Happy Birthday, Lola Dora

Join us in wishing our beloved Lola Dora, Mrs. Teodora Castillo Bongog, a very Happy Birthday!

Lola Dora, in her eighties, is still relatively healthy, enjoys gardening and attending church every Sunday. She now has five great grand daughters and enjoys spending time with all of them.

Lola Dora

Young Dora Lolo Ireneo & Lola Dora BongogLola & Grand daughters Lola with Jeanette, Babot & Sherry Jo

My Lola Lola with great grandchildren

Reminder: Send in your greetings for March birthday celebrants!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lola Dora

  1. evz

    Sending my warm greetings to you Lola Dora You are superb!!!

    May you have a Blessed Celebration Happy Birthday!

    from: the Quilaman-Santillano clan.

  2. mbcgomez

    Ni Apo nga Namarsua iti makikaadda kadakayo iti aldaw ti panagkasangay yo Apong Dora!!!!! Sapay la koma ta ragsak ken salun-at ti maipa-ay kadakayo iti adu pay a tawen nga umay. Aribungbungan dakayo kadagiti ayat mi amin nga manglaglagip kenyayo a kanayon.
    Ipalpalubus ti Apo ket agkikita tayo kadagitoy umay nga al-aldaw.

    Si-i-iliw nga appo yo,
    Meda, Jaquelyn & Jon-jon

  3. EMZ

    Lola , Lola, my Lola!
    You are not just a great Mama,
    And a smart Lola,
    You are also a wonderful Aunt,
    And an amazing Grandaunt!

    With your sweet smiles,
    And your loving touch,
    Like a fairy godmother
    You zap away our tears,
    And you grant us good cheers!

    Like the purple orchid that clings
    To the rough edges of the forest
    You are a bright shining color
    That brings light to the shades
    You are life’s magic, and our delight!

    Stay with us forever,
    Laugh with us till morn
    Giggle with lads and lasses,
    Inspire the ladies till dawn,
    For God whispers to us,
    Lola, you are simply the best!


  4. EMZ

    One night when I was staring at the sky
    Waiting, hoping for a shooting star,
    It was so cloudy and stormy,
    No marshmallows, nor glitters to reach high
    Then there was a tiny drop
    Kind of droplet, kind of rain
    But it wasn’t rain at all,
    It was your teardrop,
    While you looked at my bruises
    And felt my pain.

    Then when I learned to walk
    And travel far and far away,
    But at the crossroads we met,
    And you helped me carry
    Lightened by my bags, so I won’t sway.

    Then I saw your eyes aglitter
    You didn’t look at me, but your sight
    Was seeing distant hills,
    And hearing absent familiar voices,
    I held your hand, and I knew
    You can forever wait, you long to see
    Your dear beloved, again to say hello.

    And so I always see your optimism
    Your face often tells me so,
    You just have to cling to hope,
    You just sing your praises,
    You just chant your prayers,
    So there you’ll have your wall to lean to.

    Happy Birthday to you Lola Dora!
    I can’t forget you…


  5. Babot

    Happy Birthday, Lola! (We celebrated her special day yesterday!)

    I’ll print all your well wishes and bring it to her tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll be so thrilled to read all your loving messages.

  6. beth

    Ay na uray mano aldaw ti napalabasen san nga bale ta marso pay met laeng, ngem gapu ta tatta lang adda manen ti panawen pumasyar toy abong kablaawan kayo ti naragsak nga panagkasangay lola! More candles to blow! Healthier life more blessings ahead of you! mng jeanette include my greetings in your print out bareng malagip dak pay ni lola dora. i remember the last time we saw each other was the time she first went there. Regards to all!

  7. elmerb

    Iyabotko man met ti nabara a kablaaw kadakayo lola iti inkay panakadanon manen iti nagasat nga aldaw.
    Happy birthday.
    May you have more to come.
    God bless.

  8. Lola Dora

    Agyamak ken maragsakanak unay kada kayo nga ubing ta malagip dak pay. Ado ti bendisyon ni Apo Dios kenyak ta adda ak pay nga maka buya kadagitoy maararamid yo nga tulong ti tao dyay bario tayo. Ikararag ko met ken Dios Apo nga kasta met ti kina ado ti bendisyon na kenya yo amin. Agyamanak la unay ken uray pay maka lua ti mata’k nga maka basa ti kablaaw ken ayat yo kenyak. Kumusta kayo amin appok, no sadino man ti ayan yo a parte ti lubong. Sapay kuma ta agkikita tayo manen inton Diciembre a fiesta. God Bless you all. Awan labas na.


  9. evz

    Oh mY so touching message Lola!
    Ti pannakakitak ti lasbang yo dita ladawan nga naipaskel ket matignay met unay ti rikna nga mangam amiris ti panagkakadwa uray no adu ti tawtawen met nga naglabasen dida ka malipatan.

  10. Romelia

    Good news must be shared! You always look glam lola as ever. I couldn’t help but wanting to wish you a very Happy Birthday!
    God bless and good health


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