April Birthday Celebrants

Happy Birthday to all our kailyans celebrating this month.

Date Name Location Notes
1 Lea Q. Bandarlipe Dubai  
4 Larry Benosa Sagunto, Philippines  
8 Philip "Ehlites" Ocampo London, UK  
12 Manuel "Pong" Esteban Jr. Philippines Son of Barangay Capt. Esteban
14 Archie Paliwen Sagunto ~ Philipppines Son of Florence Baiguen & Arnold Paliwen
16 Edna Cabras San Jose, California  
18 Dadong Quilalman Sagunto, Philippines  
19 Asienne J Moore Durham, NC Daughter of Jeanette Pasibe & Aaron Moore
22 Virginia Bongog Simpson Los Angeles, CA Daughter of Ireneo & Dora Bongog, mother to Jeanette, Ophelia "Babot" & Sherry Jo
23 Ma. Paz Esteban Ebonite Riyadh, KSA Daughter of Barangay Capt. Esteban
24 Benjamin "Boyet/Kalan" Balliao London, UK  
26 Rod Eisma Sto. Tomas, La Union Husband of Eva Santillano Eisma
26 Virgie C. Pascua Carson City, CA Wife of Armando B. Pascua
26 Ram Esli Esteban Philippines Son of "Pong" Esteban

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11 thoughts on “April Birthday Celebrants

  1. vic&paz

    BLESSED, HAPPY BIRTHDAY kadatayo amin nga agkasangay tatta nga bulan. Our life is just a reflection of GOD’s greatness and bountiful grace. GOD BLESS US ALL! Ccccccccchhhhhhhhheeeeeeerrrrrrrssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  2. evz

    A Blessed Birthday to all april born

    May the Goodlord continue to shower all His goodness and guide you in all your undertakings and plans as you have reach/ed another yeat of a great life you got.

  3. Babot

    Happy, happy birthday April babies!!!! I didn’t know we had so many April STARS. My wish for all of you to have many more years and happiness now and in the future. Ney, adda met gayam putot ni Pong-pong, belated congrats 🙂 AND to clear any karmic debts I may have incurred, I want to say, “Sorry Pong for pushing you off the tree and making you fall into the payas when we were kids”. 😀 Nyahahaha, I must have been 9 years old then. Anyway, happy bday!

  4. evz

    Oh HAppy Happy Birthday to the Father and son Uncle Dong (Korea) and cousin DG Josh (Sagada) I don’t know if Josh is in Sagunto now for a summer vacation missed and love you Josh.

    Have a happy Celebration to both of you!

  5. Babot

    A BIG hug and kiss to our FIRST baby girl in the family—Ms. Asienne, who turns 16 today. Hard to believe she’s all grown up and trying to drive when my brain still thinks she’s in diapers 🙂 Happy Birthday my dearest, beautiful niece!!!!

    I love you forever and ever,

  6. emz

    Ahh! And why are you not in the list of celebrants, Asienne? Happy sweet sixteen! O tanjoubi, omedetou!
    Tita Emz


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