Sison’s Mayor to Visit U.S. Saguntonians

Thanks to manong Judy Digay for sharing the news, we heard yesterday that Sison’s Mayor Kimi Cojuanco will be visiting the states to promote the 2007 Sison Town Fiesta. With his permission, below is manong Judy’s letter regarding his conversation with madame Mayor. (Click on the letter for a larger view) We will provide more details about the mayor’s visit to California as we get more information.
Judy's Letter re. Sison Fiesta 2007

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9 thoughts on “Sison’s Mayor to Visit U.S. Saguntonians

  1. evz

    Hello mga Sis, mng. Judy I invited our mayor’s PA to use our site if they want to give some info to Sisonians all over the globe hope you don’t mind. and sort of promoting our site.

  2. babot

    Well, sis, I hope the Mayor or her representatives read our blog to see that we are ALL very interested to know the answers to these questions. I am afraid I may not have the chance to pose these questions to her personally as it seems she may have a change of itinerary, from what I hear on the grapevine. I heard that she is planning on going to Carson City Nevada instead. I haven’t heard directly from anyone at the mayor’s office whether or not this is the case. I did call one of the 4 Saguntonians/Sisonians I know living in the said city and was informed that no one has called them for any meetings, and if there were any calls, they wouldn’t be interested. So my friends, I don’t have anything to report.

  3. evz

    Hi Bot yap I understand if they have changed the venue as it was informed by a reliable source kindly tell lola Irene not to bother herself with all the preparation time flies so fast doing all the chores for that but what emz stated or asked above that will stay as is and hopefully they can read that and give some info or answers maybe not for the Officer to react on it when she is only in the US.

  4. kimat

    ay apongko met padpadasek piman nga sursuruten toy saritaan ti annak maipapan ti ibibisita gayam ni Apo MAyora dita Amerika ket mayat man ngem adda met pangbaliw baliw sa ti plano apayya ngata nga kasta ala a ket kitaenyo a no ania pagsayaatan ngem madi ti kasta isu nga auntie Irene nga sikan sa ti mangsangaili siguraduem met tapno di masaysayang dagita bannog mo inka ket aginnana no isu ti maikasta.
    minlalaing man dagitoy annak nga mangamamiris tif pagsayaatan uray awan koman pakibiangan da ti barrio ngem inay ayat da pay laeng uray makita ti kina dur-as tibiag dan saan da piman naagum nga agservi latta kadatayo nga inbati da ditoy. Ala ad adu pay nga Bendisyon ken ayat kadakayo annak ken kakaanakan Dios Ti mangidalan!

  5. Apo Lakay

    Pudno ta kinunam, uray sadinno ti ayan, agsubli ka latta dita nakayanakam, kanayon mo nga kitkitaen
    ti pagsayaatan ti ingungutem nga pagilian.

    Ket no dadduma, uray ta sarilim nga pagimbagan
    lipatem pay nga umuna, diay kinadur-as ti pagilian
    ti inka tagtagainepen rinabii ken inaldaw, saan aya?

    Ti tunggal maysa, adda naaaramid nga turong na
    tay biag nga ninamnama, agsasabali ti eggen,
    adda istik, Biblia, pala wenno plais dita ima,
    agsasabali ta dalan da, sika dita tengnga,
    dita igid met ida, ngem agsasabat to met laeng ta maymaysa ti kayat da nga tulungan, ina nga daga.

    Nasayaat no kasta, umunna ti maysa nga agbendisyon ti dalan da, mangidaulo ti pagna
    mangamires ti makunkuna ti maysa ken maysa,
    ta no ngay maiguyod ton ti sumagmamano dagiti
    ad-ado, malipatan dan ton nga aywanan ti pakaseknan ti umili nga pudno.

    Sige inkayo annak, kakabsat ken appo,
    ipatakder yo ken ipannakel ti naggapuanan yo,
    di kay agbuteng, karigatan, di kay mauma,
    awaten ti sangaili, makitrabaho ken plano,
    no nasayaat met laeng ti aramid danto.
    awan serbi na ti nadur-as nga biag, no di tay
    maiyawat ti pada nga tao ti naananay a
    progreso, entiro sison nga nagappuan tayo.

  6. babot

    OK folks. Just spoke with one of mayors helpers and the meeting with Sisonians is ON! There is a slight change of venue though. Rather than having it in Loma Linda where most of our people are (and was to be hosted by Mrs. Irene Florendo), we will instead meet the Mayor in her home in Long Beach on Sept. 20th (better & closer for me, hehehe). So go ahead, pour in the questions you want our honorable mayor. Haan yo laeng aduen ah ta haan ko kayat nga maturog idiay balay na, hahaha.

  7. evz

    well such a nice news and that should be done! and Bot w/ Emz ? above added with your questions that would be fine now and one thing more ask if what is her stand on Erap’s life sentenced?
    hehehe! ala GO ngaruden and I know that Sagunto star would be much represented through you hoping for the success of Local Executive’s visit in L.A. God Bless!

  8. babot

    Appreciate the reply, sis. The problem with hearsays is that they are often baseless. Perhaps we can ask the mayor a more CONCISE, SPECIFIC, FACTUAL, non-judgemental questions so it doesn’t seem as though we are attacking her personally.
    RE: Agri questions, per farming co-op reps in ili, they don’t need to submit questions for mayora ta adu met kano ti naaramid nan for them and they really have no problems or concerns at this time 🙂
    RE: English, we know the answer to that, let’s not get personal. Haan na ngarud ammo ti makasao ti Ilocano wenno Tagalog, kasus! Maiden name ni Mayora ket Schultz, nya dayta—German. I’d rather speak English than German.

    People, let’s remember that the woman is not the Queen of Sison! She is limited to what she can and cannot do by the Philippine Government dictates and by the rules which she must adhere to as Mayor. AND what does ERAP Have anything to do with Sison OR Sagunto? You lost me there folks….

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