Welcome all to our new home! Everything we had at the other site is still here, just a different layout. Check out the new digs and let me know if you see any bugs.


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About Jeanette

Jeanette is a native of barangay Sagunto which she always considers as home even as she now resides in the U.S. She is the administrator, creator, editor and writer of this online newsletter. She is a professional blogger and maintains several personal and professional sites.


  1. Jeanette Post author

    Hi Bill, salamat :). Thanks for following us to our new home. Eventually lilipat na rin yung mga ibang blogs ko. I’ll be updating the blogroll so link ulit kita. ~jeanette

  2. Jerry Santillano

    Hi Net … agyaman kami ti patuloy mo nga pinangimprove ditoy virtual abong tayo…. Agbiag ka kabagis….

  3. lita

    i’ve been too busy since i arrived here n PI. It’s only now I ot the chance to get in the site. I am home coz’ there’s no school today. Rains pouring hard outside. Kasadsadot pay t rumuar. Hmmmm………I missed a lot. I remember this sagunto news letter way back. Thanks guys for bringing this memorabilias.

  4. evz

    ok lang lita nga dika rumrumuar ta awan met ti pagdardarasam nga rumuar dita just relax and enjoy your days in there. did you enroll your kids in there? am just curious.

  5. evz

    mga Sis I like this new site that we have now Nice Job nette. too bad can’t still connected with chatango.
    I have a good day yesterday nice experience watching the actual baseball game OMG my team won blue jays vs. yankees.
    siak sa ti lucky charm da hahahaha! 15 and 4 ti score.

  6. emy

    Am working right now!!! but see what I’m doing. This STAAAARRRRR infront of me made me cry sanga baldi metten! Good job…and May Godbless us always..Saigon I LUV U…There’s no place like home…

  7. evz

    hello nette and bot, nice reunion again mga sis am not going to bother you as of now I know that nette will just have a week vacation there I know she deserve lots of fun and enjoyment meeting friends and relatives. just to say missed you guys!
    Sis Emz how was the seminar? Enjoy your days di bale ta nalamiis metten gapu ti typhoon hahhahha!

  8. edilbliss

    hello po maganda po ang bago bahay ng sagunto star padamag ko ken tatang ko aysus agpalakpak diay lapayag na manen

  9. evz

    hello edilbliss sino tatang mo? I have a feeling that you are the son of the original editor and producer of Sagunto Star…
    well if so nice to hear from you and regards!

  10. edilbliss

    opo ate eves ako po ang first child ni Bernardo Castillo ang saya dito miss ko na ate janette wala sya email sa akin at sigurado ako sobra busy siya kasi

  11. evz

    hi again edilbliss oh so i made a good guess this time! yap I really enjoy reading the old issues of Sagunto Star how I wish that your father can post any article or greetings being the pioneer of this continuing Sagunto Star but not in paper this time unless readers want to print it that is what some of our ka barrio are doing to share it to others. anyhow are you in the Phils. now or somewhere overseas just curious ading ko?hahhaha! yap Your Manang Jeanette and Babot are busy having their summer activities and nette is in LA at the moment if you want to get in touch with them just email saguntophotos@gmail.com.

  12. edilbliss

    pilipinas po ako busy taking care of my little kids sige po sabihin ko sa guapo kong ama baka meron pa siya old copies ng sagunto star at siguro naman po pati din mga dati articles niya sa isang magazine noon meron pa may mga sinulat kc si daddy na nasa mod magazine noon sa ngayon wala na time si daddy busy sa pagtuturo at malapit na magretire wala po internet sa amin eh sana makabisita siya dito pero di bale kwentuhan ko na lang siya

  13. evz

    oh wow sige ading sikan ti mang collect ti write ups ni tatang mo ta send mo man ditoy sagunto star with all his pix ken dakayo metten a nga family na we will be very happy no maaramid mo dayta and so exciting no makita dakayo ditoy imagine as if saan nga revivie ti sagunto star after more than 2 decades but its here now amazing huh!

  14. loejan

    Daragon Dad
    Thanks to u and bot. The windows of Barangay Sagunto finally opened. Its just like opening the tv and merely pressing one botton and Saguntinians in America is on the screen. Another press and there is London, another is Hongkong / Macau and others. If I want to see Saguntinians in any part of the globe, all I have to do is open a window.


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