Water Finally Arrives in Artacho School

Did you attend Artacho school? Then you probably know that the school did not have it’s own water supply. It’s hard to believe that Artacho School is just now getting its own water supply thanks to the tireless efforts of Kagawad Loejan Anudon. Kagawad Anudon, who is also PTCA president for Artacho School, campaigned and relentlessly pursued officials to drill a well for the school so that the students won’t have to fetch water from neighboring wells anymore. With the leadership of Engineer Jonar Manaois, drilling equipment and supplies have been delivered at the school and soon Artacho School will have its own water supply right on campus.

Well supplies Well supplies Truck approaching the gate

According to Kgwd. Anudon, “Kawawa kasi mga bata sa school. Lagi silang inuutusan ng mga teachers na magigib kung sasan saan at napakadelikado pa ang highway sa kanila.” Having a well on campus will give students more time to focus on their learning rather than carrying water to the school and their safety is more secure when they don’t have to navigate crossing the busy highway to perform this chore.

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The well to be drilled at the school is planned for a much deeper depth than common wells, making the water supply more reliable. The drilling equipment is capable of penetrating to more than 1,000 feet below whereas manually drilled wells only go to a depth of 60 feet. This well drilling project has the prospect of benefiting not only the school but also neighboring barangays due to the enormity of its scope.

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One concession was made in order to get the project started, however. The main gate that we are all familiar with had to be torn down in order for the heavy equipment and trucks to enter school grounds. The old gate which was narrow had prevented other projects at the school from being implemented in the past because equipment and trucks could not get through. And with talks of impending highway widening, school officials decided to open up the gate. While immediate plans to restore the gate haven’t been conceived, this is certainly going to be another priority project in the future.

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This undertaking is a group effort encompassed under the leadership of Congressman Mark O. Cojuangco and Mayor Kimi Cojuangco. Facilitated by Kagawad Anudon, the success of the project advanced with endosement from Artacho Punong Barangay, Wilmer B. Ulangca and Artacho School Principal, Mrs. Jovita Narciza Prieto; and the students and community members who lent their support, and continue to do so, during the construction, demolition and digging on their campus.

NOTES ASIDE: It is interesting to note that the councilor whose name is engraved on the old gate, Councilor Pedro Narcisa, Jr, is the father of the present principal at the school, Mrs. Jovita Prieto.

And if you are wondering who the good looking guy in the blue shirt demolishing the gate, that is no other than Mostique Malqued.

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Photos courtesy of L.Anudon

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8 thoughts on “Water Finally Arrives in Artacho School

  1. zagun2

    a big thank you to all of the concerned individuals, in the leadership of one of our beloved kagawad Mr. Loejan Anudon, for this success project that am sure school children as well as the teachers will enjoy. this shows the love and thoughtfulness that you have in your heart for the benefit of everyone in artacho elementary and national high school.

    more power to you and God bless you all…

  2. Panyero

    Dayta a ni panyerok a Loejan nalaing dayta kitaenyo ket maaddaanen ti danum ti eskwelaan. Adda payen pagsibug da ti garden dan. Kalien da koma tay dati nga ubbog dita ta napigsa daydiay uray kuaresma ket saan nga maabbatan. Go go go go Loejan!! panyero!

  3. ed and lynne

    well done loejan, i remember those times when we use to go to waig to fetch water just to water the plants and of course to flush the toilets , it was really a hard work but then we have to do it otherwise our teachers will get mad. i congratulate you and salute you you more power and god bless.

  4. evz

    At last! di panawen mi pay lang nga kastan mapan ka makikaarruba nga agsakdo pagsibog ti amin nga sisibugan diay eskuwelaan kaamamak a nga talaga lalo no agballasiw dagiti ubbing wenno makagat da ti aso ket awan met mangkadkadwa kadakuwada nga mamaestra nga mapan agsakdo wen nagsayaat dayta nga proyekto ti PTA saluduak ti mangidadaulo ken amin nga paset dayta nga ummong.

  5. ed and lynne

    well done kagawad loejan, thanks for this project ayna malagip ko idi tiempo mi, mapan kami agsakdo dita waig tapno adda pagflush ti kubeta, was really a hard work and dangerous too. nagsuerte dagiti addi tayo tattan ta adda dagiti naayat nga politicians tayo nga mangkitkita ken tumultulong kadagiti kasapulan ken pagsayaatan tayo amin. keep up the good work my friend and god bless.

  6. evz

    Ne adda manen tuloy na gayam nga pannakarba ti gate kasus diak ammo no mano nga daras nga ululyen mi ti side gate na dayta no mapan kami agaayam ti weekends ta naka lock met garud madamdama addan ni Mr. Patricio nga mangpapaawid kadakami Joy Jermie Grace Nemia Auntie Emz Miriam ken dadduma pay nga kaarruba ti school malagip yo pay la dagidi aldaw nga dagidiay. Sabagay adda met ketdi Security Guards yo ditan a nga mangkitkita 24 hours uray awan gate na.

  7. Just us

    The perseverance and dedication of our frontliners in bringing home these projects could be indebted to the inspiration we are giving them. There are a lot more that the school needs and is waiting for us to come to her aid. Let us be inspired by our children who jump and play to the place where we used to roam and call our own. who knows, one of them could be the next president of the country. Let us, therefore, be constructive. Let us prepare the way for them.

  8. taga sison

    what about the efforts of capt. ulangca who in the first place requested for the drilling of well in artacho since 2003. kudos to capt ulangca as well. he works arduously in silence….


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