Albert & Edil Buaquen to Head Bago Youth Council

The husband and wife team Edil Bliss Castillo and Albert Buaquen have been appointed as Bago Youth Coordinators. Their appointment was announced at the Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines meeting in Pugo, La Union last May. During the meeting, it was also planned that the 4th Bago Congress will be held in Bagabag Vizcaya next April 2009.

The photos below were taken during the meeting in Pugo last May (courtesy of Edil):

Edil and Albert are organizing the Bago youth to create a website in order to inform all Bagos in the Philippines and abroad of the activities and projects of the Bago youth and the tribe as a whole. Among many upcoming projects where the Bago youth will be involved is the first Begnas Ilocos on October 28 to be held in Candon, Ilocos Sur. It will be a grand, three day affair spearheaded by the Bagos and everyone is invited. More importantly, all Bago youth are invited to get involved in the organization. There are plenty of projects in the works and every helping hand will be welcomed.

If you would like to get involved and join the Bago Youth, contact the coordinators at the address below:
Edil Bliss Castillo
Albert Buaquen
#23 Lower Engineer’s Hill
Baguio City
2600 Philippines

CP number 09195115027
304 2645

or email: edilbliss @

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10 thoughts on “Albert & Edil Buaquen to Head Bago Youth Council

  1. evz

    wow asidegen ti Begnas Ilocos gayam this is a great affair or trade show wenno Fiesta dagiti Bago an opportunity for the Young generation to witness the roots of their ancestors. Albert and Edil what are the Provinces involve in this affair is it Entire Region I or just the provinces of Ilocos?
    Am Proud that the youth coordinator has a root in Sagunto dakkel manen nga pakaidayawan ti Bario. Am just asking because Kagawads Arlene and Nichole can be of help for this.

  2. Babot

    Hahaha! Nai boluntario dagi dyay babalasang 🙂 OK, I second the motion!
    Congratulations Edil and Albert…and good-luck with all the organizing. I know you can do it!

  3. evz

    Edil bigbigbigek no sinno diay lakay nga nakatalikod kasla nga ni Rev. Opring Sunggay Sr. Ni Rev. Judge Almazan nabigbig ko label mo man dagita nakia attend i conference dita Pugo Thank You.

    Ay na wen Bot no makipan da dagita taga Sagunto for sure they will enjoy it no adda ni emz mabalin na ti mapan agkita ti antiques nga gameng ti kapututan ti Bago. Am just glad nga open ti young people tattan ti nagtaudan da idi aket mabain ka a ibain da they don’t admit it ta they are being despise by the Public it seems nga the other way around tattan.

  4. edilbliss

    agyaman kami ti sagunto star ,agtitinulong tako ngarud ay annak di bago ay mangtago as tribo taku ta ipaila taku ubpay isna lubong ay adu adu nan bago ay is isu tako,MATAGO TAGO TAKO!kidawen tako ken kabunian ad daya ta agtan na dataku as ad-adu ay bikas ken pigsa am-in.

  5. emz

    Hi Edil! Thanks for today’s Ibago lesson, hehehe. I’m afraid that we need more years to practice our native Bago dialect before we could be as conversant like you. Your Manang Evs must know a lot , but I and your other Manangs here grew up somewhere else, so kindly attach a vocab footnote for our speedy learning. What is “matago-tago”? Your linguistic ability is superb, so please help us acquire that skill too. When is the next Bago conference? If that coincides with our Begnas in Sagunto which is always held in December, Sagunto balikbayans can enjoy the programs too. Coordinate with our local leaders. Looking closely at your pics, YES, you have the looks of the Bago ladies especially our “braso de mercedes” hakhakhak…see ours too. I think some of your features are a cross between Maybel, Arlene and me. 🙂 . We still have a lot of chikahan to do to get more familiar with each other. Visit your cousins in Los Angeles soon. It’s amazing how we can now meet our cousins we didn’t see for a long long time. How’s your Aunt Jovita? Keep informing us of your plans for the Bago youth. We are here to support you.
    Manang Emz

  6. edil bliss

    adda lang bassit corection diay address mi apo,

    Edilbliss or Albert Buaquen
    #213 micael st.,lower engineer’s hill,Baguio city
    2600 Philippines

  7. KAL7

    bliss,naamay man ta adda ay miting di bago isna galimuyod.ania payen di topiko ay ninmimitingan di tribu?ala ket ibandomen ta mabagaan dagiti kapoli-an ta ne sesegaanda ya no waday kakasta ay hapenings.

  8. edil bliss

    kal7 aye nag amay nagan mo ad baey da atty tudayan ninmitingan mi idi ket nanmimitingan ket nan maaramid to man ubpay ay begnas ilokos dakami nang amma ad logo di umuna ay begnas ya ngamin isu ay inmeyak nakimiting,minparikna ka no sumaganad ay adda gundaway ay min-iila tako suportaan dakami ad bago youth umey tako makimiting ad barincucurong no agosto 29

  9. emz

    Naglaing kayo nga nangirecord kadagitoy nga paspasamak ti Bago tatta Edil and Albert! Sige itultuloy yo latta dayta nga interes ken concern yo tapno agsaringit pay dagita immulmula yo nga arapaap.

    Inton Agosto 29, mabalin mo met ti mangprint kadagitoy SS mensahe ti overseas Bagos, tapno adda basaen yon to nga pabuenas ti miting yo. Mangrequest ka manen ti maysa nga page ditoy SS para dita mensahe ken karkari para suporta ti mission ti Bago Conference nangngangruna Bago Youth. Inton mapasamak dita Sagunto ti Conference yo ken addaak to, syak ton ti ag sponsor ti T-shirts para kadagiti supporters, attendees and organizers nga mairaman ti Bago trade exhibits and auctions…MY PLANS but with your help, success koma dagitoy nga dreams. No umay dagiti taga North nga kakabsat tayo nga Bago nga ag join ti auction, barter ken trade exhibit (also bamboo crafts and seminars) and animal and poultry, nagmayaten, ikarkarigatak nga pag save -an para agbalin nga reality. Kindly mention this idea to the Bago Conference inton Baringcucurong meeting. I’ve been there idi Post Christmas Conference ti CYF. Napigsat danum da dita, ayeee, kaapal manen. No wonder they can plant rice all year round. Talk to you later Edil. Ag breakfast ak pay.
    Manang mo Emz

  10. edilbliss

    to our bago youth adviser the beautiful jmom happy birthday yihee dakami ti umuna ag greet happy birthday ken sika manang more birthdays to come see you soon


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