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Rolly Benosa: Cherry Tomato Grower in Sagunto

ROLLY BENOSA: Cherry Tomato Grower

Sagunto’s Rolly Benosa was featured in a Manila Bulletin article by Zac B. Sarian in an iterview during the Techno Forum and Agri-Kapihan at the Harbest Training Center in Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan earlier this year. Here is an excerpt from the article:

We interviewed Rolly Benosa in front of the jampacked audience. We wanted him to tell his experience in growing Cherry Tomato in his farm in Sison, Pangasinan. As we have earlier written in a previous column, Cherry Tomato is a profitable crop to grow in Taiwan.

Cherry Tomato is a little known crop in the Philippines. Not many farmers are planting this variety and it is not commonly served at home and in restaurants, except in a few upscale hotels. Rolly plants the Amber variety which is bright red like grapes. He sells his harvest at P80 per kilo even if the ordinary tomato variety is selling at only P30 or P40 per kilo. Rolly says that the price can even go up to more than a hundred pesos per kilo, especially when it is retailed.

While Rolly says that it is profitable to grow Cherry Tomato, he cautions that before one gets into this business, he should study very well the cultural requirements of this kind of tomato. Cherry tomato, he said, was introduced to him by Harbest Agribusiness which distributes Known-You seeds in the Philippines and conducts training for interested vegetable growers. Most Cherry Tomato varieties grow tall because they are indeterminate. So they have to be trellised.

Rolly emphasizes that different varieties have different adaptability as to the season of planting. So one has to be familiar with the right time of planting for every variety. Rolly advised the attendees to attend every available seminar and training on vegetable production because there are always new things to be learned. He has already attended three training sessions conducted by Harbest Agribusiness.

Rolly has been planting 500 square meters to Cherry Tomato but he is expected to expand the area because one of his buyers is said to be needing about 800 kilos per week. Actually, there are five of them in Sison who are planting Cherry Tomato today.

Aside from Cherry Tomato, Rolly grows Japanese cucumber. This is a variety with long slender fruits. He sells his harvest to a buyer in Baguio. This cucumber is well liked by Japanese and Korean buyers who make them into pickles that they serve in their restaurants.

Visit Rolly Benosa’s website for more information about ordering these beautiful cherry tomatoes. Or if you’re in Sagunto, drop by at his farm!

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S&P: Red Lady Papayas


From: Nelson Nieto

I’m nelson nieto of artacho, ask lang po ako, saan po ba ako pwede
bumili ng red lady papaya seed or seedling? Magkano po ba ito

thank you so much

Hi Nelson, si puntahan mo si Mr. Raymond Balinao dyan din sa Artacho. Sya ang nagbebenta ng seedlings ng red lady papaya.

Mr. Raymond Balinao in Artacho is selling seedlings for red lady papayas.

Artacho Launches Pangkabuhayan Project

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Pangasinan
Municipality of Sison


 January 21, 2011

Subject: Pangkabuhayan Project: “BACKYARD GARDENING”


Barangay Artacho residents generate their income chiefly on house rentals, construction jobs, professional/non-professional employments, and small scale businesses. However, a few are indulged to agriculture.

A large amount of their present earnings is expended on food consumption that with the price hike that strikes uncontrollably and predominantly affecting mostly the basic commodities like vegetables and other market goods, other family priority needs are often neglected. In a bid to curb this common crisis, we launched this Pangkabuhayan Project: “BACKYARD GARDENING”, to help improve the living condition of the populace. This helps eventually in producing fresh and organically grown vegetables into every table and simultaneously helps in the cleanliness drive that is initiated by the government.

To initiate the program, we have incorporated herein Implementing Guidelines, Program of Work, and Materials Needed.
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Zucchini Crop Among Casualty in Sison


Typhoon ‘Pepeng’ decimated most of the crops in Sagunto and Sison among them the experimental crop of zucchini that held so much promise to become Sison’s featured crop, the one produce that it is known for.

It is a fast growing and fast producing plant and hopefully the Sagunto Farmers and others in Sison can recover enough to brave another planting.

In August, Mayor Kimi also launched a new program, Gulayan sa Bakuran, to encourage citizens of Sagunto to cultivate their own backyard garden in order to provide not only a healthy, organic supplement to their tables but also maybe an added income to their pockets. According to the article, “The Municipal Agriculture Office will be providing the organic fertilizers, and seeds to be planted, so all the barangay heads were instructed to require their barangay councilors to entice all their constituents to join, and conduct a roof count in their respective puroks. ” A competition was to be an incentive for this program.

Hopefully, as everyone rebuilds from the damage incurred by the typhoons, they will also keep in mind continuing these worthwhile projects.
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Sagunto Farmers in Action

As mentioned earlier, the Sagunto farmers were tapped to be the first to receive the 2.5 million project assistance loan from the Sison Municipal Agricultural Office (MAO). The photos below, submitted by Rolly Benosa shows how far ahead the Sagunto farmers have gotten with this project already. They are well on their way to becoming the source for cherry tomatoes in the region.
sagunto farmers in action... Sagunto farmers
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