Congratulations, Sagunto RN’s

Congratulations to these beautiful young ladies who recently passed the November 2009 licensure examination for Nursing. Amity Grace Esteban Repollo, Cyril Fema Joy Eisma & Leodell Pascua were among the 37,527 graduates who passed the examination. That’s an amazing achievement considering there were 94,462 who attempted the test.

Amity Repollo Cyril Fema Joy Eisma Leodell Pascua

Amity is the granddaughter Sagunto’s barangay captain, Manuel Esteban, Sr. and daughter of Grace and Marcelo Repollo; Cyril Joy is the daughter of Rod & Eva Santillano Eisma and Leodell Pascua is the daughter of Leo & Delia Pascua. All are daughters of Sagunto. Congratulations to Sagunto’s newest nurses and their families. We are all proud of you!

11 thoughts on “Congratulations, Sagunto RN’s

  1. mbcgomez

    congratulations to these daughters of sagunto, specially to the parents with their endearing love, support, and sacrifices in order for these young ladies to achieve the career that they longed for.

  2. EMILY

    Congratulations to all new nurses and their parents and relatives! You are a new pride to your families! Thank you for doing your best and adding honor to your community. To the Estebans, Eismas, Pascuas, time to celebrate! Let us give thanks to the Lord!

    Nette, si Grace ba mother ni Amity?

    Mag handa kay ulit pag uwi namin…makahigop ng sinampalukang kalding, hehehe. yeheheyyy.

  3. Babot

    CONGRATULATIONS daughters of Sagunto ( Amity, Cyril & Leodell) and to all recent successful board examiners from Sison. Well done! We are very proud of your accomplishments and pray that you will continue on with more success in the future.

  4. VicPaz

    Hmm… kitam nga talaga ti tiempo nagbiit. Kaanu lang di ubba-ubbain daka nga pidil-pidilin ti ping-ping tata Ag colleague tan niece amity. TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS & GRACE! Congrats to all! Go… go… go… adu’t kasapulan nga nurses ditoy yanmi.

  5. evz

    Its an honor to greet the parents of Amity and Leodel together with the whole family…God’s intervention is really upon us and they did it. kunak no ni Kristy ni leodel idi 22 years old na hehehe…ania ngya Delia and Grace makapabang- ar one down.

    In behalf of my Family Quilaman Santillano-Eisma my thanks and appreciation to everybody who in one way or the other help to the success of my daughter Cyril. God Bless !

  6. EMILY

    jUsT trYinG the KiDzpeaK…Hirapz paLA magTYpe ng GaniToH. novoU coDING bAtohh? Muztasah RNs nateN ? Ang gLeNG GleNG den mga MuMMy Nioh! Der saCRI faiz Pd oFF.

    I think, the young generation is creating a new type of communication…the twit-fb-cfone speak.


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