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Thanks from The Bago Tribe Sagunto Chapter

Allow us to express our fullest and sincerest thanks to you our donors and supporters in making this affair truly remarkable and successful.

The Bago Tribe Sagunto Chapter (BNCSPI) will always cherish your grand participation and ever lasting cooperation that incalculated in the midst of our hearts forever…

God bless and thank you very much…


We the BAGO NATIONAL CULTURAL SOCIETY of the PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED ( SAGUNTO CHAPTER ) Are extending our warmest greeting for the new year, and with heartfelt gratitude, we reiterate our sincerest thanks to our sponsors and donors for their help and support for the Bago Inter-color Tournament and Women’s Invitational Tournament


Eleno Annaguey

Municipal Councilors

Chuck Dapiaoen

Diosdado Quilaman

Mr & Mrs Joefrey Cabras

Phoebe Hollingsworth

Greg Quilaman

Dr. Ben Balinao

Mrs Irene Florendo
(Sagunto Assoc. of USA)

Mr & Mrs Edwin Gaudiano

(Sagunto Friendship Assoc. of London)

Felimon Castillo

Priscila Oblero

Ferdinand Solano

Janet Oblero Castillo

Cendana’s Store

Merelina Barillo

Mr & Mrs Roger Loyola
–donated uniform for the

Kenneth Whitear

Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Palit-ang (bago tribe)

Special thanks to SAGUNTO UNITED KINGDOM ASSOCIATION (SUKA) for their support. Henry Palit-ang – chairman and Amy Deadman-president.

For this we salute every one of you and may the lord shower his blessing to every one of us.



(Bago Tribe Sagunto Chapter)

Sagunto Basketball Competition Sponsored by the Bago Council

The letter below was submitted by the Bago President, Amir Malqued.

Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines Incorporated

Sagunto Chapter

Greetings Katribuan!

The Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines, Incorporated (BNCSPI) is a national organization for which the members belong to the Bago tribe. AS we are all aware, the Bago tribe is not widely recognized as well as the other tribes like the Kankanaey & the Ibaloys.

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Ilocos Sur to hold “Begnas Ilocos 2008”

This newspaper article was shared with us by our Bago Youth Coordinator, Edil Bliss, who invites all bagos to join in this event in celebration of our bago culture.

VIGAN CITY, Sept. 17 (PNA)– Ilocos Sur Governor Deogracias Victor Savellano initiated the holding of the first ever “Begnas Ilocos 2008”, a unique festival showcasing the cultural heritage of the indigenous people from the upland towns and some lowland towns of the province.
Members of the organizing committees headed by Provincial Board Member Robert Tudayan are now busy preparing the different events highlighting the “Begnas Ilocos 2008” that seeks to promote the identity, cultural heritage, costumes and traditions of the indigenous peoples in the province.
The name of the festival was derived from the word “begnas”, which means thanksgiving or offering rituals.
The unique festival is set on October 28 to 30 in Candon City to coincide with the anniversary on the approval of the Republic Act 8371, otherwise known as Indigenous People Rights Act (IPRA) Law on October 29, 1997.
“The provincial government has been recognizing the capability of different existing tribal groups of indigenous people in the province. We come up with this festivity to provide our brothers and sisters from the cultural minority with a liberating and an empowering force for unified and massive economic development,” Savellano said.
Through the “Begnas Festival,” the province can develop an eco-cultural tourism program that would encourage the people to be aware of their eco-habitat and protect, preserve the province’ rice natural resources and cultural heritage.
Among the important events during the three-day festival are contests on musical ensemble, choral competition and games; beauty pageant; and the best design in “trade fair booth.
Some of the listed games are the bamboo climbing, “ginnuyudan” (pulling contest), “kadang-kadang” (walking contest using bamboo trunks), sanggol (arm wrestling) and sanggol ti saka (leg wrestling).
“I am encouraging our constituents from the upland towns and other places in the lowland areas to concentrate on developing their indigenous products for sale during the trade fair,” the governor said.
Tudayan, the head of the organizing committees of the festival, assured an exciting and attractive festival of the indigenous people to be watched by the general public.
“We had already conducted series of meeting with the elders of different tribes and local officials of the province to discuss pertinent matters regarding issues and concerns for the betterment of the featured events during the three-day “Begnas Festival,” Tudayan said.
According to Tudayan, the existing tribes of indigenous people in the province are the “Bagos”, the Itnegs and the Tingguians.
Members of the Bago tribe are children produced from the inter-marriage of a pure indigenous person to pure Ilokano or other races.
Tudayan disclosed that the participants will be come from the 14 uplands and some lowlands towns in the province such as Quirino, Cervantes, Sugpon, Alilem, Del Pilar, Sigay, San Emilio, Suyo, Tagudin, Banayoyo, Lidlidda, Burgos, Nagbukel, Narvacan, Salcedo, Galimuyod, Sta. Lucia, Candon City, Sta. Cruz, San Juan , Cabugao, Magsingal and Sto. Domingo.(PNA)

Albert & Edil Buaquen to Head Bago Youth Council

The husband and wife team Edil Bliss Castillo and Albert Buaquen have been appointed as Bago Youth Coordinators. Their appointment was announced at the Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines meeting in Pugo, La Union last May. During the meeting, it was also planned that the 4th Bago Congress will be held in Bagabag Vizcaya next April 2009.

The photos below were taken during the meeting in Pugo last May (courtesy of Edil):

Edil and Albert are organizing the Bago youth to create a website in order to inform all Bagos in the Philippines and abroad of the activities and projects of the Bago youth and the tribe as a whole. Among many upcoming projects where the Bago youth will be involved is the first Begnas Ilocos on October 28 to be held in Candon, Ilocos Sur. It will be a grand, three day affair spearheaded by the Bagos and everyone is invited. More importantly, all Bago youth are invited to get involved in the organization. There are plenty of projects in the works and every helping hand will be welcomed.

If you would like to get involved and join the Bago Youth, contact the coordinators at the address below:
Edil Bliss Castillo
Albert Buaquen
#23 Lower Engineer’s Hill
Baguio City
2600 Philippines

CP number 09195115027
304 2645

or email: edilbliss @

The Bago as Discussed by BNCSPI President

This is a video message of the President of the Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines Inc. (BNCSPI), Geoffrey S. Tilan, Ph.D Engr. Orlando Balloguing who, according to Irene Culbengan (see correction in comments section of this post), is also the ex-mayor of Pugo, La Union. On the video below, Engr. Balloguing mentions that he is from Saitan. In addition, he talks about how bagos have been discriminated upon and discusses his personal experiences and plans to promote the Bago traditions and heritage.

Engr. Orlando Balloguing
President & Chairman of the Board
c/o NCIP Regional Office I Martinez Bldg., Quezon Ave., City of San Fernando, La Union

The Regional Director of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) – Region I is Director Hover M. Ciriaco, Jr. from G. del Pilar, Ilocos Sur.

Visit Bill Bilig’s website, From the Boondocks for a video of kids and women dancing the “Poggapog” dance to the tune of Lourdes Gomeyac Fangki’s Ili Mi’d Kaigorotan.