Sagunto T-Shirts to Benefit Students & Farmers

These t-shirts, sponsored by Emz Benosa Homma and created by the team of Edil Bliss & Albert, are being sold to benefit the Students & Tomato Farmers in Sagunto. According to Emily,

This is equivalent to two 100-peso help to 2 HS students, and 3 seedlings subsidy to 2 of the 9 farmers. This looks like the Food Bank system where your purchase matches a particular help to the needy. The more you purchase, the more you help. Arigatou Gozaimasu!


UPDATE (12/07/08)
Dear Kailians,
Agyaman kami apo ti tulong yo aglalu Tshirt orders nga naited ken dawaten yo pay, ta daytoy ikarkarigatan mi nga i raise ket about 25 thousand pesos for the whole group of Saguntonians for their initial project. So far, with the orders made, we’d have about 1,200 pesos already of funds diverted to these recipients. The nine farmers from Sison (2 from Artacho, one from Bila, and the seven others from Sagunto) are now busy searching for sponsors and investors, but it seems that our Saguntonian farmers are having difficulty finding investors. It is this reason that this Tshirt sale is being strengthened so we all could help even in simple ways. If each of the farmers could not stand alone yet with the burden of finding investors for the 25k php production cost (for each farmer) the whole group of Saguntonians decided to work on one lot for the time being as start-up, so the 25k budget would suffice. After this practicum/trial for the group, after a few months, they should be able to produce on their own their share to fill the quota requirement for all of Sison farmers. This whole production of cucumber and tomatoes will require about 10 hectares of crop lands. So, again, thank you to all who have already helped, and those thinking of ordering soon for all your intentions to support our farmers.

Sagunto Tee1 Sagunto Tee2
Sagunto Tee3 Sagunto Tee4
Sagunto Tee5


All Adult Size T-shirts
white/black t-shirt: P250 each
Colored, and/or with collar: P300 each
Long sleeves, white: P330 each
Long sleeves, colored: P350 each
Sleeve less Tees: P200 each
All kid’s sizes (S,M,L)
White/black: P150 each
Colored: P180 each

You can leave your requests here or buy them from Edil during the Sagunto fiesta later this month. If you have any questions, email Emily at: or leave a comment here.

  • Payments may be sent through PayPal (see Emily for details), or COD in Sagunto, C/O Rolly or Edison (Boying) Benosa.
  • Shipping rates: Delivery of 1 kg. (about 3-4 pcs) tshirts to USA direct to your residence via EMS is 1,200 pesos (24.24 USD), so if you buy 4 pcs. that would be $21 plus shipping of $25 …a total of $46.
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5 thoughts on “Sagunto T-Shirts to Benefit Students & Farmers

  1. emz

    Wow! Talagang cool itong mga tshirts! Five local people just bought tshirts and they find these prints really nice. Thank you for your support kailians! How about you guys abroad? Any bit of support? Reserve your shirts today. In case you’ve decided on the print designs now, email me for your order soo we could have them prepared soon. There are now about 50 tshirts waiting in taltalon. Once the balikbayans have settled too, you;ll have these farmers visiting soon. More power to you all supporters. More blessings to come your way for your generosity. Ems

  2. emz

    Okay, okay. I like what is happening now. Mr Junji Homma just read this article I’m browsing and now pledging a 5k-peso investment for the farmers’ start-up project. Hurray! He doesn’t need the tshirts, but hoping for future business with them. Pero, tsk tsk, businessman talaga ito…that’s because I revealed the farmers’ offer of 50% SHARE of the profit. That’s it, if you want to deal business with the farmers, just invest in their initiative. Deal with them personally/individually when you get home, or contact Rolly, their leader at 919-248-7886.

    Hmmn, that brings to about 7k pledge, as of today, reaching the target of 25k soon, yipeee. Please, please…anymore, don’t be shy to pledge your support. Amor con amor se paga.

  3. tagapilawan

    Question laeng apo daytoy dikay maka-unget wen? Dinno ngay ti pangilakuan da ti nagadu nga kamatis ken cucumber? Di no saanda piman malako amin di madadael met lang? Sino met ti Treasurer da? Apay mang-bangon da kadi met ti asosasyon da?

  4. emz

    Hello Tagapilawan, thanks for your inquiry. I am helping these farmers thru this Tshirt sale because I received a request from their leader, Rolly Benosa for a financier for their cucumber and tomato project intended for SM Mall Rosales (please read the original article below). If you have heard of Sagunto farmers sometimes attending seminars sponsored by the Urdaneta-based seed bank, you would have known of the various crop training given to our farmers over the past three years. These first trainings were not a barangay-initiated project. It started with my mother Pacita and Rolly buying select crop seedlings from this seed bank, and the two spreading the co. invitation to many individual farmers in the community for seminars. It’s sad if you have not heard of this. Some Sagunto women participated in the past, but only 10 from Sison have joined this year. I think this seed company with their seed sources in Taiwan is now tied up with the Sison DA for projects by supplying many of the seedlings needed for better crops. I’m sure it’s Rolly who introduced this company to Sison DA. If you have further questions, contact Rolly and inquire from him so you could avail of free trainings initiated by this private firm, but now tied with our town Dep. of Agriculture as well. Rolly is now assigned as assistant in Sison DA to train new farmers with some advanced technology. Allow me to mention as well why I am this enthusiastic in helping this group..Of course, their training could assure better crops and production as well as prevention of plant diseases (plus some of them my relatives, hehe), this kind of livelihood initiative is one of my research targets and in line with my plan of establishing a continuing educ. institute (haha, see how we dream!) aiming to educate our people with advanced knowledge in agriculture, technology, health and language, etc. Wait till I start my mini netcafe and library that could also avail farmers and tribal people FREE use of the computers ONLY if they want to learn new techniques for livelihood. I have just conducted a survey (with Rolly’s help) monitoring the progress and problems of farmers in Pangasinan and hope that some of the questionaires have reached you there in Pilawan. Ooops, sorry if I did not fully answer your question but went on talking about other things. Maymayat no adu kayo nga farmers nga agmula. Dakkel ti demand idiay Rosales. Awan ti sabali nga town nga agmulmula ti cherry tomatoes ditoy Pangasinan…Sagunto laeng apo. Inton malpas ton ti project da Mayor nga Food Terminal, sumarunon ton dayta nga market ti cherry tomatoes. Ti mangirugi ti narigat. Kasapulan ti seedlings nga adu. Mayat daytoy nga opportunity Apo, di yo sayangen. Saan da nga inawat idi ti market ti red lady papaya ta saan da nga maikari ti mang supply ti big quota amount of papaya supply within a month ta manmano laeng ti agmulmula ti red lady papaya. Kasapulan ti continuous supply tapno ma maintain yo ti contrata ti mall. I don’t know if they have agreed to form an association, but what I heard is that, each farmer was told to find his own financier. Small business daytoy apo, but will become big biz soon depending on the turn-out. The well-off farmers in Artacho (Balinao/ Eliseo, hello, hehehe!). Now watch how these farmers chase the rich Palit-ang clan in turod, hehehe. Who else wants to be chased? Awan san ti nalaing nga ag finance. I think some can easily start their own farming, but our poor Sagunto farmers can’t. This is when our concern and help come in. Contact their leader for further details.

  5. emz

    These are the Sison farmer trainees being trained for cherry tomato and cucumber crops: Elmer Eliseo, Raymond Balinao, Rolando Benosa, Edison Benosa, Steve Tapiod, Willie Capuyan,Jason Mangante, Gilbert castillo, Boy Aurea and Christopher Telles.


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