Sagunto Star April-May 1988

Here again are a couple of pages from the original Sagunto Star newsletter. I’m sure you’ll recognize a few names and faces. (click on the pages for a full view)
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3 thoughts on “Sagunto Star April-May 1988

  1. evz

    oh wah nice bot about 2 decades past with this SS issues just in time again for the forthcoming graduation.
    naglaing ni uncle Nanding nga talaga a makitam pay la diay paddek ti typewriter.
    so nice Nette thanks for posting mano pay ket annak ken putot da dagitan nga adda diat pictures.

  2. Babot

    Makapakatawa ngarud dyay last paragraph ni Uncle Nanding—dyay second page about the 2 Vicky Baiguens. Hahahaha…what writing style…only in Sagunto kunak ngarud! Dayta ti itchura ni Gids nga malagip ko and Austin, too. I didn’t even know that my cousin, Junjun Estal went by the name Rico 🙂 komik dagitoy oldie photos, it really makes me smile. By the way, I sent you photocopies of the same pages w/your DVD 🙂 but it will probably get to the frozen tundra by spring, bwahahaha…

  3. evz

    Correction ta Sis! Narding saan nga Nanding ti Uncle Nanding ket ni Dati nga Brgy. Kagawad.
    O thanks so much got hold of the stuff this afternoon. Ewe have a storm here today the temperature is not bad but the snow its so thick. I have to start watching it now I just came to say my Thanks so exciting! Thanks for the SS copies Auntie Merida makes me cry with the message she shared in one of the pages grabe I felt every word she uttered but God is so good look at how success is her kids now they are awesome!
    That was Hermie Ballao Jr. Sis saan nga ni Austin/ yap Gideon van/ then the two ladies are Auntie Alma Quilaman (daughter of Lolo Ireneo) and Youngest da mother ni Auntie Emy Q. Reyta now in Macau.
    Have you read the name of Michelle (Xander’s better half) first honors mostly ket adda dan diay UK/ US and abroad kunamon.
    So nice you have copies of this kunak ngarud ket uray diak immadayo diay Pilipinas diak ammo dagitoy nga papers sacrifices ni Uncle Narding only in sagunto Yap I agree!


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