2011 Sisonian newsletter

2011 Sisonian Newsletter

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2010 Reunion Dinner Dance

Reunion 2010 was held in sunny San Diego, California. It was another successful and unforgettable occasion, thanks to all Sisonians who attended especially those from out of State.

Joyce Hilario Estolas  was crowned Miss Sisonian 2010.  She is the lovely daughter of Adriel and  Edith Estolas of San Diego. Thank you Edith and George (Adriel)  for all your hard work soliciting for the nice souvenir program. 

Magda Narciza won the Mrs. Sisonian 2010 crown. Magda is the lovely wife of Rogel Narciza of San Diego, mother of  Patty Narciza Cruz (Miss Sisonian 1997) and Gilbert, and grandmother to N.J. and Shawn Narciza and Justin and Kilana Cruz. 

The happy faces of Sisonians who came from different places made the Reunion even merrier and memorable. A big thank you to the San Diego Sisonians who hosted the 2010 reunion  picnic but most especially to Emilio and Aida Frijas who prepared the Kalding – a Sisonian delicacy.  As usual the food was delicious and plentiful.

A million thanks  to all Sisonians who attended, especially those who came from out of state and those from other countries. Without your presence the reunion would have not been  a reunion to remember. 

Reunion 2011 will be in Carson, California. The Dinner Dance will be on September 3rd and the Reunion Picnic will be on September 4th. We invite all Sisonians to attend and pass the word to those we miss to inform. Please mark your calendar so you won’t miss this very important occasion.  Remember this is  our chance to meet and see our kakailians — see how each of us are doing, exchange pleasantries, reminisce about the good old days in our beloved Sison, talk about other stuffs, etc. etc. The Reunion Dinner Dance on September 3, 2011 will be held at the Double Tree  Hotel on Carson Street near the Civic Center. Tickets are $50.00 for adults,  $25.00 for children (11 years and below). More detailed information  to follow.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for an unforgettable weekend. Let’s all  march to the great Sisonian Reunion 2011 in Carson, California come Labor Day weekend, September 3-4, 2011.

Medical Mission update

The Medical Misson held on December 4, 2010 and the Dental Mission held on December 5, 2010 was a success. Thanks to Nestor and Elvie Arranz who led the team and to the joint efforts of Sisonians, especially to Luis and Dr. Minda Lachica, who donated those beautiful T-Shirts that were worn by  the  volunteers and to  Greg and Tess Biason . Greg,  with his ever ready camera, kept everybody updated on facebook about the mission. To Ed and Amy Fernandez, and to our daring  Sisonian President Glo and hubby  Rob Baumgartner, who purposely  traveled to Sison to help our needy kakailians.  The success of the Medical/Dental Mission was made possible through the dedication and hard work of   Aida Frijas (who chaired the San Diego  campaign) and Magda Narciza and Beatriz Lachica and her sidekick Sisonian President, Glo Baumgartner in Carson. These two teams  worked hard  to raise funds to finance the Mission.  The Mission showed us how much our kakailians need medical and dental  care. The Mission is a noble gesture for all Sisonians abroad to share and give back to our needy kakailians in Sison.

Date to Remember
REUNION 2011 – Carson, California – Labor Day Weekend
September 3, 2011 – Reunion Dinner Dance
September 4, 2011 – Reunion Picnic

Rogelio Narciza who retired December 31, 2011 from PWC Naval Air Station, North Island, California.

To all Sison Central School alumni: Have you seen picture posted by Greg Biason on Facebook regarding the Gabaldon building? 

It desperately  needs a facelift and is pleading for your help….please think about it! More details to follow.

Our newsletter is for updates of what’s going on in our Sison Community  here, abroad and in Sison. Don’t be shy to share anything. Any news is good news, especially if it comes from you Sisonians. Call Evelyn at (858) 566-1357, please leave a message if the answering machine is on or send an email to


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