Analysis of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Last year, Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco introduced a bill to revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Re-commissioning of the power plant is guaranteed to generate lively debate and it has as you can see in the GMA News video below. On his introduction of the bill, the congressman stated:

I realize that many of you are not convinced, that many of our people are not convinced. And also, that many, have very legitimate anxieties, apprehensions and fears about the possibility of the Philippines adopting nuclear power as an alternative source of energy, let alone to commission and run the BNPP as a viable and quick solution to our energy problems.

And so, I file this bill, a bill which seeks to make it a law, that our government do all it can to make the BNPP a safe, clean, and functional nuclear power plant.

At the very least, it is my opinion and hope that filing this bill will start or spark a national debate on the merits and demerits of nuclear power as a viable energy option. It will therefore be the means to a more informed public choice on the future of nuclear power in this country.

But let me state that I believe it is in the country’s best interests that the BNPP be operated. It is also my belief that the nuclear power option is still the best choice that the country can make to balance the supposedly conflicting needs of abundant power (energy), cheap power (energy), clean and harmless energy (power), for future and new power plants.

The Congressman outlined a number of compelling arguments for re-commissioning of the plant. Read the full text of his speech you’d like to revisit the merits discussed on our previous post about Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco’s address to the fourteenth congress. The Ilocano version of the Congressman’s introduction of the bill is on the Sison Official Website if you are interested.

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12 thoughts on “Analysis of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

  1. Babot

    The above video seems to have been pulled from public view by GMA 🙁 This story and the one in opposition to it was also pulled. I still think we need to support this idea—other places in Europe and US already use this technology. The safe guards have improved from days of old.

  2. Barako

    The people in the Philippines does not mind at all having a nuclear power plant in full operation here in the Philippines. In fact, we should have several of them operating in different parts of our country. My countrymen, the question of having and not having does not lie upon us but it has something to do with our neighbouring countries like Japan, India, China, etc.. and even the most powerful nation the US of A he he he he! Do you remember sometime ago there was a Filipino scientist who went to India to attend a nuclear siminar and what happened to her? She was murdered like a dog. Now, the question is there is a country somewhere that does not want the Philippines to have nuclear power plant. For they know that Filipinos are very very good and can even outshine our neighbouring countries if given the chance. The problem is because we are susciptible to corruption and for the love of quick buck, we cannot be trusted to posses the deadly plutoniun. You see the company who started this project made a quick buck and made a fool out of us and so are the government in power at that time. But who are the losers? The Filipinos of course. That is all we can do now debate – debate and more debate but no action. However, if that big man there in the US of A says go then that’s the time for a change. I don’t think that will happen because they are paranoid that we will sell dirty plotunium to Alqueda for a quick buck he he he he! Bwahahahaha! Anyway, just to let you know that this comment came from a drunk person hik hik hik! just a thought!

  3. emz

    Ahahaha, oh yes, and I really had forgotten this Nuclear Power issue until we passed by that La Union-Agat bridge in March, surprised by that big bill board- that WE NEED NUCLEAR Power…or something like that. I forgot the exact wording. Could somebody tell us here again what the board says? I, for one need a lot of energy with my numeorus needs and biz…and see how I enjoy nuclear energy here in Japan. Okay , forget about the US 3-mile disaster and the Chernobyl, and the “23-something nuclear accidents that occurred and whitewashed in Japan, and the current flow of invisible gas and transparent deadly liquid flowing into our rivers”….and ignore the 30-something anti-nuclear Japanese associations that never cease to complain. What is important is WE LIVE NOW! We have become totally dependent on dangerous chemicals, so what we could do is discipline, train and educate a lot of workers, pay workers high, and use only humane experts in dealing /handling plutonium. Just don’t dump the spent fuel in our province…well, anyway, I have a few years/decades to live. When the effect finally arrives to our seas, it’s already the problem of the next generations-your children and grandchildren.

    Oh, as I’ve promised, I will upload the simple debate between Jay (who used all the arguments mentioned in the articles above) and Taka, another Japanese who did his own research. I enjoyed listening really. I learned a lot! Kampai !!!

