Artacho Elementary School Kids Get Top Medals in Taekwondo

My apologies for the delay in relaying news from the Sison website. Here is one more news to be proud of, Sagunto kids show their prowess in Taekwondo even though this sport is new to them. They attended the competition poorly equipped, some of them sharing uniforms just to be able to compete, and still they come away victorious. These kids are our future and they are doing their best with what they have.

Readers of the Sagunto Star are always generous with every plea for donations from Sagunto. These kids haven’t asked, but touching stories of their courage and perseverance have reached us. Friends, Eva Eisma & Meda Gomez, have taken it upon themselves to help buy some of the uniforms and equipment. If these young taekwondo masters are to continue competing to the higher levels, they are going to need all the help and support from their community that they can get. Uniforms and accessories cost P4500 not including helmets and mask which cost more. The children make do by taking turns wearing the uniforms and protective gear. They will also need money in order to travel to the different competitions. Read the full article below to get an idea of their future venues.

If you have a chance to help, and every little bit helps, leave a comment here and we can arrange to get your donations to the proper channels.


Jhuar Salapeo, a fourth grader from the Artacho Elementary School and resident of Barangay Sagunto, denied rival’s fiery bid for the gold during the 2009 Pangasinan Division II Sports Meet held on January 28 to 31 at Tayug National High School, Tayug, Pangasinan. The young athlete had her first Taekwondo kick only last October during a hurried training for a fast approaching competition. Plucked in her ordinary rubber sandals, she joined her intimate friends who were also wheedled into a sport that was foreign and hard for them even to spell at the inception.

Along with Kendalle Santillano, brothers Gefiel Josh and Rex Jester Ananayo, they fought their way up to the Provincial Meet where the three also bagged silvers. They represented the whole 5th District comprising the municipalities of Pozorrubio I, Pozorrubio II, Laoac, Binalonan I, Binalonan II, Villasis and Sison. Other competing units were: Unit I (4th District – Sn. Fabian I & II, San Jacinto and Mangaldan I and II), Unit III (6th District – Sn. Quintin, San Nicolas, Tayug, Umingan, Asingan, Rosales and Sta. Maria) and Unit IV (Private Schools). The overall result of the sports meet favored Unit IV (Private Schools) who were given the gold (Champion) followed by the 5th District who were awarded the silver (1st Runner-up) and bronze for the 4th District (2nd Runner-up).

The untiring dedication of their coaches, Mrs. Josephine T. Juralbal, Mr. Ricky Pagalilauan and with the full support of the Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Jovita N. Prieto and Mr. Benedicto Disierto from the High School Department, the team was able to beat the many odds – the required gears, financial backing and moral support.


Mayor Kimi with the champs (From left to right) Rex Jester, Gefiel Josh, Mayor Kimi, Kendalle & Jhuar The heartwarming feat of these kids and coaches did not pass Mayor Kimi’s attention who immediately requested for an audience with them to give them her warmest hugs and appreciation. “This is not to pressure you in your upcoming competition but I am giving you my best wishes. You have done a good thing for the town!” the Mayor enthused.

Tracing back history, Artacho School was once one among the most ferocious contender in the world of sports – not only in the municipality or district but also in the entire province. This was during the times of the late Mr. and Mrs. Maximo Pastores, Mrs. Amy Fernandez (formerly Miss Lachica who was the goddess of beauty to many students and co-teachers on those years), the late Mr. “Doro” Estolas whose thunderous roar could be heard in the whole school premises that kept on reverberating inside the schoolrooms especially during the stillness of the night that those who were brave enough to scale the fences said that they heard “alingaas” (an Ilocano word which means voices by an unseen origin) and lots of previous known mentors. Far and wide, Artacho School became popular because of its competence in Volleyball, Softball, Javelin, Discuss Throw, High Jump, relays, Marathon and Track and Field. For countless times, Artacho School stood in high grounds in defending the name of Sison in sports and in academics.

Nonetheless, the name of the school still reverberates despite the many inevitable changes that were mostly influenced by new school curriculums, political interventions, community and family lifestyles, life priorities and modernization. In actual fact, the school was able to produce and inspire some athletes to move on. Some are now members of the Philippine team representing the country in international competitions.

Miss Jhuar Salapeo being one of the representatives of the province is currently undergoing a two-week rigid training in Mangaldan, Pangasinan in preparation for the Ilocos Region Athletic Association (IRAA) Meet which will be hosted by Dagupan City on February 21 to 27, 2009. Combatants of this grand event are the finest selections from the many provinces comprising Region I and whoever dominates will be sent to the Palarong Pambansa where only the strong and powerful will persevere to represent the country in international sports competitions.

WITH THE COACH Players that represented Unit II:

•Boys: Coach: Mr. Ricky T. PagalilauanErwin Gangano – Binalonan Central School – Silver Medalist

Rex Jester Ananayo – Artacho Elem. School – Silver Medalist

Gefiel Josh Ananayo – Artacho Elem. School – Silver Medalist

Arvin Jasper Prieto – Pozorrubio Central School – Bronze Medalist

•Girls: Coach: Mrs. Josephine T. JuralbalJhuar Salapeo – Artacho Elem. School (Sison) – Gold Medalist

Kendalle Santillano – Artacho Elem. School(Sison) – Silver Medalist

Kristeena Mendoza – DVT School (Asan Norte, Sison) – Bronze

Junelyn Velasco – Pozorrubio Central School – Bronze Medalist

Artacho National High School (ANHS) and Sison Central Integrated School (SCIS) also bagged several golds in other events.

A slideshow of the the children meeting with Mayor Kimi is on the Season For Sison website.

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3 thoughts on “Artacho Elementary School Kids Get Top Medals in Taekwondo

  1. zagun2

    way to go kids!!! at least this gives them something to look forward to in their daily activities while they are still young.

    “Coaching sets the pace to get the best out of others while giving the best of yourself.” —-David Cotrell

    and more power to all parents and school teachers who gives their time, patience, and effort to be with these children.

  2. emz

    Congratulations to all our Artacho School students and Sagunto kids! See, our children are not only intelligent but skillful as well. Thanks to all teachers training these young. Jhuar, you are very lucky to conratulated and hugged by our Mayor. She looks so proud of you.

    I’ll see if we could find helmets from here, but I can’t promise to find esily… If the team is willing to accept recycled uniforms, maybe I can start collecting. Gee, careful with the children’s health especially the head. I’m the one worried seeing those kids “fight” without gears.

    By the way, is the Artacho Kinder teacher still looking for a video player? Was it Carmela? My friend here gave me one, but I think I’ll just pass it on to another teacher. I have collections of video tapes too, so for me, video players are indispensable. If you still need a video player, Carmela, email me at

    Kudos, kids, kiddos.


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