Happy 18th, Leonora!

Leonora Marie Palattao-Alcaide celebrated her 18th birthday last September 6. Leonora is the daughter of Delores Palattao. The birthday was celebrated with a bash held on September 20 when family and friends joined in the fun. Happy 18th Birthday, Leonora!


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Photos courtesy of Delores

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3 thoughts on “Happy 18th, Leonora!

  1. evz

    wow Happy Birthday Leonora! May you have God’s Guidance and Blessings for all the plans you have. Lucky for you having the name of your great grandma!

    Nice to see uncle Benny and auntie Merlyn joining you in this great event of your life so with your relatives and friends around.

    Doris Congratz karkarupam ta balasang mo.

  2. emz

    Hello Lucky Girl! Congratulations on your Debut! You are blessed with the good things in life especially with your loving family and relatives. You are very special and well-loved. Live your life to the fullest… We are counting on you! You have a bright future ahead of you. Welcome to the adult society of love, sacrifices, and happiness.

    Tita Ems


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