Days Like This – Sagunto Fiesta 1990

As the Sagunto Association USA plans for this year’s second grand reunion in December 2012, let us look back at past festivities with these three videos shared by SAUSA president, Mr. Eleno Annaguey. Enjoy!

1990 Sagunto Fiesta Men’s Basketball Game

1990 Sagunto Fiesta – Basketball Team Presentation and Awards Program

1990 Sagunto Fiesta Ladies Basketball – Mothers vs Ladies.

One thought on “Days Like This – Sagunto Fiesta 1990

  1. emily

    I tell you, these rojita tomatoes , the reddish-pinkish oblong ones are the tastiest I have ever eaten. No need for any dressing. They are like apples that don`t need any sugar, icing, etc. to be loved and craved for…In one sitting, I finished 1 kilo of this rojita variety, just like the way I eat lanzones…walang tayuan, haha. Hope they can send to Japan too.


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