The grateful children of Pilawan School

SFAL Project – Pilawan Elementary School

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt (Second Inaugural Address, 1937)

The Sagunto Friendship Association London (SFAL) designated the children of Pilawan Elementary School the beneficiary of their gift giving during the 2012 Balikbayan Homecoming. While the organizers of the homecoming had designated charitable activities in addition to the celebrations, the SFAL group performed and sponsored additional events such as this building project and a Christmas party.

The SFAL officers asked the two teachers at Pilawan Elementary School what their most pressing need was and were told that a sink where the kids can wash up and get a clean drink of water would be most beneficial.

SFAL was more than happy to grant their request and literally rolled up their sleeves to help out.

Image source: facebook profile of SFAL president, Raul Digay, with his permission.

2 thoughts on “SFAL Project – Pilawan Elementary School

  1. philip

    Unay ket nga pintas nan dayta in project yo apo SFAL nagsayaat la unay sileng na diay lababo, pulido panaka aramid na urayak la masisirap pintas na.. winarsikam met laeng ti dara ti native nga manok dayta apo nalaglagda kano no kasdiay..hehe

  2. Judee

    Kinararaganen ni apo mambunong a panglakayenda diay bantay. Inimbitaanda pay kano diay “white Lady” nga agindeg idiay dakkel a Balite igid ti dalan he he he! Matago tago tako am-in.


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