March Birthday Celebrants

Happy Birthday, everyone!

Date Name Location Notes
10 Teodora Castillo Bongog Los Angeles, CA ~ USA In Memoriam
17 Lois Anne Bolus London ~ UK Daughter of Shirley Bongog-Bolus
17 Paola Paliwen Sagunto ~ Philippines Daughter of Florence Baiguen and Arnold Paliwen
19 Mayor Kimi Cojuangco Sison ~ Philippines  
22 Yul Benosa Philippines  
22 Arlene Paliwen Sagunto ~ Philippines Daughter of Florence Baiguen and Arnold Paliwen
30 Lawrence Mat-An    

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5 thoughts on “March Birthday Celebrants

  1. evz

    Have a Blessed Birthday Kagawad Arlene and Happy Graduation too! Ituloy mon ti mangala ti Law kayam dayta manmano ti Abogado dita Sagunto.

  2. delores

    Happy Birthday to all March Celebrant.. anybody having a party? Invite kayo met ah…… From all of us here in the UK

  3. qrlin

    hi aunt evz…
    tnx 4 the greetings!
    r u kidding??
    awan kwarta da mama kon nga pagiskwela!… 🙂
    job hunting na ko ngaun.. haaaaay!!!

  4. emz

    arlene, kabertdeam gayam ni YUL (Benosa). sige man, maymayat no abogado ka nga talaga. awan pay lady attorney tayo dita anya? belated to all. just reserve our share of the pulutan okay? sisingilin namin kayo sa december.

  5. nicole

    happy to all the celebrants..happy birthday zan..hehehe.jay lafang ngay dapat ada latta uray awak idi.congrats met laengenen!happy birthday to our beloved adviser(Mr.Yul Benosa)and kumpare..


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