank system where your purchase matches a particular help to the needy. The more you purchase, the more you help. Arigatou Gozaimasu!

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Sagunto Basketball Competition Sponsored by the Bago Council

The letter below was submitted by the Bago President, Amir Malqued.

Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines Incorporated

Sagunto Chapter

Greetings Katribuan!

The Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines, Incorporated (BNCSPI) is a national organization for which the members belong to the Bago tribe. AS we are all aware, the Bago tribe is not widely recognized as well as the other tribes like the Kankanaey & the Ibaloys.

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