Sagunto Chess Masters

The old issue of the Sagunto Star (Vol 2-2 Page 8), mentioned how chess was gaining popularity among young people in Sagunto. It was mentioned that during its early years of popularity, Judy Digay (SFAL President) and Arthur Delamen were among the leading players. In the eighties, the leading Sagunto chess masters were Norman Orencia, Tony Abenoja, Conrado Palitang and Rene Alamay.

Today, the game of chess remains popular in Sagunto. One of the activities during the past fiesta was a chess and checkers (dama) tournament was sponsored by Mrs. Tessie Alboukharey and Mr. Dondon Agoto to encourage the present chess masters.

Chess tournament1

Chess tournament2

Chess tournament3

Chess tournament4

Can anyone give us an update on who the reigning players are?

Photos courtesy of RBenosa

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5 thoughts on “Sagunto Chess Masters

  1. evz

    And the winner is ???

    Ay wen Sis awan ti update na dayta no sino ti suakt diay throne da mng. judee on chessmaster of sagunto.

    Maybe Rolly can give us the details on that.


    ni manong nga KIYANGGA ti chess master ti sagunto. agkalabanan da ken manong BUDIDING JUNIOR idiay artacho.

  3. evz

    ay naku daytoy manen ket berngas nga akkaganas awan met amammok kadagitoy mabalin siguro no ikabil diay apelyedo da ..but thanks for the info Saguntobreed.

  4. nicole

    hello po,manong rolly ikkan dak pamalubos nga ibagak no cno ti nangabak jay dama idi napalabas nga chess and dama competition nga inisponsoran da aunty tessie and manong dondon uncle Nestor”boy/engo”Quidangen ti nangabak ijay dama idi napalabas.hehehe.sharing lang po sa alam ko.gud day guys


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