    Emz, another drunk speaker

  4. emz

    In yesterday’s issue of the Japan Times, an editorial talked about Japan’s Nuclear Energy. Please read on and visit the rest of the article at this online version of the newspaper:(Nette, admin, kindly chop if need be. I can’t cut the article as copying and pasting does something on the material…see).
    Japan Times, Tuesday, April 21, 2009
    Ensure safety of nuclear power

    The white papers issued by the Japan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) and the Japan Nuclear Safety Commission (JNSC) highlight the difficult situation faced by Japan’s nuclear power industry. The JAEC’s 2008 white paper says that facility utilization rates at Japan’s nuclear power plants dropped to a mere 60.7 percent in fiscal 2007 — in a sharp contrast to an increase of the rates in the last 10 years in the United States, Russia and France.

    If Japan’s utilization rates had been higher, they would have reduced the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Under the Kyoto Protocol, Japan is required to cut its emissions in the 2008-2012 period by 6 percent from the 1990 level. But its emissions in fiscal 2007 were 8.7 percent higher than the 1990 level.

    The JAEC’s white paper estimates that if the nuclear power plants had run at normal utilization rates, Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions would have increased only by 3.7 percent from the 1990 level. It also mentions the suspension of the trial operation of a spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, and a delay in the resumption of the operation of the Monju prototype fast-breeder nuclear reactor in Fukui Prefecture — shut down since a December 1995 sodium coolant leakage accident. Japan needs to eliminate the technological and management weaknesses that caused these problems.

    The biggest reason for the low utilization rates is the stoppage of Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power complex in Niigata Prefecture, which was hit by a major earthquake in July 2007 — the theme of the JNSC report. The complex was battered by tremors stronger than the maximum level anticipated by its design. The quake resistance of the nation’s nuclear power plants are now being verified against the tougher standards adopted in 2006. It is imperative that the nuclear power industry continue to scrutinize the geological structures around nuclear power plants and take all necessary measures to ensure that the structures can withstand future quakes.

    We welcome your opinions. Click to send a message to the editor.

    The Japan Times
    (C) All rights reserved
    This is available at:

  5. Babot

    Thanks sis, I’ll go check it out again. Sometimes Firefox will let me in but not IE…either that or something is blocking my server, LOL!

  6. pitbong

    Wen met ngamin husto ta kunam barako. Sinayang laeng ti gobyerno tayo ta bilyon bilyon nga dolyar nga ginastos dita nga nuclear power plant a kunada. Nagaramid da la koman ti sangapulo a dam napipia pay koma. Pakakitaan latta ti kakurangan ti panagpanpanunot ti Gobyerno ti Pilipinas ha ha ha ha! bagim dayta – bagim met – bagik manen kadua yak yak yak! Saan nga bale ta no panunuten dagiti naglabas ket ditay rumang-ay isu nga panunuten tay ketdi ti masakbayan. Ayee!!! ketdi ti gobyerno tayo agriing kayo koma metten apo…..isardengtayon ti agkurakot ta ditay met lang maitugot dagita inton mapanen ti biag ti maysa ken maysa. Panunuten tay koma a naimbag no pangal-an tay ngay ti plutonium lakuan datay ngata? ken pangibellengan tay ngay kadagiti nausaren? Saan ngata nga targeten dagiti rebelde? Apay madi ngata nga dam laeng koman ti aramiden tayo ta makatulong pay a mangpadanum kadagiti taltalon tayo? Idiay Hapon kano ket nagadu ti dam da idiay kada lugar adda dam na kano. Sobra met ti ngina na dayta nga nuclear power plant.


    Who wants a country of development and economic success but has a crippled yet monster-like people roaming around and yes………… tress becoming yellow or whats worst ,no more trees and waters becoming an aquarium of LOAKNESS monster-LIKE which can be traced to fishes as ancestors?? WHeew!! that’s a great imagination !!!

