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Ti amin apo nga taga Sagunto nga ada jay London, sapay la kuma ta matulungan dakami mi,ngamin nagaply ni lakay ko jay London babaen ti enternet,ket adda nag email kinyana nga pamilya,maalangan ni lakay ko nga mangsungbat ta baka scam kanu. Sapay la kuma ta matulungan dakami. Salamat
Dahlia Quero
Baguio City

[TRANSLATION: To all Saguntonians in London, we hope that you can help us. My husband applied for a job via the internet and a family answered him by email. He is unsure whether he should answer because it may be a scam. Thank you.]

This question was posted on the Saguntonians post and received a couple of answers from Manong Judee and James. The following are their answers:


From Judee:
Dahlia – no agdawat ti kuarta nga dakkel – scam daytan. No intresado nga kunana ket isuna amin ti mangpasahe ket awan gastos ni lakay mo nga umay ditoy London wen mamatiak nga genuine. No agdawat kuarta scam nga sigurado daytan. Dimo ilako ta dagayo ken balay yo tapnon ited mo kaniana ti naglakuam ta luklukuen na kay laeng. Beware of too good to be true a kunada. Adu dagiti scam ditoy London tatta naggapu Nigeria, Belize ken naduma duma nga African countries. Canada laengen ti papananna a pagaplayan ta maalana pay pamilya na. Ditoy London narigaten malaksid no companya ti mangala ket adda specialty ni lakay mo a kas programmer, engineer, etc. pati nurse ditoyen ket insardeng dan ti agala. Kitaem diay internet dagiti open nga trabaho ditoy London. Adu dagiti studyante nga immay ditoy ket kakaasi da piman ta innem met la nga oras ti ited ti gobyerno nga trabaho kaniada ket pangalaan da ngay ngarud ti pagabang da ti balay, igatang ti masapul da ken paglete nga mapan agiskwela. Nag-ngina payen ti tuition fee. Awanen ditoy London saanen nga kasla idi ta nag-baliwen ti paniempo. Adu ngamin unayen ti umay ditoy nga aggapu ti Romania, Poland ken naduma duma nga European countries ta legal da metten nga umay ditoy nga sumrek ken agtrabaho. Uray ag-linis ti kubeta ken ag-punas ti ubet dagiti lallakay ken babbaket ket nagrigaten ti agsapul ta alaen metten dagiti kakadua nga foreigners. Ti Romanian ken Polish alaen dan uray 5.00 pounds per hour laeng ti bayad da. Ti Pilipino ket dina kayat masapul nga 10.00 pounds laeng he he he! Ket sapay koma ta nasungbatak dayta saludsud mo kabsat nga Dahlia. Judee

What manong Judee said in his answer above is to be wary of prospective employers who asks for a significant amount of money prior to your hiring. Most legitimate employers will pay for the expense of bringing you in as an employee.

James posted the following article regarding this recent illegal recruitment scam.

Pinoys warned against online job offers
By Pia Lee-Brago
(The Philippine Star) Updated January 19, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine embassy in London yesterday warned about a new illegal recruitment scam involving online job offers.

According to a report by the Philippine Nurses Association-United Kingdom (PNA-UK) to the embassy, the new recruitment scam involves online job offers sent by email to prospective victims, mostly nurses, who have previously submitted their resumes to public job search websites.

The supposed employer then sends the victim follow up emails containing a job offer, a contract of agreement with an attractive salary and benefits package, a certificate of employment, and a blank certificate of good moral character.

Upon submission of documentary requirements, a detailed procedure of sending processing fees through wire transfer is then sent to the victim.

The supposed employer’s solicitor usually identifies himself as a member of a prominent legal firm.

In some cases, the employer sends photographs of his family in the UK via email in an attempt to assure the applicant that the process is legitimate.

Once the applicant has paid the fees, the fraudulent employer and the solicitor terminate all contact with the victim.

This modus operandi is similar to other online scams earlier reported by the embassy involving job offers for nannies, hotel staff, store managers, salespersons and engineers.

The public is advised to always verify job offers in the UK with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

To everyone, feel free to add your own advice or testimonials in the comment section below.

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  1. virgie

    Ayna gagayyem ken kakailian a taga Canada, agikabil kay man met ditoy Sagunto Star ti pagtrabahuan dita uray address ti prospective employers wenno amo ta suratan mi bareng maka-abroad kami met ditoy ta saan kami la nga maipal-pal-id ditoy ig-igid apo. Dagita pagtrabahuan uray para taraken laeng ti lallakay ken babbaket (care giver job) uray aniadtan basta makaumay kami met dita Canada apo.


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