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Medical Outreach Update

The following is an update from SAUSA president, Eleno Q. Annaguey, Jr., regarding the planning of the medical outreach scheduled during the balikbayan homecoming in December.

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        2012 Sagunto Balikbayan Grand Homecoming

Medical Outreach

   January 3-4 2012


During my vacation to the Philippines last May, I met with our Honorable Mayor Mina Joy Pangasinan to let her know of our intention to hold a medical outreach in Sagunto as part of our Grand Homecoming activities.  It was an informal meeting to ask for her permission for such an event to be held.

I also asked her for the help of our municipality’s medical personnel, and the possible use of the municipal ambulance.  She gave me a positive response and told me to extend her thanks to the association’s membership for planning and sponsoring the medical mission. The Honorable Mayor asked me the scope of the mission and whether it was just for Sagunto or we are including the neighboring barangays.  I responded that at that time and because of limited resources, the plan is only for a medical check-up, eyeglass giveaway, and health education/seminars for Sagunto and its sitios. 

Since my meeting with the mayor, I have added members to the medical outreach committee and talked with the association’s membership.  We have also started asking for voluntary donations for the medical outreach from our kabarangayans abroad and all friends of Sagunto.  At this time our planning effort is geared to expanding the original intent (services and area to be served) of the medical outreach.  I still need to send to our Honorable Mayor a letter of intent and the scope of the project.

 I have requested Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Carvilyn dela Cruz to be members of the committee. As most of us know, Eddie and Carvilyn have done previous medical missions.  They have already informed me that contacts and arrangements for medical doctors were already made.  I just need to follow up when I go back home.

 Our medical committee coordinator, Mrs. Zenaida Velasco, during her vacation to the Philippines last May, has also made arrangements for discounted prices on medicines if we need to purchase medicines.  

 Mrs. Marlene Dapiaoen-Puente  is currently coordinating through her contacts the procurement of medicines and other materials needed.

 Mrs. Emily Benosa-Homma is coordinating the eyeglass giveaway as she has always done in the past when she goes home.  We need donations of new or used eyeglasses.

 Here are the members of the hard-at-work medical outreach committee:

                Mr. Alfonso Sipus            –             Chair

                Mrs. Zenaida Velasco     –              Overall Coordinator

                Mrs. Gladys Sipus-Basabas

                Mrs. Marlene Dapiaoen-Puente

                Mrs. Emily Benosa-Homma

                Mr. and Mrs. Ed & Carvilyn dela Cruz     

Download a copy of this letter: 2012 Reunion Medical Outreach – Update

6 thoughts on “Medical Outreach Update

  1. maribeth esteban

    count me in too mng. i can help just email mi if i can do anything in the preparation and on the day of the medical mission

  2. Judee

    Maragsakanak met a mangipaka-ammo nga ti asosasyon (SFAL) ket mangi-donar ti £100.00 pounds para ti Medical outreach ken adda met sangapulo nga used glasses nga ited minto ken Emily para maited kadagiti agkasapulan diay Baryo tayo.


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