    Is the BNPP the end-all,solve-all way to create a very developed and industrial country? is this what we really want for our country to be self sufficient in energy? I would like to believe that amidst all grandiosity and complexity in our life, may it be politics, economics,physical and mental works and even GREATNESS of a country will not be so dependent on that SOURCE of this kind of energy. When nuclear power plant becomes operational…then what will be at stake when this SOURCE of energy for all becomes into fruition?……..OURs IS A LIFE OF BLISSFULNESS, OURS IS A COUNTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND A COUNTRY WHERE WE RELY ON PRODUCTS TO BUILD A STRONG MANPOWER AND PEOPLE.ARE WE REALLY CONCERNED WITH THE Philippine economy’s growth and self energy-sufficiency or ….does it really outweighs the PROTECTION OF PEOPLE and NATURAL ENVIRONMENT? I am a person who will love to just die a normal death from germs and natural occurence than MANMADE disasters. Sorry for giving my two cents worth.This is what i believed in and i may not be an influence to some…hope and pray i can say many believers of my idea will say AMEN!

    Here is the CBCP’s stand on this hullabaloo.Agree or disagree with them, still we have our points to raise…………

    No to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
    A Pastoral Statement

    We join the Environmentalist Group Greenpeace and the Diocese of Balanga headed by Bishop Socrates Villegas in opposing the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.
    We earnestly appeal to our Congressmen, with fervent hope and prayer that Congress will completely and irrevocably reject the opening of the nuclear plant as the most dangerous and expensive way to generate electricity. Multiple risks and the possibility of corruption outweigh dreamed benefits.

    We recommend with other anti-BNPP Congressmen and the Greenpeace Forum that the mothballed facility in Morong, Bataan, be dismantled as its revival will be most hazardous to health and life of the people. It is for this reason that we also strongly oppose coal-fired power plant as source of energy in Iloilo province and in other parts of the country.

    We recommend the implementation of the approved bill on the use of renewable energy, such as solar, wind and water as the safe sources of electricity.

    For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

    Archbishop of Jaro & CBCP President
    February 26, 2009

  8. emz

    Sayang nga naman kasi yang BNPP plant kung walang gamit. Sobra2 na nagastos dyan. Bakit hindi i convert na lang na Solar or Wind Energy Plant? Madi kano? Adda kano manen earthquake ken tsunami nga umay inton July 22. Naimbag ta awan NP tayo.

    At another angle, our trade and business need a lot of power to support the growth of business and economy. Masakit kuya Eddie, kung pulos KK power lang. The cost of commodities would rise and even affect production and consumerism/ manufacture…which will result to more unemployment.

    But looking closely at the alternative resources like wind and solar power, I think the Philippines will have more luck in achieving its business goals if we tap our extensive supply of available sources. Yes, gone are the geothermal plants due to our wasteful activities and harmful decisions. If we pursue the Nukes, would we have enough funds to support the maintenance and avoidance of disasters llike what Japan is experiencing now? To think that Japan is already an advanced country but gone bankrupt to keep its Nuclear industry safe and beneficial….what can the Philippines do with its already starving society?

    Recently, Japan has been encouraging its young people discover better technology in solar and wind power; contests in high schools are held to encourage the senior high and college students develop machines that could spin a lot faster to generate more wind power/electricity. Electrical companies compete with their new discoveries of cheaper solar panels to sell to households. Plastics are being utilized, and thinner layers applied for cheaper costs. China has devised new solar panels using cheaper metals. In Japan, new houses are now encouraged even by the biggest Electric company using Nuclear power to install solar panels on their roofs. The TEPCO buys whatever power is generated from the solar roof, and is offset in the energy expenses of the household. Japan is serious with its promise to equal the effort of Germany, Switzerland and other European countries in shifting from dangerous Nuke to safer sources of energy. Meantime, Germany leads in many f these safer alternative energy. Visit the main exhibit rooms of TEPCO in its facilities in Saitama. you’ll understand the desire of this company to finally arrive at smarter solutions to energy crisis.

    I will show more sites (but sorry, they are all Japanese sites, you can’t read them) that speak of the danger and high cost of keeping Nuclear Power.

