The Bago as Discussed by BNCSPI President

This is a video message of the President of the Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines Inc. (BNCSPI), Geoffrey S. Tilan, Ph.D Engr. Orlando Balloguing who, according to Irene Culbengan (see correction in comments section of this post), is also the ex-mayor of Pugo, La Union. On the video below, Engr. Balloguing mentions that he is from Saitan. In addition, he talks about how bagos have been discriminated upon and discusses his personal experiences and plans to promote the Bago traditions and heritage.

Engr. Orlando Balloguing
President & Chairman of the Board
c/o NCIP Regional Office I Martinez Bldg., Quezon Ave., City of San Fernando, La Union

The Regional Director of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) – Region I is Director Hover M. Ciriaco, Jr. from G. del Pilar, Ilocos Sur.

Visit Bill Bilig’s website, From the Boondocks for a video of kids and women dancing the “Poggapog” dance to the tune of Lourdes Gomeyac Fangki’s Ili Mi’d Kaigorotan.

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9 thoughts on “The Bago as Discussed by BNCSPI President

  1. evz

    Oh thanks for th info! Ni Dr. Tilan gayam ti Head ti NCIP Region I tattan when I left he was the Provincial Administrative Officer of La Union…He was a humble person There was even a time nga puro met Bago ti Nominated for the Position of UCC President Yap the Tribu needs needs a fellow like Dr. Tilan.

    Nice sharing Nette!

  2. irene esteban culbengan

    Mng. Nette & Mng. Evz, I would like to make some corrections. It’s Engr. Orlando Balloguing who is in the video not Dr. Geoffrey Tilan. Engr. Balloguing is the ex-mayor of Pugo, La Union and at present, the President of BNCSPI. Dr. Tilan was the former President of BNCSPI.

    I would like also to inform you that the Regional Director of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) – Region I is Director Hover M. Ciriaco, Jr. from G. del Pilar, Ilocos Sur.

  3. Jeanette Post author

    Hi Irene, thanks for the correction. I just relied on information on the internet. I will correct the error on the post.

    See, I wasn’t sure but I knew we’d get the right information if I put it out here 😉

  4. evz

    OH wen nga agpayso isu nga masmasdaawak ngarud apay kasla saan nga ni Dr. Tilan Daytoy ta taga Ilocos ti amammok nga Dr.Tilan and the former Mayor Balloguing ket panpanunutek no nakakitaak then after this correction malagip kon ta inanak mi ti kasar diay Apo daydi Rev. Marinas form Ambalite Pugo 6 years back maybe.
    Anyhow let us all proud ta adun ti BAgo in the Community who are doing Great!

    Thanks for the update and correction Irene.

    And say my Hello to Salud Irene adda pay ba isuna dita NCIP?

  5. Romelia

    Apo Engr. Orlando Balloguing

    Agpayso ta imbagayo nga napipintas ti Bago, agraman gurgurong mabalin nga pangmalo dayta apo ti trademark tayo. Dayta ti pakakitaan. Nice info.

    The Bago is a tribe composed of medium built and sturdy individuals. Their group is a product of intermarriage between the Ilocanos of the lowlands and different indigenous cultural communities of the Cordillera Region. They are settled between the mountain ranges of Ilocos and the borders of the Ilocos Provinces, La Union and Pangasinan.

    Being of Iloco-Cordillera descent, they practice simple, ordinary methods of agriculture. Tobacco drying barns, harvests of garlic and onion are integrated in their houses. Their farming methods and practices include a system to initiate farm workers at harvest time through a working relationship known as gamal, ammuy, and bunggoy.

    Prominent members of Bago indigenous group are former Governor Lupo Biteng of Ilocos Sur and his son Jonathan Biteng who also rose to become the Municipal Mayor of the same town.

  6. irene esteban culbengan

    Thanks, mng Nette.
    Hi mng evz. Wen adda pay la ni Salud ti NCIP. She is already Mrs. Dalog and she is at present, our Supply Officer. Ti asawa na ket ni Manong Donald Dalog, from Duplas, Sudipen, LU. Miyembro met la ti UCCP idiay Duplas.

  7. evz

    Oh Talaga ay nagmayaten kaano nga nagkasar ay Salamat naman ket adda BAby dan? Extend my Congratulations to her!

    Hope that you are enjoying the Holy week Irene Say my Hello to Mom Auring Okidoki! kisses to your kids too! Ket ipakaammo to met a no kaano nga ag graduar ni Pare another Lawyer ti BAGO!

    Agiforward ka met no ania ti napintas nga program ti NCIP so Sagunto folks can avail them specially the Scholarship for the Indigents sabali lang ngamin no adda connection.

  8. elmerb

    kosto ta konam apo mambonong a napipintas dagiti bago isu nga apanda aremen.idta saitan,dita ti nakatagtagbatan ni manong harry baiguen ta nagimon tay karibalna a kolongaw a taga rosario.kas-ano ngay ket natataraki met ngamin dagiti babbaro a taga sagunto isu a nga isut kakayyaten dagiti babbalasang.


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