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Philippines Breaks Tree Planting Record

tree planting
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Illegal logging is more than likely the culprit that put the Philippines on the list of 10 Most Threatened Forests in the World by the non-profit organization, Conservation International. However, with the tree planting record set last Wednesday, February 25th, the Philippines may be on the right track to regain some footing towards recovering from the ignominious distinction.

7,000 Filipinos set a world record in Camarines Sur by simultaneously planting 64,096 trees in 15 minutes, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. The mass planting is part of a government funded reforestation program.

Vote Green

It is election time again in the Philippines. As you ponder who to vote for, you might consider these ‘commandments’ found on the Alyansa Tigil-Mina website:

to Guide Voters in choosing Green Candidates

1. Thou shall not vote for candidates using 4Gs to win: Guns, Goons, Gold, Garbage. Vote for candidates who stand for the essential Ms in the genuine exercise of the right of suffrage: Malinis, Maayos, Matipid, Mapanindigan, Marangal, Mapayapa, Makatao, Maka-Kalikasan, Maka-Diyos. Support candidates known for their simple, pro-people and ecological lifestyle.

2. Thou shall not support candidates who nail, strap or plaster campaign materials on defenseless trees and other restricted sites. Vote for candidates who plant and love trees, use the least amount of campaign materials and abide by the campaign rules.

3. Thou shall not pick candidates who use smoke-belching vehicles that contribute to worsening air quality. Go for candidates on bicycles rather than those who come in a convoy of cars. Vote for those who use fewer vehicles in motorcades to reduce fuel consumption and car emissions.

4. Thou shall not fall for candidates who make beautiful speeches about their love for the people and the environment, but fail to match their words with deeds. Does the candidate walk his/her talk? Check if she/he is engaged in any environmental advocacy or project, or has financial interest in any polluting or environmentally-destructive business. Vote for those who live by what they say.

5. Thou shall not select candidates who profess to protect the environment, but are mute on what they intend to do. Ask thy candidates, point blank, how they intend to serve the interest of the environment. Vote for those who will work earnestly to heal and protect the environment.

6. Thou shall not choose candidates who are hooked to the outmoded “hakot-tambak-sunog” and fail to shut down illegal dumps. Vote for those who segregate their discards at home and in the work place and support ecological, low-cost and community-driven alternatives to dumps, landfills and incinerators.

7. Thou shall not vote candidates who ignore the health, environment, socio-economic and human rights concerns against “sanitary” landfills, “waste-to-energy,” dams and similar infrastructure plans. Vote for candidates who will assert the people’s sovereign rights to a clean, safe and healthy environment. Go for candidates who will work for sustainable economy that will respond to people’s basic needs and not to the dictates of the World Bank and other international funding institutions.

8. Thou shall not elect candidates who want to build big dams and allow mining, logging and other extractive industries to rape our land and abuse human rights, especially the rights of our indigenous peoples. Vote for those who will take the cudgels for the human as well as non-human victims, such as trees, plants and wildlife, of environment-damaging human activities.

9. Thou shall not back candidates who will not take action against the health and safety threats of genetically modified crops and food products. Vote for candidates who will advance the people’s right to safe and healthy foods as well as food production systems that nurture the earth.

10. Thou shall not vote for candidates who refuse to acknowledge global warming. Vote for candidates who see the needs for preventive and precautionary actions to stop climate change. For instance, go for candidates who oppose new coal power projects and support community-owned utilities using renewable energy sources.

Developed and issued by the EcoWaste Coalition with inputs from the Add Up Youth Environment Group, Bangon Kalikakasan Movement, Concerned Citizens Against Pollution, Ecological Society of the Philippines, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Health Care Without Harm, Miriam PEACE, Mother Earth Foundation, Sagip Bukid and Mailet Diokno-Pascual.

Sagunto’s Eco-Friendly Micro-Business Contest

When I visited Sagunto last February, I was talking to an Uncle who lives in Manila and he was telling me how smart Filipinos are (no argument here) but lamented the fact the reknown and glory for the inventions of Filipinos are never widely known because most of the inventors sell their ideas to large companies rather than doing it themselves. He said, “Did you know that the hybrid car was a Filipino invention?” No, I didn’t. “Did you know that the flourescent light was invented by a Filipino?” No, I didn’t. And he went on and on about numerous other inventions that went to foreign manufacturers or companies that originated in the mind of a Filipino. So this Filipina’s mind started to spin (again) with ideas.

It’s better to help a man to fish than to give him the fish, right? We are an enterprising people. Just walk up and down Sagunto and you will see people in front of their makeshift booths selling anything from barbecue on a stick, to ice-candy to whatnots. Let’s not forget the door-to-door salespeople with baskets of fish, vegetables, pandesal, etc.; or the makers of beautiful handicrafts made from recycled paper, wood, seeds, shells. We have such talent in our little barrio. Let’s see if we can kick-it up a notch and make it fun for everyone.

The late U.S. President John F. Kennedy said during his inaugural speech in 1961, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” And to paraphrase that, I say to you: ask not what your barangay can do for you–ask what you can do for the barangay (and make some money, too). This contest is all about helping each other, helping the environment, and helping yourself be self-reliant. The rules are simple.


  1. The contest will be for anyone 16 years or older (younger applicants may join in with a partner 16 yrs. or older)to submit eco-friendly and sustainable (Ecologically acceptable; not harmful to or threatening the environment) micro-business ideas that you think will be profitable
  2. You need to write the idea in essay form (Not necessarily a formal business proposal but close to it will do)
  3. The “proposal” or business description needs to address WHAT the business is, HOW easily can you start it, WHAT would you need to start it, WHERE would you sell it(WHO is the customer) and HOW would this business help the Barangay (Does it involve the 3Rs of conservation: Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle or clean the sorrounding environments that would include Sagunto)?
  4. WHY do you think this idea is good for the environment (The 3Rs)?
  5. Applicant must be from Sagunto, Agat, Artacho, Macoco, Cauringan, Palina or close neighbors of Barangay Sagunto (within a ten mile radius)AND/OR children of someone originally from Sagunto and still have blood relations in Sagunto.

  6. The submissions must be received (via Word document and emailed to: by October 30th, 2007.

The prizes are as follows: The first prize will win P3000 pesos and will be featured in our blog. Second Prize is P2000 pesos, and third P1000. There will be 2 honorable mentions who will receive a consolation prize. All winners and honorable mentions will receive a certificate of recognition.

To help you think of the different things you can do, I’ll even attach a link to get some ideas to use: Good Luck and Let’s have some fun!


To participate in one of our contests you must be 16 years of age or older, or under adult supervision, and in conformance with all law, rules and regulations that may pertain to your state (be informed of all your state laws). Our contests are subject to the official rules set forth on this website by which all entrants are bound. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. Upon winning the contest, the winners will be announced on this website and cash prizes awarded at a special ceremony to be held in the barangay hall (December 30th 2007). Please note that by completing and submitting your name as an entrant to any of our contests you will be agreeing to abide by the official rules and regulations of our contests. You further agree that all information can and will be published on the close of the contests including the name you provided. Addresses, phone numbers, and emails will not be published without the further consent of the contestant. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A CONTEST MORE THAN ONCE UNDER ONE NAME. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER OR ENTER OUR CONTESTS IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO OR ABIDE BY any of our above stipulations. This contest is not officially sponsored by the Sagunto Barangay. The Images of Sagunto is a separate entity from the official Sagunto Barangay website and Images is solely responsible for the contest rules and regulations and cash prize awards. This announcement may be reproduced, copied and distributed.