Thank You All From the Family of Teodora C. Bongog

Saguntonians in California turned out in numbers to show their condolence for the passing of our Lola Dora. We were greatly comforted by seeing so many friends and relatives who came and generously gave their moral support. Your love, your concern and especially your presence touched us deeply. Some of you took time from your busy schedules to come and many drove from long distances just to be there. We appreciate everything you did for us; the kind words, the flowers, the delicious food, the gifts and your company. We are over whelmed and we are thankful.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You All From the Family of Teodora C. Bongog

  1. evz

    Dayta ti BAGO spirit nga kunkunada Ammok nga adu dagiti padak nga saan nga naka attend personally ngem I have my own way of meditating on the Life that our Lola and my Prayers that the Family will be Guided and comforted i times like these.

    Reunion met da Leo Steve ken Michael kitaen yo nagtataer da!

  2. emz

    It’s heartwarming seeing all these pictures. Lola Dora should be smiling wherever she is now, glad with all these relatives and friends expressing their love for her, saying prayers for the repose of her soul. What a wonderful family she left behind, proud to have had a great mother, grandmother and greatgrandma. Thank you to all those who came to the wake and funeral, all those who helped the family in their need, when we are far and could not be around during their grief. Lola Dora will always be with us, as she wishes to be a guardian angel to all of us.

    Castillo-La Madrid-Benosa-Homma Families


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