    Personally, I want advanced technology for our country. But the cost to lives and health, and the lack of funds that could end to poor management and lack of expertise of the Philippines in keeping NP may create never-have-you-imagined disasters to come to our country. Let’s think and study more. Add more arguments in our discussion dealing with solutions to problems and difficulties met by countries that have been using nuclear power, instead of just saying “these countries use it, so we should too”. We should be smarter than these countries who can’t even put back into service their problematic NP plants. Naku, ang tagal na nitong essay composition natin sa high school eh, Eto na naman tayo. Should we use Nuclear Power, or not? That is the question. Sige, pour your thoughts in. Nagbabasa sila…Salamat po sa inyong pagbasa.

  9. Liverpool

    Apay nga agpayso nga ditay usaren dagiti agkakalaing nga utek ti pinoy tapnon makaimbento tayo ti makina nga mangpartuat ti energy nga aggapu ti init ken angin? Siak nga maysa ket nagmayat ketdin nga usaren ni apo init nga pangalaan tayo ti source of energy a kunada. Ni innem nga bulan ti tag-init a makuna ket innem nga bulan met ti tag-ulan. No usaren tayo ti energy ti init ti innem nga bulan a ket dakkel a nga savings ti Pilipinas dayta. Ala man mangimbento tay ketdi ti nalaka a solar machine satayto ikabil diay bubungan ti balbalay tapnon mausar a pagluto ken pagsilaw ti rabii. Pay man ta inton agretire ti tao ket gumatangak to ti solar panel ta ikabil konto diay atep mi tapno diak ton gumatang ti kuryente. Inton panagtutudon to laengen nga ikabit ti kuryente he he he! Ket dagiti met adda diay banbantay ket ayos na ayos….dayta bilyon bilyon nga dolyar nga usaren dita Nuclear Power Plant ket mabalin nga igatang laengen ti gobyerno ti milyon milyon nga solar panel sadanto ipadawat kadagiti amin nga adda balayna iti intero nga Pilipinas. Kasla dayta binusbos da a bilyon bilyon a dolyar ken iti dayta di met la mausar a Nuclear Power Plant (man mano la nga Politico ti kimmita iti dayta). Ket no koma adda panunot dagita a Politiko idi ket inyaramid da la koman ti eskwelaan wenno pinagsisilpo da ti Luzon – Visayas – Mindanao babaen ti atiddog a rangtay a ket maymayat pay koma. No gumastos tay manen ti bilyon bilyon a dolyar tapnon ituloy tayo daytoy a Nuclear Power Plant ket madinto manen nga agbalin he he he! What sort of Government do we have? I was born in the modern days but since I was a small boy the only President I was told at home and at school who will never be erased in history is President Magsaysay. He is known for his intelligence and honesty in serving the people of the Philippines. He is called “The man of the masses” When can we have another one like him to become our President?

  10. ayos lang

    Bataan nuke plant bill losing steam

    May 25, 2009 19:24:00
    Lira Dalangin-Fernandez

    MANILA, Philippines — The controversial bill that will revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) has been losing steam in the House of Representatives with the withdrawal of support of some of its endorsers, a staunch opponent of the bill claimed on Monday.

    Etta Rosales, acting president of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), said that House Bill 6300, the consolidated version of the bill sponsored by Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel Arroyo and principally authored by Pangasinan Representative Mark Cojuangco lists only 125 co-authors.

    The original bill of Cojuangco, House Bill 4631, had 185 co-authors.

    “We note with interest that there is already a significant reduction of endorsers on the proposed consolidated bill than on the original mother bill,” Rosales said in a statement.

    Sought for reaction, Cojuangco said the endorsement of the bill did not guarantee its passage.

    “What has to happen is that legislators must be convinced of the merits or demerits of the bill on the day of voting. It is on that day that they make their final decisions,” Cojuangco said in a text message.

    “The sponsorship of the bill and the subsequent period of interpellation and debate will bare to all the nitty-gritty of my proposals. This will begin to happen sometime this week,” he said.

    “It would be premature for others to claim, that all the details about this issue have been heard before this happens,” he added.

    Cojuangco appealed to his colleagues to listen to all debates and “discern between rhetoric and the facts.”

    The FDC has been opposing the revival of the mothballed plant because of its potential safety hazards and because of the lack of feasibility study concerning the rehabilitation.

    The group said that under the consolidated bill, a P100-million appropriation was being sought to conduct the feasibility study.


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