The Quilaman’s Celebrate Many Blessings

Submitted by Eva Eisma

The Quilaman Clan of Sagunto Celebrated their Thanksgiving Service on August 9, 2008. There are lots of things to Give thanks and Praise to God:

  • Aug.5- 19th Death Anniversary of the Great man Gregorio Malqued Quilaman
  • The Homecoming of-Dong Quilaman from South Korea
  • The Arrival of Bhie Emperador Santillano in Ontario Canada
  • Birthdays:

  • Aug.2-Jocy Santillano -Macau
  • August 6-Kendalle Santillano-9th Birthday
  • August 15-Imelda Q. Reyta -Macau
  • Choi Quilaman-3rd Birthday Celebration (younger son of Grace and Dong)

To my husband Rod, daughters Kitz who took the effort to make the old photo of Lolo look new, Cyril, Carlo and my grandson Creese an inspiration for for me – may you always know of the great works of Lolo Gorio to the family.

To my lola Teresa who looks great during the celebration. Sorry for the tears that your appos caused. They just want to surprise you. I missed you all and love you.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Church workers of Parish1 headed by the Rev.Judge Almazan and Deaconess Annie Saliut for gracing the occasion. My mother Estela who coordinated everything for the event, Ferdie, Uncle Dong, Aunts Florence, Ely and Mary Uncle Fabs, Ate Nida Doctolero, Delia Narbonita, Barkadas of Uncle Dong: Mendong, Motong, Boyboy; Dagidiay back ups ni Ferdie and Jerry who sacrificed his time in going home though it was a stormy day. Thanks to my cousins who were in Sagunto I’m not going to mention by name – baka adda malabsak.

To all Kabarangayan/ Relatives/ and Friends of the Family who joined us (uray nagpigsa kano ti tudo ken angin before the celebration started), thank you. To my Aunts and uncles/cousins who are not present in the celebration they might be abroad or in the Philippines but due to some circumstances they were not able to attend, thank you for being a part of this great clan. To my very good friend not to mention her name you know who you are my dear.

Jocy and Maan and to all who took part in the celebration, my sincerest thanks to all of you God will continue to Bless you and Guide you in all your ways.

Enjoy the pix being shared.


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4 thoughts on “The Quilaman’s Celebrate Many Blessings

  1. dukeofturod

    Hey!!!!!!!!! may you have more blessings to come!!!!!!!!! Dadong welcome home….Happy birthday to celebrants and kumusta to everybody…. Uncle Greg, yes you will always be remembered.

  2. Babot

    Many, many more blessings to the Quilaman Clan. Lola Dora was so happy to see everyone celebrating so many blessings and was quite happy to see Lola Teresa’s photo among her grandchildren. It is really admirable to see that Lolo Gorio’s legacy of love and generosity continues on in his descendants.

  3. Babot

    Hello Dadongski, am happy to see you are well. Hello to my old bodyguard, Mendong Fernandez 🙂 Hihihi, imbag man ta nakatakder ka pay di na kodak da ka…Kumusta kay amin, awan labas na….

  4. evz

    Hey Bot muzta ngay summer break yo for sure Josie and Angie are back to school now. Tatta lang nga feel ti summer ditoy summer in September the month of july august is rainy in here.


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