Ilocos Sur to hold “Begnas Ilocos 2008”

This newspaper article was shared with us by our Bago Youth Coordinator, Edil Bliss, who invites all bagos to join in this event in celebration of our bago culture.

VIGAN CITY, Sept. 17 (PNA)– Ilocos Sur Governor Deogracias Victor Savellano initiated the holding of the first ever “Begnas Ilocos 2008”, a unique festival showcasing the cultural heritage of the indigenous people from the upland towns and some lowland towns of the province.
Members of the organizing committees headed by Provincial Board Member Robert Tudayan are now busy preparing the different events highlighting the “Begnas Ilocos 2008” that seeks to promote the identity, cultural heritage, costumes and traditions of the indigenous peoples in the province.
The name of the festival was derived from the word “begnas”, which means thanksgiving or offering rituals.
The unique festival is set on October 28 to 30 in Candon City to coincide with the anniversary on the approval of the Republic Act 8371, otherwise known as Indigenous People Rights Act (IPRA) Law on October 29, 1997.
“The provincial government has been recognizing the capability of different existing tribal groups of indigenous people in the province. We come up with this festivity to provide our brothers and sisters from the cultural minority with a liberating and an empowering force for unified and massive economic development,” Savellano said.
Through the “Begnas Festival,” the province can develop an eco-cultural tourism program that would encourage the people to be aware of their eco-habitat and protect, preserve the province’ rice natural resources and cultural heritage.
Among the important events during the three-day festival are contests on musical ensemble, choral competition and games; beauty pageant; and the best design in “trade fair booth.
Some of the listed games are the bamboo climbing, “ginnuyudan” (pulling contest), “kadang-kadang” (walking contest using bamboo trunks), sanggol (arm wrestling) and sanggol ti saka (leg wrestling).
“I am encouraging our constituents from the upland towns and other places in the lowland areas to concentrate on developing their indigenous products for sale during the trade fair,” the governor said.
Tudayan, the head of the organizing committees of the festival, assured an exciting and attractive festival of the indigenous people to be watched by the general public.
“We had already conducted series of meeting with the elders of different tribes and local officials of the province to discuss pertinent matters regarding issues and concerns for the betterment of the featured events during the three-day “Begnas Festival,” Tudayan said.
According to Tudayan, the existing tribes of indigenous people in the province are the “Bagos”, the Itnegs and the Tingguians.
Members of the Bago tribe are children produced from the inter-marriage of a pure indigenous person to pure Ilokano or other races.
Tudayan disclosed that the participants will be come from the 14 uplands and some lowlands towns in the province such as Quirino, Cervantes, Sugpon, Alilem, Del Pilar, Sigay, San Emilio, Suyo, Tagudin, Banayoyo, Lidlidda, Burgos, Nagbukel, Narvacan, Salcedo, Galimuyod, Sta. Lucia, Candon City, Sta. Cruz, San Juan , Cabugao, Magsingal and Sto. Domingo.(PNA)

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7 thoughts on “Ilocos Sur to hold “Begnas Ilocos 2008”

  1. edil bliss

    ala umali kayon am-in ta umey tako ad candon min-iila tako ad sidi ta umey tako makibegnas ,manang jeanette diay pictures to diay labayog ikabil monto ta promise ko taga sagunto kitaen dan to ditoy

  2. george

    Ay-ayee!!!! no koma December piman ti pannaka-aramid daytoy kunkunayo a begnas tapnon maka-atendar kami met a taga-abroad,ayeeee nagmayat koma ta adu met di kakabagyan a mapan bisitaen koma diay Ilocos he he he he!

    Ale ngarud umali kayto met adi sidi Sagunto ta agaramid tayto met ti mini-begnas idiay no December (Fiesta 30 December 2008). Agisagana kayto met ti bago dance ta iparang tayto met idiay wen?

  3. emz

    Ale, Edil ipukkaw mo pay tapno mangngeg da. Sayang ta saanak makaumay. Nagmayat koma ti agrecord. Ngem gapu ta sika ti asideg dita, paki record mon ading sakan to i -upload ti youtube para makita mi amin. You will have this camera exclusive for the Bago Tribe-Youth . Please give me a DVD copy too. I will send you this mini digicam/ videocam 2in1 if you write my name as donor/ co-sponsor for your Bago recordings. That way, I won’t have problems with copyright if I use the recordings for my studies. Okay ba? I intend to use them for my ethnology papers soon. Please tell me your address in Baguio so that I could send direct to your place this small videocamera I’m using. You will have the Begnas soon, so I hope it arrives on time. Keep it for the Bago Youth activities and projects. I will include a 2GB memory card. Problem is, the camera has just 5.0 MP picture resolution, but pwede na rin pagtyagaan. See the ones I recorded through it. I wish more donations for your newly established Bago Youth, Northern Chapter come your way soon. Goodluck and enjoy at Ilocos Begnas!
    Emily Benosa-Homma

  4. edil bliss

    Albert B. Buaquen #213 Micael St., Lower Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City, Philippines 2600. We will designate Edil to be the Equipment Custodian of Donated Equipment for the Bago Youth, we will also mention this donation on the upcoming Bago Youth Website. With the equipment we will be able to start compiling archives for research, all of which will be included in the upcoming website. Our archives would be open to you for your study and research. There has been only a few papers made about the Bago Tribe, we are going to propose as a project for the youth to visit Bago Communities and take Pictures of material culture and take note of items not included in the previous researches. at this point our data is not complete which is composed of 3 to 4 books and other materials copied from the Library of Cordillieran Studies in the University of the Philippines here in Baguio. My first video compilation was taken in San Emilio, Ilocos Sur, It is composed of 6 cd’s. The material in the 6 cd’s were taken from 30 hours of footage in the 3 day festival. I still have the original video 8 tapes with me.

  5. emz

    Hi Edil and Albert…sorry, tattak la naibuson. Finally, I’ve sent the digicam/videocam. It will reach you in 4 to 5 days.

    I had to use the camera till yesterday for my videotaping of pumpkin carving and decorating. I’m going to have a pumpkin carving contest in school, so guess how busy I am looking for big pumpkins in town. Luckily, I bought eight big ones for 1,600 yen each (800 pesos), while one super big was 3000 yen (1,500 pesos) . Now see the profit going to the farmers…if our folks could sell Halloween pumpkins like this in Japan, they’d earn a lot. Jap squashes are really hard…not good for carving. I am saving the seeds to send home for the Bago farmers to experiment on. Hey, Nette, how much is a 20 cm pumpkin there? How were you able to preserve that Jack-O-Lantern in your backyard for several months? My 2-week samples are now rotten. Hope we could display the Jack Os for a week at least.

    OOps, Edil and Albert, nalipatak dyay case ti cam. Sorry, till we meet na lang. Enjoy the Begnas 2008! Looking forward to seeing the Begnas at Youtube thru your recording. Goodluck!


  6. edilbliss

    hello to all aye asidegen an begnas ad candon ala umali kayo am-in ad sidi ta min iila ako dakayo nga youth advisers mi urayen yo na lang datudi maala mi nga pictures and videos of the events manang ems we recieved na yung camera and we the bago youth promise nga aywanan daytoy ala ngarud ta diay sumaruno nga ipakitak ket souvenir tshirts diay begnas ikabil mi ditoy ta ag order kayo thanks so much iti amin nga suporta yo ti tribo tayo nga bago


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