Rest In Peace – Emma Castillo Espacio

We bid a beloved Aunt goodbye as she joined her maker on October 14, 2009. Emma Castillo Espacio was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and loved by many relatives and friends. Her laughter and her brilliant smile will be missed.

Photos courtesy of Edil Bliss Buaquen

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5 thoughts on “Rest In Peace – Emma Castillo Espacio

  1. Babot

    My heart ached to see Aunty Emma on the last days. Though I grieve for all the relatives who will surely miss the vibrant, smiling, loving Emma; I celebrate her memory and Thank our merciful God for ending the suffering she has had to endure.

    May those she has left behind be given the strenght to carry on as she would have wished them to in her absence. Sincere condolence to Junjun and his family, to all of Aunty’s siblings and loving relatives. I know Junjun sacrificed a lot to care for his mom. Rest in Peace Aunty and we’ll see each other again someday.

  2. EMILY

    Our sincere condolences to the Castillo, Estal and Espacio families. Junjun and your bother (pls. say his name again?), Mr. Espacio, we are with you in this time of bereavement.

    I still remember the conversations I had with Auntie in 2008. Several days spent with her trying to help her prepare and send documents for her Canada applications…Honestly, she still found Philippine life the best to live. Chats and giggles revealed her true sweet personality. They are still fresh and lingering. Her advice on family life, personal choices, preferences, dreams, stories and funny anecdotes…oh, her memories will remain. She said, she somewhat resembled their mother who passed away at a younger age (after Kelly’s birth). Again, I regret not to have recorded those stories of their childhood and early life in Sagunto. At least I had that chance to listen and laugh with her. Though short and sudden, those have great impact on my life too. She particularly wished good future for her two children and to her grandchildren. and wanted her husband succeed in his endeavors. She has rendered great sevice as midwife to our communities in Sison and La Union, and her work greatly appreciated that people around town thank you for being related to her and extend their gratitude to you too, as if you are the good woman, Emma…what a model woman to have given another great example for us all. She has earned the Castillo-Estal-Espacio families good honor, and therefore honor for our barrio as well.

    You were a wonderful aunt, Aunt Emma. You will always be a treasure in our heart.

    Benosa and Homma Families

  3. eva

    ti naimpusuan nga panakipagrikna ti napanawan ni Auntie Emma nga familia na sapay la koma ta maliwliwa kayo ken agtultuloy ti biag gapu ti tulong ti Apo a namarsua silallagip toy numo ti kinasaranta ken kinagaget na nga mapan tumulong kadagidiay makasapul ti uray ania nga ororas. naisem ken nagsayaat nga kapagayam isu ti inna inbati nga pagpanpanunutan kas napanen nakidenna iti namarsua.

  4. jollibee

    i feel so bad i wasnt able to make it during lola emmas burial..i awe her a lot because she was the one who gave me my name jollibee and she was the midwife who helped my mom when she gave birth to me in our old house in artacho,she is very close to our family…rest in peace lola…u

  5. EMILY

    Bliss, paki surat mo man kano ditoy no anya sakit nga cause ti death ni Auntie Emma. Anya dyay naopera kanya na di last year ya dadiay ,wenno early this year? From what I heard…because of the blood clotting in her brain/head due to complications caused by hypertension, she underwent a major operation. That eventually made half of her body paralyzed for months…leading to her death? Please confirm this Bliss, or give a clearer picture, if you have some info. I couldn’t visit her when I went home in March, as the only time I had, if not staying at Aunt Wilma’s wake, was to have my own check-up in Baguio. Sigh. Let us not worry so much, friends. Sometimes, we have so many other problems not our very own, but we tend to shoulder others’ too. This may lead to stress that could be too much for our heart to bear. Ulp, look who’s talking. ;-(


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