Sison’s New Library

I’m so excited to read about the new Sison Library, most especially the kid’s corner with the new supplies of donated books from Mayor Cojuangco’s US supporters and friends. If you haven’t read about it yet, visit the Sison website for the article.

Sison Library
Talking about libraries, the Sagunto Friendship Association of London headed by Mr. Judee Digay are currently supervising the creation of our very own Sagunto Library that will be housed in the community hall (“Abong”). It is so exciting to think that the barangay will soon have a place where the children can learn and read in peace. If you would like to donate books for the library, please contact the SFAL President at or click on the Friends of the Star link on the sidebar of this website.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let’s give the children a bit of a hand to ensure that their minds are not wasted.

12 thoughts on “Sison’s New Library

  1. lynne and ed

    wen addan to maysa nga set iti children encyclopeadia, science books, nga ited me para dita library tayo, please, make your donations i.e. books, old good working computers , and any reading materials that our children and kababayans will benifit and enhanced their knowledge. thank you

  2. Babot

    Thanks. Mng. Lynne and Mng. Ed!!! You guys are awesome in your support of the people in Sagunto. The library is such a wonderful idea and a blessing for those that will benefit from it.

  3. napintas agbuybuya

    yes it will be nice for our barangay people in sagunto! and they could learn in other books that people have donated.

  4. Babot

    Mng. Jeanette also has plans to donate some books for the library as well as Medz, I think, so there are plenty of folks who want to help make this venture a success. Books and reading is a precious gift to our people, especially the children. Please donate books or funds to this worthy cause. 🙂

  5. EMZ

    I was returning books at our library when I glanced upon a shelf of books Temple Univ. set at the doorway; they’re selling 1 pc for just 100 yen each yesterday–assorted books that are good for high sch. and college. I talked to the librarian and inquired further, and she said there are a lot more they are disposing. I am thinking of buying a lot and donate some to our community library (and keep some for my own too) . I’m still convincing the librarian to sell them for a much cheaper price if I get them in bulk. Good thing, I am also into freight door-to-door biz so could avail of cheaper 3-week delivery to Phils. I’m wondering what subjects are mostly needed by our folks there.

    American citizens, hello. I remember one of our American parents in a school in Manila arrange to push Thomas Jefferson library in Makati donate their surplus books to our school in Manila. Wow! It was a truckload we received! Maybe, through our US citizens here, we can write a letter addressed to Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center and Library in Makati requesting for materials for our community library. I was a member of this library for 2 decades, and could say, theirs are the best in the country. So kahit na yung mga itatapon na nila, tyak great pa rin for our Sagunto, anong masasabi nyo?

  6. mbcgomez

    wen man…nagsayaat nga banag ket sapay la koma ta into no malpas dayta nga library iti baryo ket maapresyar ken mausar nga nasayaat…hopefully it will be kept organize and books in it will remain inside the library…saan to koma nga magna a rumuar ti libro nga mapan aglawlaw nga isunto ti pakapukawan da…

  7. Judee

    Yes, we will all do our part in building this Sagunto Library. Thanks for all of you who cares. We are trying so hard to finish this project and the date of the inauguration ceremony was set on January 01, 2009. That gives us enough time to finish all the tiling of the whole 2nd floor together with the steps going up the Library. The painting, varnishing bookshelves and cleaning up are in progress with SFAL representative (Helen Bongog Brownlow) overseeing the work. Also depending on the present budget, we are planning to install two big ceiling fan to circulate the air inside the Library. However, there are still other matters and things to consider before the opening such as who will man the Library while in operation? Who will donate for the daily newspaper, Bannawag, magazines and other reading materials? According to a source, the cost of one Philippine Enquirer/Chronicle is approximately 25.00 pesos. So, for a year’s subscription it will be somewhere around 9,000.00 pesos. So, Balikbayans and all Saguntonians you are all invited to attend this much awaited opening of our Library. If you have any suggestion and good ideas, please send to me, the Barangay Captain or his representative. Judee

  8. nicole

    hello guys,nagpintas diyay nalpas nga library ijay abongen ket urayen tayo amin ti official nga panakalukat da diya nga library,thank you kabaryoans for big heart for helping our barangay.agtutungtong kamin to nga council no sino apo ti agbalin nga librarian tayon ton malukkat to diyay nga library.isuggest ko lang ko ma apo nga no ada man ti liblibro yo dita apo nga for nursing and computers(basic and or the hard one)i don’t know the term ket isu kuma ammo ti dawaten mi nga idonar yo for the library.ta most students are getting nursing and computer courses.isu met gamin ti in-demand apo ditoy nga course.we really nid those books for our future nurses and computer professionals.again,thank you..


    mayat nga agpayso daytoy nga proyekto ti SFAL,isu nga suportaran tayo koma amin.aglalo ta ti intero nga bumaryo ket isu ti paka isagutan na. panga-asi yo kadi apo ta sukainan yo dagita daan nga libro nga saan yo nga kasapulan. no awan ti daan nga libro, ay ket dagita daan nga kwartan nga naka ba-ol mabalin latta kano basta maikatang, sipupuso da nga mang -awat dagita donasyon yo apo.

  10. evz

    Nicole Pocketbooks ti adu kaniak ditoy ngem 3 lng ti authors that am collecting hahhaa!

    Yap I am suggesting that SFAL representative should go and see the Artacho School Librarian and ask info on how to avail Philippine book companies sample copies/ and donations I am afraid that our Library will be filled w/ foreign books not bad but we need to balance everything.


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