Sagunto Star Vol2-2, Pgs 2 & 3

As with many towns in the Philippines, the Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) have become prevalent as are the spouses they leave behind to care for the children and the home. Twenty years ago, OFWs and their families were featured on the original pages of the Sagunto Star; now, the children of the families mentioned here are themselves OFWs or have migrated abroad.

In this issue’s editorial, Mr. Bernardo Castillo, originator of the Sagunto Star, states:
“We in Sagunto must be the first ones to be aware of the issues of the day and think and feel and act on them with wisdom and concern and compassion for the good of our fellowmen, the glory of our nation and the love of our God.”

A very fitting advice for this anniversary week of the online version of the Sagunto Star.

SS-Apr/May'88 p. 2 SS-Apr/May'88 p. 3

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One thought on “Sagunto Star Vol2-2, Pgs 2 & 3

  1. emz

    Talagang saludo ako kay Editor! That’s the kind of leader we want, always sensitive to the needs of the country and people- not selfish and indifferent. Umay kan to man agbisita manen inton December Apo Editor tapno maiwaras mo ti kinalaing ti panunot mo para ti pakaseknan ti nasyon. Nagado ti ubbing nga pangpangulo tayo tatta, ken ti lawlawag mo ti kasapulan ti ado tapno agtultuloy ti panagayat da ti panagservi. No umay ka koma met ditoy SS manen wenno maikkan ka ti kompyuter aggapo SS (well, let’s chip in. i can buy seconds laptop here. no one among brgy council regularly updates us of the official barrio matters, so let’s help Mr. Bernardo Castillo become active in editorial writing again. What do you think folks? )nagganas koma ti agbasa ti editorial na manen. Edil, kindly update us of Uncle Narding’s condition please. Mayat koma ti agdenggeg ti diskuro anya, ken maymayat pay koma no adda pangpangulo nga kanayon nga mang -remind kadatayo …DAKAYO NGA TAGA SAGUNTO, ANYA AYA TI ARARAMIDEN TAYO ITATTA…NASAYAAT MET LAENG KADI KEN UNSELFISH TI ARARAMID TAYO…BLAH BLAH ETC ETC. someone vocal and pushy. Hello people, cheer up!



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