Mobile Passport Office Coming to Sison

PasaporteAccording to the Sison Official Website, a Mobile Passport Service will be in Sison on April 19, 2008 (Saturday 8:30 to 4:30) at the behest of Mayor Kimi Cojuangco.

If you need a passport soon, this may be a good time to submit your application to avoid the long lines at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Application Forms and a list of requirements may be procured from Ms. Leah Bustillo, Sison Municipal Hall before April 19, 2008.

On the assigned date bring your completed passport application, 3 passport size photos and other required documents to the Sison Town Hall to get them processed.

This is a great opportunity to get your passports processed conveniently and should be taken well advantaged of.

Visit the Sison website for a full list of requirements for passport application.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Passport Office Coming to Sison

  1. emz

    Wow! What a great relief! Don’t you know that my husband Jay, a Japanese joined the queue at Sn. Fdo in La Union from 2 am till 2 pm? Gosh, he couldn’t believe it’s happening in PI. I had just delivered Joji and was home, so Jay, being the father had to do it accompanied by a friend. We needed the baby’s passport soon so he had to sacrifice. I didn’t deliver my second in PI anymore because of this disorganized and very frustrating ordeal. But thank God, our Mayor is this sensitive to our needs, and we can now deliver as many babies home as we want …hehehe. Sisonians, sugod na mga kapatid sa abroad!

  2. evz

    Ay na nabasak daytoy diay Sison website am trying to leave my comment on it but i can’t get in I don’t know but anyway such a good job for the DFA that is supposed to done the Gov’t. will go to the People and see their needs I just could not believe the involvement and concern of our Present Municipal officials for the benefit of their constituents…such a great task!


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